Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

CCRSS Reports for: Aacres Wa Llc (clark County)

Understanding these Reports

Types of reports

  • Inspections - Contains Statement of Deficiency reports and Plan of Correction from the Certification Evaluation.
  • Investigations - Contains investigative summary reports, statement of deficiency reports and plans of correction from substantiated complaint investigations.
  • Enforcement Letters - Summarizes action taken by the Department to compel a return to compliance
  • IDR Letters - Results of provider-requested opportunity to present information to dispute deficiency citations and/or related enforcement.

Definition of terms used in reports.

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NOTE: To protect residents’ privacy, information in these reports may be blocked out if it is confidential or could identify a resident.

The length of time for completion and posting of final documents will vary. If you are looking for specific information not currently posted, please contact