Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

Reports for: Rainier School Pat E

Understanding these Reports

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Types of reports

  • Inspections - Referred to as ‘surveys’, this is the process by which the state survey agency staff evaluates the ICF’s licensee's compliance with applicable statutes and regulations. Federal law requires DSHS to conduct an unannounced recertification survey or inspection, on average, every 12.9 months with a maximum 15.9-month survey interval
  • Investigations - In response to reported concerns, the department checks to ensure the ICF/IID is in compliance with applicable rules and regulations
  • Enforcement Actions - Letters summarizing action taken by the Department to compel a return to compliance
  • Fire Inspections - Conducted by the State Fire Marshal in coordination with the DSHS Survey Team to ensure compliance with Life Safety Code (e.g. sprinklers, alarms, evacuation)
  • IDR Letters - Results of provider-requested opportunity to present information to dispute deficiency citations and/or related enforcement.

Definition of terms used in reports.

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NOTE: To protect residents’ privacy, information in these reports may be blocked out if it is confidential or could identify a resident.