Developmental Disabilities Administration

Developmental Disabilities Administration Factsheets

Document Name Last Modified
Adult Family Home Specialty Pilot 03/06/2024
Adult Family Home 03/20/2024
AFH Meaningful Day Fact Sheet 05/11/2023
Alternative Living Fact Sheet 06/01/2023
Assistive Technology Fact Sheet 01/17/2024
Assited Living Facilities_Adult Residential Care and Enhanced Residential Care 05/11/2023
Basic Plus Waiver 01/08/2024
Child Development Services 03/09/2023
Children's Intensive In-home Behavioral Support 03/06/2024
Community Engagement 03/09/2023
Community First Choice Fact Sheet 01/17/2024
Community Inclusion 01/31/2023
Community Inclusiuon FAQ 01/31/2023
Community Protection Waiver 01/08/2024
Companion Home Services 02/01/2023
Core Waiver 01/08/2024
DDA Out-of-Home Services FAQ 04/18/2023
Eligibility and Services Guide 09/21/2023
Enhanced Case Management Program 01/08/2024
Enhanced Respite Services 07/29/2021
Group Home Fact Sheet 07/28/2023
Group Training Homes 08/10/2023
Individual and Family Services Waiver 03/10/2023
Intensive Habilitation Services for Children Fact Sheet 03/28/2024
Klamath Cottage 04/18/2023
Medically Intensive Childrens Program 01/08/2024
No Paid Services 01/31/2023
Nursing Services 01/08/2024
Out of Home Services Fact Sheet 04/18/2023
Overnight Plan Respite Services 01/08/2024
Overnight Planned Respite Services FAQs 01/30/2024
Peer Mentoring Fact Sheet 03/10/2023
Pre-admission Screening and Residential Review 02/06/2023
RHC FAQ 02/08/2023
RHC Intermediate Care Facility 03/09/2023
RHC Nursing Facilities 03/09/2023
Roads to Community Living Fact Sheet 03/20/2024
SOLAs 01/31/2023
Specialized Habilitation 03/09/2023
Specialty AFH Pilot Fact Sheet 09/25/2023
Stabilization, Assessment and Intervention Facility 03/02/2022
State Supplemental Payment SSP 07/12/2023
State-Operated Stabilization, Assessment and Intervention Facility 03/10/2023
Statewide Investigation Unit Fact Sheet 01/17/2024
Supported Employment 02/01/2023
Supported Living Fact Sheet 03/09/2023