Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

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Long-term care workers are required to complete 75 hours of Basic Training to become Home Care Aide Certified. Read an overview of required training first to understand required classes. Note: To find Development Disabilities Specialty Training, please go here.

Check the box next to the class(s) you need. Click “find” for a list of approved instructors for that class. Check more than one box if you need more than one class. Contact instructors for class schedules and fees.

Basic Training for Home Care Aide Certification

I want a Basic Training instructor offering:

All 75 hours (if you completed 5 hrs of orientation/safety you only need to take 70 hrs.)
Individual components of Basic Training
Orientation - 2 hour
Safety Training - 3 hour
Core Basic (part of 70 hr. Training)
Population Specific (part of 70 hr. training)
Mental Health & Dementia Specialty

Mental Health Specialty
Dementia Specialty

Trainings ONLY for IP’s out of compliance

DDD Parent Provider - 7 hours
Adult Children and Non DDD - 30 hours

Other Training

Continuing Education
Nurse Delegation - 9 hours
Nurse Delegation - Diabetes - 3 hours
AFH Administrator Training
Adult Educational Training

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