Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

2018 RCS Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
R18-072 12/17/2018 Nursing Home Transfer or Discharge Notice (DSHS 10-237) Information
12/17/2018 RCS Quality Assurance 2018 Process Review Cycle Information
R18-070 11/15/2018 Respite Services in Adult Family Homes Information
R18-069 11/08/2018 Certification Evaluations and Certification Period Information
R18-068 10/31/2018 CR 103 Filed (Permanent Rules) for Chapter 388-101 WAC Information
R18-067 10/29/2018 Update to SOP Manual Chapter 19 – Staff Training Procedure
R18-066 10/16/2018 CR 102 Filed Formal Phase) to Chapter 388-78A WAC (ADLs 2nd Hearing) Information
R18-065 10/10/2018 PASSAR Webinar and New Level One Form Information
R18-064 10/10/2018 Background Check Citations & Processing Delays Information
R18-063 10/08/2018 CR 102 Filed: Formal Phase of Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-78A (ALF Civil Penalty) Information
R18-062 10/05/2018 Clarifying Information Regarding Storage and Management of Controlled Medications Information
R18-061 09/27/2018 ALF Fee Increase Information
R18-060 09/27/2018 Updated SOP (Chapter 17) for Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASSAR) Investigation Process Procedure
R18-059 09/27/2018 CR 102 Filed (Formal Phase) to Chapter 388-78A WAC (ADLs) Information
R18-058 09/21/2018 Background Check Processing Delays Information
R18-057 09/11/2018 QSO 17-30 Revised 07.06.2018 Clarifying Requirements to Reduce Legionella Risk in Healthcare Facility Water Systems Information
08/29/2018 Flu and Pneumonia Shot Reminders Information
R18-055 08/28/2018 CR-101 Refiled to Propose Adding, Amending or Repealing Sections of Chapter 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97 and 388-107 WAC Specific to Background Checks Information
08/16/2018 CR-101 Filed to Propose Adding & Amending Sections to WAC Chapters 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97, AND 388-107 Information
R18-053 08/14/2018 CR 102 Filed (Formal Phase) for Chapter 388-101 Information
R18-052 08/09/2018 QSO 18-18-NH: Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies Information
R18-051 07/27/2018 CR 101 Filed to Propose Adding and Amending Sections to Chapter 388-78A WAC Information
R18-050 07/11/2018 Calculating Uncertified Staff Time on CMS Form 670 Procedure
R18-049 07/03/2018 SOP Manual Chapter 10: Quality Assurance Procedure
06/20/2018 CCRSS (Supported Living) Locator Information
R18-047 06/19/2018 CR 101 Filed to Chapter 388-101 WAC; Related to Group Training Homes Information
R18-046 06/07/2018 Behavioral Health Training Survey Information
R18-045 05/31/2018 Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI) Toolkit Information
R18-044 05/31/2018 ICF/IID Survey Protocol Revision Procedure
R18-043 05/23/2018 Updated Information Regarding Required Notice When NH Residents Transfer or Discharge to Acute Information
R18-042 05/15/2018 CR 103P Filed: Amendments to Chapter 388-97 WAC (NH Resident Assessment) Information
R18-041 05/15/2018 Transition to Payroll Based Journal Staffing Measures for NH Compare Tool & Five Star Rating Information
R18-040 05/09/2018 List of Notifiable Health Conditions Information
R18-039 05/09/2018 Background Check System Project Information
R18-038 05/08/2018 AFH Provider Continuing Education Audit Information
R18-037 05/04/2018 Revision to ALF Inspection SOP, Section 13B2: Preparation for On-Site Inspection Procedure
R18-036 05/04/2018 ALF Room List Requirement Updates Procedure
R18-035 05/04/2018 Elimination of DP Postcards Information
05/04/2018 ESF Locator Information
R18-033 04/26/2018 SOP Manual Chapter 7: Enforcement Procedure
04/26/2018 QA Background Check Finding Remediation Procedure
R18-031 04/26/2018 Lakewood AFH Ordinance Information
R18-030 04/16/2018 CR 103 (Permanent Rules) Filed for Chapter 388-101 (Willful Definition) Information
R18-029 04/16/2018 CR 103 (Permanent Rules) Filed for Chapter 388-76 WAC (Willful Definition) Information
R18-028 04/16/2018 CR 103 (Permanent Rules) Filed for Chapter 388-78A (Abuse Definition) Information
R18-027 04/16/2018 CR 103 (Permanent Rules) Filed for Chapter 388-78A WAC (Management Agreements) Information
04/13/2018 QSO 18-15-NH: Specialized Infection Prevention and Control Training Information
R18-025 04/13/2018 Clarification: RN Hours for Meeting the 24 Hour RN Staffing Requirement Information
R18-024 04/13/2018 ICF/IID Information Changes Form Procedure
R18-023 04/13/2018 Supported Living Information Changes Form Procedure
04/13/2018 ICF/IID Locator Information
04/13/2018 NH Locator Expansion Information
04/13/2018 ALF Locator Expansion Information
R18-019 04/09/2018 Focus Groups Regarding Behavioral Health Service Opportunities Information
R18-018 03/29/2018 Office of Developmental Disabilities Ombuds Information
R18-017 03/29/2018 Chapter 388-112A WAC Information
R18-017 03/28/2018 Chapter 388-112A WAC Information
R18-016 03/19/2018 Nursing Home Facilities Exempt from Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Information
R18-015 03/08/2018 Nursing Home Information Changes Procedure
R18-014 03/08/2018 Updated Crosswalk - F-Tag to CFR to WAC References Information
R18-013 03/06/2018 NH Recertification Survey Signage Procedure
R18-012 02/28/2018 ESF Information Changes Procedure
R18-011 02/28/2018 ALF Information Changes Procedure
R18-010 02/15/2018 QA Schedule and Process Changes for 2018 Information
R18-009 02/01/2018 Department of Health Influenza Updates (Admission/Readmission of Residents Recovering From Influenza) Information
R18-008 01/30/2018 CR 102 Filed (Formal Phase) to Chapter 388-97 WAC (Resident Assessments) Information
R18-007 01/25/2018 NH Post-Survey Onsite Revisits (Paper-Based Instructions) Procedure
R18-006 01/25/2018 S&C 18-08-NH: Facility-Initiated Discharges in Violation of Federal Regulations Information
R18-005 01/23/2018 CR 102 Filed (Formal Phase) for Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-78A (Abuse Definition) Information
R18-004 01/09/2018 Admin Memo 18-06-NH: Revised Federal Oversight Support Survey (FOSS) Process National Pilot Information
R18-003 01/05/2018 CR 102 Filed: Chapter 388-78A Information
R18-002 01/05/2018 CR 102 Filed: Chapter 388-76 WAC Information
R18-001 01/05/2018 CR 102 Filed: Chapter 388-101 WAC Information