Developmental Disabilities Administration

2022 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D22-023 12/13/2022 Employment and Day Program — High School Transition Funding Procedure
D22-022 12/13/2022 Concurrent Community Inclusion and Supported Employment Services Procedure
D22-021 12/13/2022 Requesting an Education Consultation Procedure
D22-020 11/20/2022 Sharing CARE Information with Employment Providers Procedure
D22-019 11/10/2022 Washington State Parks and Recreation Disability Pass Procedure
D22-018 11/02/2022 Hour-for-Hour Deductions from Personal Care Hours Procedure
D22-017 09/01/2022 Developmental Disabilities Ombuds Office Procedure
D22-016 09/01/2022 Waiver Renewal and Amendment Implementation Information
D22-015 08/30/2022 Quality Compliance Coordinator Monitoring Cycle 2022-2023 Information
D22-014 08/30/2022 Covid-19 Incident Reporting Requirements Procedure
D22-013 06/30/2022 Rate Increases for Waiver Service Providers Information
D22-012 06/21/2022 Changes to the Purchasing Goods and Services Contract Procedure
D22-011 06/17/2022 Complex Case Staffing for Clients Served by the State-Operated Living Alternative Program Procedure
D22-010 05/02/2022 APS and DDA Investigations Partnership Procedure
D22-009 04/26/2022 CARE Academy Protocol Procedure
D22-008 04/25/2022 Skin Observation Protocol Referrals Procedure
D22-006 03/31/2022 Requesting Apple Health Care Coordination and Escalation Process Procedure
D22-005 03/08/2022 Adult Portable Bed Rail Recall Procedure
D22-004 02/28/2022 Hospital Tracking Database Procedure
D22-003 02/24/2022 Uniform Guardianship Act Procedure
D22-002 02/14/2022 Waiver Transportation and Consumer-Directed Employer Procedure