Developmental Disabilities Administration

2021 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D21-025 12/29/2021 Employment and Day Program -- High School Transition Funding Procedure
12/23/2021 Waiver Transportation and Consumer-Directed Employer Policy and Procedure
D21-023 12/17/2021 Waiver Enrollment Project 2021-2022 Procedure
D21-022 12/10/2021 Vaccine Mandate Compliance for DDA-Certified Providers Procedure
D21-021 10/20/2021 SharePoint Support Process Procedure
D21-020 10/01/2021 Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Amendments Information
D21-018 08/13/2021 Adding Guardianship Court Orders and Letters to Client Files Procedure
08/05/2021 Changes to the Purchasing Goods and Services contract Information
D21-016 07/16/2021 PASRR for Planned or Emergency Respite in State-Operated Nursing Facilities Procedure
D21-015 07/12/2021 Intake and Eligibility Process During COVID-19 Outbreak Procedure
D21-014 06/04/2021 Updated PASRR Procedures Procedure
D21-013 06/01/2021 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Requirements Procedure
D21-011 04/12/2021 HCBS Waiver Amendments Public Comment Period Information
D21-009 04/02/2021 PASRR Specialized Services during COVID-19 Pandemic Procedure
03/26/2021 Care coordination & escalation process for DDA clients(child or adult)to access their entitled Apple Health physical & behavioral health care benefits Procedure
D21-007 03/26/2021 Provider Contracting and Service Authorizations for New Stabilization Services Procedure
D21-006 03/03/2021 Assisting Clients with Applications for State Identification Cards Procedure
02/26/2021 Documenting in-person visits during the COVID-19 pandemic Procedure
D21-004 11/17/2021 COVID-19 Incident Reporting Requirements Procedure
D21-003 01/27/2021 Inter Rater Reliability Shadow Reviews Procedure
D21-002 01/14/2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Process for Companion Home and Alternative Living Providers Information
D21-001 01/05/2021 Employment and Day Program - High School Transition Funding Procedure