Developmental Disabilities Administration

2020 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D20-045 12/30/2020 State-Only funding source for Res. Allowance requests for clients on the CORE or Comm. Protection Waiver receiving DDA contracted residential services Procedure
D20-043 12/29/2020 Rate Increase for Alternative Living Providers Information
D20-042 12/07/2020 Supervisor Client Contact Reviews Procedure
D20-041 12/07/2020 Complying with Federal Medicaid Requirements When a Client Receives Out-of-State Residential Treatment Policy and Procedure
D20-039 12/01/2020 Authorizing CIIBS Services under the Waiver's New Budget Structure Procedure
D20-037 10/13/2020 Infection Control Supplies for Resuming In-Person Visits Procedure
D20-036 10/01/2020 Adult Residential Point Prevalence COVID-19 Testing Procedure
D20-035 10/01/2020 New Waiver Service: Therapeutic Adaptations Procedure
D20-034 10/01/2020 Implementing Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Amendments Policy
D20-033 09/24/2020 APS and RCS Compliant Resolution Unit changes in the investigation and referral process for allegations unrelated to physical or sexual abuse Information
09/11/2020 Resuming In-Person Visits Procedure
08/26/2020 Hospital Tracking Database Procedure
08/21/2020 Quality Compliance Coordinator Monitoring Cycle 2020-2021 Information
08/30/2020 Emergent Short-Term Stay Requests Procedure
D20-026 07/29/2020 DDA's Role for Community Residential Emergency PPE Procedure
D20-025 06/22/2020 Apple Health Fee-For-Service Coverage and How to Request Managed Care Plan Enrollment Procedure
D20-023 05/04/2020 Temporary Remote Service Delivery During COVID-19 Outbreak Procedure
D20-022 05/01/2020 Emergency Rules Filed for Nurse Delegation RNs, LPNs, and ARNPs during COVID-19 Pandemic Information
D20-021 04/17/2020 Medicaid Eligibility Changes Resulting From the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Procedure
04/16/2020 COVID-19 Incident Reporting Requirements Procedure
D20-018 04/01/2020 Conducting Remote Assessments with Individuals with Limited English Proficiency Procedure
D20-017 03/25/2020 Essential Workers According to Governor's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" Proclamation Procedure
D20-016 03/24/2020 Waiver Service Scope and Limit Adjustments Due to COVID-19 Outbreak Procedure
D20-015 03/20/2020 COVID-19 Social Service Reason Code Procedure
03/19/2020 PASRR Specialized Services during COVID-19 Outbreak Procedure
D20-011 03/17/2020 PASRR Procedures During the COVID-19 Outbreak Procedure
03/17/2020 Assessment and Person-Centered Service Planning Process during COVID-19 Outbreak Procedure
D20-008 02/14/2020 Referring Clients Living in Institutional Settings to Roads to Community Living Procedure
D20-007 02/04/2020 Changes to the Inter-rater Reliability Review (IRR) Shadow Review Process Procedure
D20-006 02/04/2020 Estate Recovery Verbal Disclosure Procedure
D20-004 01/31/2020 Records Management for DDA PASRR Clients Procedure
D20-003 01/27/2020 Communicating with DDA Public Benefit Specialists about Clients Receiving Voluntary Placement Services Procedure
D20-002 01/13/2020 Alternative Living Service Provider Evaluations Procedure