Developmental Disabilities Administration

2018 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
08/28/2018 Quality Compliance Coordinator Monitoring Cycle 2018-19 Information
D18-030 12/20/2018 Mortality Reviews Procedure
D18-029 12/19/2018 Reinstating Terminated Positive Behavior Support and Consultation Services Procedure
D18-028 12/12/2018 Citizenship and Immigration Status Information
D18-027 12/05/2018 Integrated Settings and Heightened Scrutiny Procedure
D18-026 11/30/2018 Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy (WAAA) Insurance Navigators Procedure
D18-025 10/10/2018 WISe correspondence sent to youth who experience complex behavioral issues Information
D18-024 09/25/2018 New "Goals and Plans" Screen in CARE Procedure
D18-023 09/25/2018 Entering leave, residence, and short-term stay information in CARE Procedure
D18-021 08/27/2018 Required Notice Announcing Proposed Amendments to all HCBS Waivers Information
D18-020 08/23/2018 Life Course Resources Toolkit and Premium Payment Program Information Procedure
D18-019 07/30/2018 Employment Calculator Moving to CARE Procedure
D18-018 07/24/2018 Children's Dedicated Respite Services Procedure
D18-016 06/28/2018 Major Incident Reporting Procedure
D18-015 06/27/2018 Referrals To WISE (Wraparound with Intensive Services) Procedure
D18-014 06/27/2018 Quality Assurance Assessments and Corrective Action Reports for Facilities Providing Voluntary Placement Services Procedure
D18-013 06/13/2018 Required Notice Announcing Proposed Amendments to Core and Community Protection HCBS Waivers Information
D18-012 06/13/2018 Community Residential Services - Loss of Client Funds Procedure
D18-011 06/13/2018 Assessment for MPC or CFC when Applying for DDA Eligibility or After DDA Eligibility Ends Procedure
D18-010 06/06/2018 Positive behavior support plans for clients residing in a Residential Habilitation Center or State-Operated Living Alternative Policy and Procedure
D18-009 05/30/2018 Community Protection Critical Indicator Referral in Care Procedure
D18-008 05/24/2018 Person-Centered Service Plan Signature Monitoring Procedure
D18-007 05/02/2018 Required Notice Announcing Proposed Amendment to Core HCBS Waiver Information
D18-006 04/19/2018 Communication with DDA Long-Term Care Specialty Unit for Clients Receiving Voluntary Placement Services Procedure
D18-005 03/27/2018 Required Notice Announcing Proposed Amendments to IFS, Basic Plus, Core, and Community Protection HCBS Waivers Information
D18-004 03/14/2018 Contracting and Authorizing Hourly Respite Services Procedure
D18-003 02/09/2018 Person-Centered Plan Facilitator (PCPF) Qualifications Procedure
D18-002 02/09/2018 Respite Exception to Rule (ETR) Requests Procedure
D18-001 01/18/2018 Writing Service Episode Records Procedure