Developmental Disabilities Administration

2017 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
12/19/2017 Developmental Disabilities Ombuds Office Procedure
D17-037 12/05/2017 New Residential Training Roster and Reimbursement Form Information
D17-036 12/05/2017 New Waiver Service Available – Chemical Extermination of Bedbugs Procedure
D17-035 06/01/2017 Changes to Barcode for Communication with the LTC Specialty Unit Procedure
D17-033 10/27/2017 Background Check Account Reconfiguration Procedure
10/18/2017 Loss of Client Funds for clients served by DDA-contracted Community Residential Providers and SOLA Procedure
D17-031 10/05/2017 Respite Exception to Rule (ETR) Request Procedure
D17-030 09/28/2017 Documenting Goals in the DDA Assessment and Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) Procedure
D17-029 09/26/2017 Person-Centered Service Plan Signatures Procedure
09/22/2017 Community Protection Critical Indicator Referral in Care Procedure
D17-027 09/19/2017 Authorization of services under the DDA Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver Programs Procedure
D17-026 09/19/2017 HCBS and IFS Waiver Renewal Amendment and Implementation Information
D17-025 09/15/2017 DDA Quality Compliance Coordinator (QCC) Team 2017-18 Monitoring Cycle Information
D17-024 09/14/2017 Rate Change for Hourly Respite, Community Guide, Community Engagement, and Skilled Nursing Services Information
D17-023 08/31/2017 Primary Account Administrator for new Background Check System (BCS) Information
D17-022 08/30/2017 Employment and Day Program Services - High School Transition Funding Procedure
08/23/2017 Referrals To WISe (Wraparound with Intensive Services) Procedure
D17-019 07/28/2017 Letter Sent to Alternative Living Service Providers Regarding Rate Changes Information
D17-018 07/27/2017 State Supplemental Payment (SSP) Residential Procedure
D17-017 07/27/2017 Required Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Online Security Awareness Training Information
07/17/2017 Changes to DDA Eligibility Application Information
D17-015 07/12/2017 Changes to Notification of Estate Recovery Information
D17-014 07/06/2017 Letters Sent to Residential Service Providers Regarding Rate Changes Information
D17-013 06/20/2017 Implementation of Payment of Nurse Consultation Services through ProviderOne Procedure
D17-012 06/19/2017 Implementation of Payment of Diversion Bed Services and Crisis Intervention, Prevention, and Stabilization Services through ProviderOne Information
D17-010 06/07/2017 Research Activities Involving Individuals Enrolled with DDA and DDA Records Procedure
D17-009 05/25/2017 Changes to Client and Provider Overpayment Policies Procedure
D17-007 04/13/2017 Client Service Verification Process Procedure
D17-006 03/31/2017 Distribution of Post Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level II Follow-up Meeting Packets Procedure
D17-004 03/22/2017 Exception to Rule (ETR) Process for Community Access Services Procedure
03/09/2017 Clarification of Use of the Autistic Disorder Confirmation Form Procedure
D17-001 08/11/2017 CARE County Referrals no Longer tied to the Clients Residence Information