Developmental Disabilities Administration

2016 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D16-020 12/13/2016 Increase in SSI Standard and Room and Board Rate Procedure
D16-019 11/02/2016 Service Referral and Information Requests E-mail, Web Form, and Voice Mail Procedure
D16-018 09/20/2016 DDA Quality Compliance Coordinator Team 2016-17 Monitoring Cycle Information
D16-017 08/26/2016 DDA SSP Pre-Vocational Legacy Procedure
D16-016 08/26/2016 Rate and Authorization Changes for Adult Family Home Respite Procedure
D16-015 08/10/2016 Change in Review Process for Deductions to Client Responsibility Procedure
D16-014 07/28/2016 Implementation of Payment of Employment and Day Services through ProviderOne Information
D16-012 07/01/2016 Revised CARE Treatment HELP screen Information
D16-011 06/07/2016 Changes in 2011 to Chapter 11.88 RCW Guardianship-Appointment Qualification Removal of Guardians Procedure
06/07/2016 New CRM Requirement to Ask Permission to View Living Quarters of Clients Receiving Residential or Personal Care Services Procedure
D16-009 05/10/2016 Movers Survey: Interview Process for Individuals Moving to the Community from Institutional Settings Procedure
D16-007 05/02/2016 Skin Observation Protocol Clarification Policy and Procedure
D16-004 01/22/2016 Adult Respite Services (Overnight Planned Respite, RHC Planned and Emergent Respite, YVS Crisis Respite) Procedure
01/20/2016 Eligibility Reapplication Planned Action Notice Procedure