Developmental Disabilities Administration

2015 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D15-030 12/11/2015 Changes to County Services Authorization and Billing Procedure
D15-029 11/25/2015 Eligibility PAN Plain-Talk Reason Language Information
D15-028 11/19/2015 Community Engagement and Peer Mentoring: Two New IFS Waiver Services Procedure
D15-027 11/06/2015 Wellness Education is a New Waiver Service for Participants on the Individual and Family Services, Basic Plus, and Core Waivers Procedure
D15-026 10/23/2015 Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Communication and Email Distribution Lists Procedure
D15-025 10/15/2015 Person Centered Service Planning and Annual Assessment Meeting Form Procedure
D15-023 09/30/2015 DDA Quality Compliance Coordinator (QCC) Team 2015-16 Monitoring Cycle Schedule and New Monitoring Elements Information
09/30/2015 Clarification for Using Conversational Interview Style When Conducting an SIS Interview Procedure
08/25/2015 IP Contract Requirements - Verification of Hours Billed Procedure
D15-019 08/20/2015 Employment and Day Services - State-Only Funding Procedure
D15-018 08/06/2015 County Employment and Day Program Services - High School Transition Funding Procedure
D15-017 07/15/2015 Information to Assist with Maximizing Social Security Benefits Information
D15-016 06/01/2015 Community Crisis Stabilization Services (CCSS) WAC 388-833 Information
D15-015 06/01/2015 Planned Action Notices for RHC Services Provided in the ICF IIDs or the State Operated Nursing Facility Procedure
03/13/2015 Acceptance of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) for Determination of Eligibility Procedure
D15-008 03/01/2015 Increases in Basic Maintenance Amounts for Children in Licensed Settings Procedure
03/01/2015 Cost of Care Adjustments in LSR Settings Procedure
D15-006 03/01/2015 Completing the DDA Assessment for Roads to Community Living Clients in Institutional Settings Procedure
D15-005 03/01/2015 Contracts for Behavior Support, Counseling and Consultation Services Procedure
D15-004 03/01/2015 Children Receiving Voluntary Placement Services who Reside in a Region Other than where the Case is Held Procedure
D15-003 03/01/2015 Funding DDA Contracted Respite Services for Children Revised 4/1/2015 Procedure
03/01/2015 Standardizing the Staffed Residential Rate Setting Process Procedure
03/26/2015 Use of Staff Add-On for Licensed Staffed Residential Homes Procedure