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Developmental Disabilities Administration

2014 DDA Management Bulletins

Note: These documents are available only in Word and/or Excel formats. If you do not have software that can open these files, you may download a free file viewer. The viewers will give you the ability to read and print these files without the need to purchase additional software.

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D14-007 03/10/2014 DDA ELIGIBILITY WAC PROCESS Procedure
D14-006 03/07/2014 Enhanced Payment to Clients Receiving SSP in lieu of IFS Procedure
D14-005 03/07/2014 State Employee Background Check Requirements in State Operated Residential Settings Information
D14-004 02/26/2014 Nursing Facility Practices and Expectations Procedure
D14-003 02/26/2014 Pre-Admission Process for Short Term Respite Stays in RHC Nursing Facilities Procedure
D14-002 02/26/2014 DDA Eligibility for Clients in DOC JJRA or State Hospitals Procedure
D14-001 01/08/2014 Offering SSP in Lieu of IFS Procedure