Aging and Long-Term Support Administration

2014 DDA Management Bulletins

MB# Issue Date Subject Type
D14-029 12/11/2014 Continued Benefits Information Information
D14-028 12/04/2014 Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Referrals Communication Plan Procedure
D14-027 12/01/2014 Increase in SSI Standard and Room and Board Rate Procedure
D14-026 11/17/2014 Changes to State Supplemental Payments (SSP) with Implementation of ProviderOne Procedure
D14-025 11/17/2014 Hour for Hour Deduction of PDN MICP Hours from Personal Care Hours Generated by CARE Procedure
D14-024 11/17/2014 Medication Management and Nurse Delegation for Children Receiving Personal Care Services Procedure
D14-023 11/05/2014 ProviderOne and On-time and Overdue Assessments Procedure
D14-022 09/23/2014 Enhanced Payment to Clients Receiving SSP Procedure
D14-021 08/27/2014 IP Contract requirements - Verification of Hours Billed Procedure
D14-020 08/27/2014 FSIQ Requirements for Intellectual Disability Procedure
D14-019 08/27/2014 Eligibility for Clients in Military Families Moving Out of State Procedure
D14-018 08/18/2014 RSN Enrollment Verification - Updated 1/12/2015 Procedure
D14-017 08/01/2014 Maintenance of DDA Residential Capacity Procedure
08/01/2014 Annual Companion Home Rate Setting Procedure
D14-015 07/21/2014 Background Check Consolidation Policy
D14-014 07/10/2014 DDA Eligibility WAC 388-823 Revision - Updated 1/26/2015 Procedure
D14-013 06/27/2014 Change in Law (SSB 6095) Recognizes the 2002 DSHS Background Assessment Review Team (BART) Process for Historic Crimes Policy and Procedure
D14-012 07/15/2014 Risk Assessment and Monitoring Plan (RAMP) Procedure
D14-011 06/18/2014 Increases in Basic Maintenance Amounts for Children in Licensed Settings Procedure
D14-010 06/18/2014 Limitation Extension Process Procedure
D14-009 06/10/2014 Changes to Barcode for Communication with the LTC Specialty Unit Procedure
D14-008 06/03/2014 Cost of Care Adjustments in LSR Settings Procedure
D14-007 03/10/2014 DDA ELIGIBILITY WAC PROCESS Procedure
D14-006 03/07/2014 Enhanced Payment to Clients Receiving SSP in lieu of IFS Procedure
D14-005 03/07/2014 State Employee Background Check Requirements in State Operated Residential Settings Information
D14-004 02/26/2014 Nursing Facility Practices and Expectations Procedure
D14-003 02/26/2014 Pre-Admission Process for Short Term Respite Stays in RHC Nursing Facilities Procedure
D14-002 02/26/2014 DDA Eligibility for Clients in DOC JJRA or State Hospitals Procedure
D14-001 01/08/2014 Offering SSP in Lieu of IFS Procedure