Customer address database service

Please make sure that:
  • The file is in a comma or tab delimited text format.
    • Comma delimited: Cust01,123 Oak St,Olympia,WA,98502
    • Tab delimited: Cust01     123 Oak St     Olympia     WA     98502
  • All fields (blanks/nulls included) are separated by a comma or tab.
  • One address per record.
  • No more than 5 fields per record.
  • All records must have the same number of fields. The Zip and +4 (if the +4 is provided) are in a single field for all records.

    Note: The Zip and +4 must now be in one field with an optional - character. They used to be allowed to be separated into 2 fields.

    01,123 Oak St,Olympia,WA,985021234
    02,987 Pine St,Olympia,WA,985069876
    03,456 Spruce St,Olympia,WA,98506-9876
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