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Public Disclosure Reports

Certain tax preferences require the business claiming them to file either an Annual Report or Annual Survey. The information contained in the Annual Report is disclosable to the public. It is mostly employee wage and benefits data and does not include the dollar value of the tax preference claimed. The Annual Survey contains the dollar value of the tax preference claimed in addition to employee wage and benefit data. However, only the dollar value of the tax preference is publically disclosable. A business may ask the amount not be disclosed if it is less than $10,000.

All information is originally supplied by the business and has not necessarily been verified by the Department through audit or other direct examination of the business’s books and records.  The information contained in some of the Surveys and Reports may change each time the data is published as the Department reviews and validates the submitted information.

Starting in 2017, it is the Department’s intent to publish this information three times per year as follows:

·         June 30 for surveys submitted by the May 31 deadline.  

·         September 30 to include surveys submitted during an approved 90 day extension period.

·         December 31 to coincide with the publication of the annual Descriptive Statistics for Select Tax Incentives.