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Filing Appeals   Appeal Form


WAC 357-52-020 (Filing appeals).

WAC 357-52-225 (Filing papers with the Personnel Resources Board).

The Appeal Form is provided to assist employees who desire to file an appeals within the jurisdiction of the Personnel Resources Board.

The form requests the basic information required to determine if the Board has jurisdiction to accept the appeal. If additional information is required, the Appeals Supervisor will request by letter that such information be provided in writing to supplement the initial appeal form and supplemental documents filed.

Withdraw an Appeal   Motion and Order of Dismissal


An employee may withdraw his or her appeal at any time by notifying the Board in writing.

The Board will enter an Order of Dismissal after being notified of an Appellant's intent to withdraw his or her appeal.

An appeal may not be reinstated after it has been dismissed.

To withdraw an appeal, download a Motion and Order of Dismissal form, also referred to as a Withdrawal Form. Please provide the required appeal information and remember to sign and date the form. Mail the signed form to the Board office. If you choose to send the form by FAX, please also forward the original by mail. At this time, we cannot accept such documents by e-mail.

Call the Personnel Resources Board staff at (360) 902-9820 if you have any questions.

Motions   Note for Setting Motion Form


WAC 357-52-120         When may a written motion be filed?


WAC 357-52-125         Must the board consider untimely motions?


WAC 357-52-130         What must be included with a motion?


WAC 357-52-135         How many copies of a motion must be submitted?


WAC 357-52-140         What may the board decide based on a motion?

Any party to an appeal may file motions to obtain orders addressing specific issues (e.g., to compel discovery or continuance of a hearing date). A party may also move for the Board to decide or dismiss an appeal as a matter of law if no genuine issue exists as to any material fact. Motions must be filed in compliance with the Board's rules of procedure.

Motions must be submitted in writing, except for verbal motions presented in conjunction with appeal hearings. Motions may be supported by memoranda, affidavits or other documents, and must be filed and served on the opposing party as stated in the rules.

The Note for Setting Motion form is used to schedule a motion on the Board's motion calendar.

Subpoenas   Subpoena Form


WAC 357-52-240         Who may prepare, sign and issue a subpoena?


WAC 357-52-245         What must a subpoena include?