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Uniform Commercial Code

Add Debtors - Individual

“Individual” means a natural person; this includes a sole proprietorship, whether or not operating under a trade name. Use married woman’s personal name (Mary Smith not Mrs. John Smith).

Enter one Debtor’s exact full legal name. Don’t abbreviate. Truncate if you run out of room in any field.

Enter the individual’s family name (surname) in the Last Name field, first given name in the First Name field, and all additional given names in the Middle Name field.

Don’t use prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Ms.) Use suffix field only for titles of lineage (Jr., Sr., III) and not for other suffixes or titles (e.g. M.D.)

Click the “Add Debtor” button.Click Add Another Debtor to enter a second Debtor. There is no additional charge for adding more names.

Add Debtors - Organization

“Organization” means an entity having a legal identity separate from its owner. A partnership is an organization; a sole proprietorship is not an organization, even if it does business under a trade name. If Debtor is a partnership, you need not enter names of partners as additional Debtors.

If Debtor is a registered organization (e.g. corp., llc, lp) you can find the correct name, type, jurisdiction, and ID number from the charter documents or by searching the Secretary of State’s Office at

In Washington, the id number is the UBI number.

Enter one Debtor’s exact full legal name. Don’t abbreviate. Truncate if you run out of room.

If this address is the same as the previous one, click “Copy Last Address.”


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