Search Business & Professional Licenses

Search Tips

Here are some tips to help you with your search:
License Type:
This list includes licenses for all of the Business and Professions programs. For some license types you may be able to narrow your search even further on a follow up page.
Business Name:
When searching by Business Name, try spelling the name differently if you don't receive any search results. To increase your chance of success:
  • Shorten the name you are searching for to the first word or two.
  • If the name begins with “The”or “A”, you must include it in your search. Include other digits, letters and punctuation, if it is part of the business or trade name.
  • Leave out abbreviations such as Inc, LLC, etc.
Person Name:
You can search for an individual professional license by entering the Last name. Entering a first name is optional.
Address Search:
When searching by address, try limiting the information entered in the street address field if you do not receive a match. Always begin the street address with a number.
Driver Training Schools:
If you are searching for a Driver Training School, be sure to check the boxes for both Driver Training School and Driver Training School Branch to increase your chance of success.
After your search:
When you have completed a search and want to do another, press the New Search button instead of using the Internet Browser Back button. Using the Browser Back button may return the same results from your previous search.