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Welcome to WTN's Information by Location (IBL) Tool

Rank Side Bar

Step 1: Click on a topic on the left. (example: Health Disparities)

Step 2: Click on an area of the map.

Arrow Step 3: View the area’s ranking for that topic. (1-10)
Then, explore other features.

Map Features 

Select an Index to see the features associated with it.
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Locate Address 

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Select an Index to see the information associated with it.

Get Started:

  • Select a topic from the menu box
  • View community information by selecting an area on the map, or by entering a zip code or address in the locate address tab
    • You will only see the topic, theme, and measure rankings for the community you selected
    • You will see demographic information for that area in a pop-up box on the bottom right of the map
    • Select the graph icon next to an individual measure to explore the data in the WTN Search Data tool

Need more help? Watch a how-to video for IBL in English, Spanish, Russian, or Vietnamese.

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Data Not Reliable for some locations.