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Reports on cancer incidence for the State of Washington by region, sex and primary site are published annually.

Information on patient age, sex, county of residence, zip code, cancer type and treatment are generally accessible to the public in aggregate form as non-confidential data. All other data items are considered confidential, and are available to state and county Departments of Health, as well as their contracting agencies and academic researchers, under certain conditions. Data requests by qualified academic researchers are also welcomed after their requests have been formally reviewed and approved according to established state procedures. Patient, physician and facility identifiers are always considered confidential and are accessible by qualified agencies only after the approval process is successfully completed.

All data requests should be directed to Mahesh Keitheri Cheteri, Ph.D. of WSCR at (360) 236-3669 or toll-free 1-888-302-2227 or by fax at (360) 586-2714. Email requests are also accepted by Mahesh Keitheri Cheteri, Ph.D.

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The database supporting online queries for the Washington State Cancer Registry was updated June 2022. Report documents for earlier years contain data provided prior to the database update and so may not be in agreement with information obtained through online queries.

WA State Department of Health - Cancer Registry - Reports
Background and Text
(PDF: 265 KB)
The web version of the Cancer Registry Report for data from 1992 through 2018
Cancer By Site
(PDF: 1,186 KB)
View data by cancer site.
Cancer By Race and Ethnicity By Site
(PDF: 478 KB)
View race and ethnicity incidence and mortality data by cancer site.
County by Cancer Site Tables
(PDF: 509 KB)
View county incidence and mortality data tables by site.
Cancer Site By County Tables
(PDF: 1,720 KB)
View cancer site incidence and mortality data tables by county.

Documents posted in PDF format on the Department of Health Web site will be made available in an alternative format on request to users who are unable to download or view .pdf files on the Web. To request an alternative format, contact: Mahesh Keitheri Cheteri, Ph.D. 360-236-3669.

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