HPQA Credential Lookup
Instructions and Searching Tips

Search by a Credential type with Credential Number:

Searching by credential type and credential number is the most effective search because it will return only one record.  Select the credential type from the drop down list, then enter the 8 digits number on the credential number field, for example if your license number is RN00004301, you might need to select Register Nurse, then enter 00004301 on credential number field.  If there is a match on credential number, you will see a detail screen that will give you information on that specific individual.

When using the drop-down box for Credential Type, a user can type the first letter of a Credential Type. Users can then scroll through all entries beginning with that letter by entering the same letter again. For example, when trying to select “Marriage and Family Therapist” for a search, the user can type an “M” in the Credential Type box. Typing an “M” again will display “Massage Practitioner”, or you can click on the down arrow in that box and all the Credential Types beginning with “M” will be displayed.

Search by a Credential Number only: 

Searching by a credential number only will return more records that match with that number. The credential number is the 8 digits number with leading zeros, for example, you enter 00004301, it will return multiple records with different profession that match with that number.

If your search found more than one result, click on the credential number of the record you wish to review, it will give you more information on that specific individuals.

Search by an Individual’s Name

There are two types of searching by Name:

a)  Search by partial Name:

Enter a partial of Last Name and partial of First Name with a selection of "Start with" on radio button, it will return the first 50 of the most matching records per your criteria.