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Nov 17 2017 12:27PM I fully support this initiative to allow individuals to change their sex designation to F, M, or X. As someone whose friends and community includes many non-binary people, the positive impact of having such options available is abundantly clear. This amendment would be a great step towards making the law accurate, respectful, and inclusive of all people.
Nov 17 2017 12:43PM I am in full support of this proposed rule. People should be allowed to attest to their own gender identity without confirmation from third parties, since self-attestation is the most accurate method of ensuring that the sex designation on a birth certificate matches the individual. I strongly support providing for a gender marker other than “male” or “female.” Thank you for recognizing this need and proposing this regulatory change.
Nov 17 2017 12:55PM I am in full support of this initiative to support trans and non-binary folks in their ability to have legal documentation reflect their gender identity.
Nov 17 2017 1:07PM im completely and totally opposed to any gender type other than male and female. to make such a change defies any form of logic. it could in fact cause problems far in excess of any benefits to any individual. theres no gender type " X" on a concealed pistol license, passport, or any other travel documents. even a wa drivers license needs to be marked with male or female. police and prison records will not accept a gender type X. humans, mice rats, rabbits and fish have only two genders. even after the plastic surgery of a sex change. geneticly there are only two genders. any man, or woman who has a sex change operation is doing nothing more than having plastic surgery. generation type X does nothing more than taking political correctness to a stupid level. adding gender type X to a birth certificate is a stupid idea that cant be allowed, without first defining what a gender type X is. the proposed rule has no such language.
Nov 17 2017 1:15PM As the understanding of "sex" evolves to include those who are a different gender than their body, and seek remediation to become whole, it is the State's duty to respectfully recognize those who have taken the journey to truly become themselves, a journey often fraught with injustice, bigotry and too often, violence. Being recognized by the State of Washington allowing them to define their sex is validation not only for the psychological self, but for the physical self as well, and those individuals can live out their lives 100% whole. Additionally, allowing the additional option of "X" also recognizes and validates those who do not fall into the non-binary sex category, and this is a valid state of being for many people. I applaud the State of Washington and the Department of Health in working to recognize this most basic aspect of recognition and choice of identity. It is humanitarian and enlightened, and will be remembered as being a progressive step in the long, but sometimes bumpy advancement of the human race. Sincerely, Ryan Johnson
Nov 17 2017 1:19PM There Are only two sexes biologically. Male and female. Absolutely no!
Nov 17 2017 2:03PM I fully support this initiative and would be a proud resident of this state if they decide to recognize that all individuals deserve to have their identity legally represented in official documentation.
Nov 17 2017 2:25PM I'm against this amendment, this should not be allowed
Nov 17 2017 2:30PM I am in full support of this proposed rule. Self-attestation is the most accurate method of ensuring that the sex designation on a birth certificate matches the individual. The primary benefit of this rule is a reduction in the negative outcomes gender diverse people experience in their daily lives. We are currently seeing strong support in our neighboring states on the West Coast and elsewhere in the US and abroad with similar rule making. This seems to be the natural progress our state should attain as well. I strongly support providing for a gender marker other than “male” or “female.” As a gender diverse person, I thank you for recognizing this need and proposing this regulatory change. Sincerely, Mx. Crisp
Nov 17 2017 2:43PM Absolutely the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. We are humans, MALE and FEMALE...there is nothing else! One can choose to "identify" as a different sex, but you're born with what your born with. Don't bow down to the "transgender agenda". Period!
Nov 17 2017 2:54PM I'm fully in support of this! We must do the right thing and combat institutionalized marginalization and erasure of transgender people. Endless studies have showed that gender is not binary as our culture ideologically suggests that it is. There is nothing scientific backing the omission of transgender and nonbinary/genderfluid people from the public record; it is based on an ignorant cultural tradition, and a continued desire to antagonize non-gender-conforming people. California has the right idea. Let us not be on the wrong side of history. Do the right thing, please!
Nov 17 2017 3:31PM I fully support this measure.
Nov 17 2017 3:42PM i fully support this
Nov 17 2017 3:56PM I hang my head in shame that my state would consider this. Gender is determined at conception and the birth certificate should record that truth. People are free to express who they wish they were in any way, dress, surgical modifications and hormone therapy, but that doesn't change their DNA. If you feel it necessary, provide an official gender preference certificate that an individual could be issued after age 18, but don't change the birth certificate to reflect a lie. What is next? declaring the earth to be flat and gravity to force us up and not down? And any official record of gender preference cannot be issued before age 18 or even 21. If you think a child is competent to make that decision then repeal all laws about use of alcohol and cigarettes and maybe driving. Please, no change of birth certificate, provide an alternative if you must.
Nov 17 2017 4:00PM Nonbinary people across the world have been fighting for legal recognition ever since western explorers encountered cultures where those identities were common and valued. Those identities have been erased for centuries systematically by mass murder, societal pressure, and legal processes. We have a chance in Washington to join a growing movement to start correcting that by providing legal recognition to nonbinary people like myself. "X" is already becoming a widely accepted standard for indicating that the person is not male or female and this applies not only to gender identity but to many intersex people born without clearly binary genitalia. Washington State in particular has a higher than average population of trans and gender nonconforming people because so many move here for the culture and support systems. We should join Australia, Canada, India, Nepal, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Oregon, and California in providing this crucial change which will afford us some recognition and protection. Please take steps to reduce the barriers to access for this change since many transgender people have significant financial and mental health challenges.
Nov 17 2017 4:44PM This is a great change for our society. It will allow inclusion for intersex, nonbinary, and transgender individuals, whose gender identities are currently legally erased by the current rules. I urge support of this.
Nov 17 2017 7:58PM I am in full support of this change. Nonbinary and intersex people need to be officially recognized to get the respect and care they deserve. Thank you for working toward this goal.
Nov 17 2017 8:03PM I am so proud to live in a state this is on the table. I support this and hope to rally many others in support as well. It harms no one, and science supports the irrefutable fact that there are NOT only two gender identities!
Nov 17 2017 8:22PM This initiative acknowledges our growing understanding of gender beyond a simplistic binary designation. I support it wholeheartedly.
Nov 17 2017 9:06PM I am writing to you in support of Washington State’s Birth Certificate Gender Change Rule Making Regulatory change. Sex designations and gender identity are an issue of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and should not be limited to “male” and “female” when those designations do not accurately represent 35% of all gender diverse people according to the 2015 US Trans Survey which reached more than 27,000 participants. Additionally, intersex conditions represent a biological and physical reality for various folks, and that identity should be respected, not approximated or erased. In my eyes, I hope this movement is for more than supporting those who identify outside a binary for sex and/or gender; this is about factually representing the variety of bodies people have, be it from birth or later in life.   It is a factual reality that there are more sex chromosome combinations than XX and XY. It is a factual reality that there are bodies out there that have ambiguous external genitalia, absent genitalia, or a combination of genitalia. It is also observable that some individuals have more than one set of DNA in their cells (see mosaicism, chimerism). I also believe people should be allowed to attest to their own gender identity without confirmation from third parties, though I would not be opposed to requiring a witness or two in a way similar to marriages. Many people do not have access to an understanding health care provider or notary public, and that places an undue burden on people who would otherwise be emotionally ready to make this legal step. DOH should ensure that everyone has the same access to accurate identification and the ability to elect a not specified or non-binary gender designation. The unique needs of two-spirit, people of color, incarcerated persons, and foster youth should be taken into careful consideration in this process. Self-attestation is the most accurate method of ensuring that the sex designation on a birth certificate matches the individual, which is the purpose of identification. Mind you, our identities are who we are, not what we do. This regulatory change represents a critical need for many two-spirit, non-binary, trans, and intersex people. As of right now, Washington birth certificates do not recognize the existence of people whose sex and/or gender does not fit the traditional definitions of “male” and “female.” Thank you for recognizing that need and proposing this regulatory change. I strongly support the adoption of a regulatory change to provide for a gender marker other than “male” or “female,” and I hope this change could carry over to other forms of identification soon thereafter.
Nov 17 2017 9:28PM I am in full support of this proposed rule. Allowing this helps to support the trans community, non-binary and intersex people specifically. These changes have been passed in other states and will have such a positive impact for individuals that need to change the gender shown on their Birth Certificate.
Nov 17 2017 11:15PM This is a well thought out rule change, made under consultation with affected groups. It brings regulation up to speed with modern medical practice, and removes unnecessary red tape around establishing your personal identity. Now we can live their life without onerous process telling you who you have to be.
Nov 18 2017 12:14AM Why is the state of Washington using language such as “gender” and “sex” interchangeably, this is confusing. The rule should define “sex” or “gender” and use only one term. Why is gender “X” defined here but “male” and “female” is not? If the “X” sexes exist, how come I cannot find their definitions in the scientific literature? If a birth certificate is a legal document and a person can change the record of the material truth of their nature, then does the separate category of male and female still legally exist? If a male can “identify” as a female, then for what purposes do we still record sex? If male and female and X are effectively subjective, how can the birth certificate even remain a legal document? A person’s closely held beliefs are now the basis for this legal document? Legal documents should be based on objective immutable facts, because there is nothing else but agreed upon facts that uphold the basis for law. And when researchers are looking at the data to make recommendations or future policy makers are looking at the data to allocate funds, what is the nature of the potential impact on accuracy when it come to sex-specific public health concerns? Transitioning is very popular with teen girls, it grows in popularity every year (look at the exponential increase in teenage girl patients at gender clinics in the last five years) and when funds are allocated for pregnancy-related concerns, the “M” on the birth certificate is not going to help as much as proper preparations for populations that still need pregnancy resources. What gametes do persons of gender X produce? And why is that of interest to the state? Why, instead of strictly recording vital statistics based on objective information, is the state deciding to record a subjective experience to provide a “benefit” for those who follow this religion? This is a religion because it requires faith in the idea that there’s an inner voice that tells you your physical features are “wrong”. If “gender identity” were a true human right, every single human on earth would innately understand what it is—and that is easily demonstrably false. Most people on Earth haven’t the slightest clue what “neutrois” means. I, myself, do not have a gender identity. I am seen and interpreted by other people around me and I am my physical sex, but I still do not possess a “gender identity”. Giving the option for anybody to identify as “Two-Spirit” if they are not of certain American Indian culture is offensive. If this rule passes, and no doubt it will, then I will have lost all faith in the Department of Health to be an unbiased agency that relies on evidence-based scientific data for advancing the public health of Washingtonians.
Nov 18 2017 8:37AM t is of the utmost importance that we allow an individual’s personal records to reflect what they identify as. We care about the WHOLE person. When we fully recognize, support, uplift, and accept individuals for who they are, we allow them to be the best versions of themselves. As a community we will ALL benefit from this.
Nov 18 2017 4:29PM I applaud you for this proposed rule change. We now know that gender and sexual anatomy are not always the same thing. Because of chromosomal differences, DNA differences and the reality of gene switches sometimes turning on, sometimes not turning on and sometimes only partially turning on, we know that sexual anatomy and gender may differ. Those who realize this at very young ages are saved significant psychological difficulties if they are allowed to be who they know themselves to be. Being assigned a certain sexual category at birth may be premature since much can be revealed later on. Who knew that male anatomy forms when a gene on the Y chromosome turns on? Yet, sometimes that gene is missing or doesn't turn on or only partially turns on. You can end up with a female appearing baby that has male chromosomes and a male brain. This creates a psychological hell for the child. Allowing a person to change their birth certificate affirms what is actually true. And for some, there is no identity with any gender. How on earth does it hurt society to allow a choice that reflects this? So, science is behind you 100%. I am proud to live in Washington. I am a trans man who knew from the age of 4 that I was not female, my assigned sex. Unfortunately, I was born in West Virginia, so my birth certificate will not reflect my true self. Thanks for your time and careful consideration.
Nov 18 2017 6:28PM I oppose the proposed WAC 246-940-075. First, I'm very concerned that this could hinder law enforcement by making it harder to search/query databases to find/identify suspects, that someone who is (or may in the future be) wanted for criminal or civil matters (eg child support or alimony) could easily add a hindrance to finding him/her. Similarly, employment background checks could be hindered. WAC 246-490-075 doesn't specify what info might be required by the state registrar, but at minimum it should include chromosomal evidence or evidence of a completed biological/surgical morphological transition. This ability to change their listed gender and the option to choose X should not be casually available, and the standards listed in 246-490-075 are too easy to meet by someone with a willing notary. There are gender-confused people, who may prefer an unconventional identity; but DOH does not have to recognize, let alone encode, every such whim or confusion, any more than someone could change their claimed height/weight/eyecolor, Social Security number, and other identifying characteristics, certainly not unless it is indelible and permanent.
Nov 18 2017 9:41PM I fully support this proposed change. Thank you for this carefully considered proposal. I am happy that the state of Washington is recognizing the needs of transgender, non-binary, and intersex people.
Nov 19 2017 7:51AM I support this measure with one caveat: Even for adults, there should be a corroborating statement of gender identity by a medically qualified professional.
Nov 19 2017 8:51AM I fully support this! This is a great opportunity for nonbinary to reflect who they are on their birth certificate!
Nov 19 2017 2:21PM Of course I support this change, as someone who understands that science actually reveals that there more than two genders, and as someone who supports trans and non-binary individuals. Anyone opposing this is merely hiding their hatred and bigotry behind their sudden interest in outdated biological concepts from the 90s. Conservatives only pretend to care about "science" when it suits their interests of oppressing everyone who is not white, cisginder, male, rich, and Christian. And they are wrong about the science AND the ethics.
Nov 19 2017 8:23PM I am in full support of this initiative. The state of Washington has a moral obligation to honor the gender identities of all of its residents. This would be a powerful step in that direction.
Nov 19 2017 9:38PM As a Christian pastor, I strongly support this proposal in changing sex designation on birth certificates. As we continue to discover more fully the nonbinary nature of gender, this proposal would be highly beneficial to many citizens of our state. It also takes steps to protect Washingtonians who travel to states with “bathroom bills” that discriminate against those whose outward gender expression does not match the designation on their birth certificate.
Nov 19 2017 11:39PM I fully support this proposed change.
Nov 20 2017 7:21AM I fully support this proposition to allow identities other than male and female to be recorded and marked on birth certificates. This is a wonderful action for Washington State law to be more inclusive and recognize the breadth of gender experiences and identities. In lieu of the general "X" signifier, would like to see write-in options, or options that more fully reflect lived identities. Over all, this is a significant and necessary change. Thank you, Washington State DOH!
Nov 20 2017 10:43AM I fully support this proposal.
Nov 20 2017 1:00PM
Nov 20 2017 1:39PM I believe that adding additional options on birth certificates. I look forward to my future children having more flexibility in their lives. Please change it.
Nov 20 2017 1:54PM As an agender individual, I fall well outside the gender binary. I am what's known as "masc-presenting," meaning I am frequently misgendered on a daily basis. Having the ability to change my birth certificate to accurately reflect my gender identity gives me a feeling of validation I've not felt for many years, and I see no reason this would do anything to harm the residents of the state of Washington. I am absolutely unequivocally 100% in support of this rule change.
Nov 20 2017 2:03PM Excellent! Please pass without modification :)
Nov 20 2017 2:06PM As a Christian I am, unfairly, accused often of being Anti-Science. However, I cannot think of a more appropriate designation for those who wish to suggest that there is anything more or less than two genders. Where is the science behind such a postulation; where is the data!? It is clear that this is being driven purely by those who have a cultural ax to grind. Worse yet, it is the most jaded in-compassionate response to those who have a dealing with a mental disorder which has created a disconnect between their mind and objective reality. Participation in a delusion is not compassion but malice. I fear if this measure is enshrinement into law it will serve only to silence the public dialogue by using the power and authority of the state to shut down those who don't embrace this new, imperialistic understanding of gender which is totally foreign to previous human societies throughout all of human history. Sincerely, Aaragon Markwell, Pastor First Baptist Church
Nov 20 2017 2:09PM I fully support this proposed rule change. People who do not identify as "female" or "male" need to be officially recognized. We need to abolish all stigma and discrimination against those who fall outside of the gender binary. Especially today, on this annual Trans Day of Remembrance, when we remember and mourn those who were murdered because of their gender identity in the past year, it is a reminder of how incredibly important it is to uphold the humanity of all people, no matter their gender identity. The more that we, as a society, can say "You matter. You belong. You are important," the less people who are non-binary will be harassed, assaulted and murdered. This proposed rule change does just that; it lends legitimacy to those people and recognizes their humanity. This is a step forward for Washington State and our society.
Nov 20 2017 2:10PM
Nov 20 2017 2:20PM
Nov 20 2017 2:26PM please do this. it will set a shining example for the rest of the country to follow in your significant strides toward gender equality
Nov 20 2017 2:29PM I fully support this proposal. Nobody knows a person's gender better than that person does. Adding a third "X" gender indicator is a good first step to take as our understanding of gender improves.
Nov 20 2017 2:40PM So much of an individual's life is subjugated to the arbitrary concept of male or female, which is in the first place based entirely on the reproductive organs they have --which are in their own right more than just one or the other. It's time for our government to recognize the striations of sex and gender.
Nov 20 2017 3:07PM The proposal would support trans people and would be a positive step forward for equality for LGBT people in Washington.
Nov 20 2017 3:35PM As a family physician in WA, I am in full support of this initiative as this will be a huge step forward in supporting our trans, GNC, intersex and non binary communities. Thank you!!!
Nov 20 2017 5:21PM I support this bill. As a lifetime resident of Kitsap County I believe we have a duty to our community members to recognize personally and legally what we know to be true, that there are more than two Genders and Gender identities.
Nov 20 2017 5:41PM Absolutely. Allowing an X will do nothing but improve the lives of folks who identify outside the binary gender system. Full steam ahead!
Nov 20 2017 7:21PM
Nov 20 2017 7:44PM This seems like a very confusing addition when used to identify a person. I'd hate to be in the medical field and have some confusion happen because the biological sex of a person was not completely clear.
Nov 20 2017 8:26PM
Nov 20 2017 8:51PM I support the proposal to allow individuals to change the sex listed on their birth certificate to X if they so choose.
Nov 20 2017 8:53PM Fully support another option beyond m/f!
Nov 20 2017 9:10PM I oppose WAC 246-490-075. Sex should appear on a birth certificate as determined at birth, according to the child's physical anatomy. Thank you.
Nov 20 2017 9:45PM
Nov 20 2017 10:50PM I do not agree with this proposed change.
Nov 20 2017 11:20PM I do not agree with this
Nov 20 2017 11:26PM I strongly oppose being able to change gender on birth certificate.
Nov 21 2017 2:36AM
Nov 21 2017 5:14AM I believe this would have a negative effect on who we are as a country. Scientifically speaking their are 2 genders and to allow people to change that would undermine the most basic education being taught around the world. I am most definitely against this.
Nov 21 2017 6:20AM
Nov 21 2017 6:31AM There should only be male or female choices on a birth certificate. You are born with either male parts or females parts. Which ever parts you are born with is what official sex you are. If you feel differently when you get older, than change your appearance. A parent should not decide that their genetically born daughter is really a boy, or vice versa.
Nov 21 2017 10:22AM Science shows every cell in our body as either XX or XY (with rare additions). Why argue with science?
Nov 21 2017 11:12AM
Nov 21 2017 11:31AM I am writing to you in support of Washington State's Birth Certificate Gender Change Rule Making Regulatory change. Sex designations and gender identity are an issue of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and should not be limited to “male” and “female” when those designations do not accurately represent 35% of all transgender people according to the 2015 US Transgender Survey. People should be allowed to attest to their own gender identity without confirmation from third parties. Many people do not have access to an understanding health care provider or notary public. DOH must ensure that everyone has the same access to accurate identification and the ability to elect a not specified or non-binary gender designation. The unique needs of incarcerated persons and foster youth should be taken into consideration. Self-attestation is the most accurate method of ensuring that the sex designation on a birth certificate matches the individual. This regulatory change represents a critical need for many non-binary and intersex people: as of right now, Washington birth certificates do not recognize the existence of people whose gender does not fit the traditional definitions of “male” and “female.” Thank you for recognizing that need and proposing this regulatory change. Again, I strongly support the adoption of a regulatory change to provide for a gender marker other than “male” or “female.”
Nov 21 2017 12:33PM I strongly support this rule that would allow folks to have documentation that supports their gender identity.
Nov 21 2017 12:33PM I strongly support this rule that would allow folks to have documentation that supports their gender identity.
Nov 21 2017 12:34PM I strongly support this rule that would allow folks to have documentation that supports their gender identity. Gender is a social construct, but the limitations and hassle around updating important personal documents like birth certificates has very real, significant impacts on already-marginalized groups.
Nov 21 2017 12:58PM Birth certificates are intended to convey factual, verifiable information. Sex is immutable and verifiable. A feeling is not and therefore has no place on a legal document. There is also the potential for problems with background and criminal background checks, and medical issues because of differences in treatments for male and female patients. It also begs the question of what else the state might be willing to overlook in the name of tolerance? What about race or nationality, eye color, height, age? Policies like this ensure that women lose. Indecent exposure is now legal in the state of Washington. Men are invading women’s bathrooms and locker room showers, shelters, prisons, and sports teams, taking prizes and scholarships. People should be free to identify as they wish, but those of us who prefer reality should not be forced into playing make-believe to placate those who don’t.
Nov 21 2017 1:28PM I absolutely support having an 'x' option or some other designation for those who don't identify as male or female.
Nov 21 2017 2:16PM Yes, I fully support this rule change.
Nov 21 2017 4:55PM People should be able to legally state what sex they identify with, even if that is no sex at all.
Nov 21 2017 5:55PM This would change legal record keeping and would have all kinds of negative issues related if it passed. Census’s information would all be skewed. Genealogical records would be all messed up. People can change their gender if they want to but please don’t mess with the record keeping necessary to keep our government (local and federal) running as they should. Thank you
Nov 21 2017 7:24PM I wholeheartedly agree with this. The option for X gender validates not only folk who don't fall into the gender binary, but also Native Americans who see more than 2 genders.
Nov 21 2017 7:47PM People often try to argue against accepting X-gendered folk by saying there are only male genitals and female genitals. This poses an important question; first of all, why do you care SO MUCH about the genitals of a complete stranger. It does not matter what they have in their pants. And second, for those "worried" about medical information, there will obviously still be records of whether you were born F or M. As a trans man taking testosterone injections, being listed as F on my ID causes more confusion than if it said M. The "two genders/two genitals" argument also completely trashes intersex people, those who are born with reproductive/sexual anatomy that doesn't fall into lines with "normal" genitals. This is a very real things, not pseudoscience, and throws the two genders argument right where it belongs; in the garbage. It proves there are more than two sexes, just like there are more than two genders. It is such a great and rare opportunity for X gendered folk to be actually listed as such, not forced to pick M or F, and to actually be seen as valid and real humans, rather than "confused kids". If something like this was available when I was younger, perhaps less of my friends would still be alive. As for the argument that parents would FORCE their underage kids to change their genders, that's just bullshit. Some people know they are transgender at a young age and want to present as so. Sometimes people don't know until they are well into their adulthood. A good and accepting parent would want to help their child express who they are, even if who they are might change down the road. If you don't identify as a gender different than what was assigned to you at birth, M/F or X, or have a child/friend/family member that does, then this is none of your business. It doesn't harm or affect you in any way. It has nothing to do with you and your "concern" for medical reasons or census data is just a thinly veiled excuse to spew your hatred and bigotry and transphobia. God loves all of his children, so why can't you as well?
Nov 21 2017 7:52PM I concur. It's almost 2018, grow up and accept that things change, even the legal definition of gender.
Nov 21 2017 8:48PM Adding an "X" designation would undo the driver's license as a factual statement and make it into a statement of the person's feelings about themselves. Every other identifier on the driver's license is a legal fact: DOB, name, height, weight. The sex should be also a statement of fact, not of identity. If people wanted to add a "gender" category for their identity, that would be less damaging than changing the "sex" category.
Nov 22 2017 12:35AM Humans are born biologically male or female. Their "Gender Identity" and even sexual preferences will develop later in life. Keep the birth certificate historically accurate.
Nov 22 2017 9:14AM I support WAC 246-490-075. Mother Nature does not always follow binary rules and this is true with determining ones sex. People who are intersex are challenged by the same limited terms that were used to describe race. We have become much more inclusive with the terminology a person can use to describe their ethnicity and multi-ethnicity. Now we need to give people their dignity when describing their sex and "X" allows for this and should be used to set a new standard in recognizing humans come in many diverse ways and all are to be loved and valued.
Nov 22 2017 10:41AM I fully support this proposed rule change. There is scientific proof that biological sex itself is often not clearly delineated into two categories. Beyond that, one's sense of gender is not directly tied to biological sex and there is strong consensus that there is a biological cause for the transgender/non-binary experience. This proposed rule change will allow transgender people to protect their personal and medical privacy and/or have their identity affirmed. Although you will undoubtedly see other comments here stating that this orientation represents mental illness, the American Psychological Society asserts that a transgender orientation does NOT indicate pathology or a "mental disorder". People who fall outside the gender binary have been recorded from antiquity to the present day (i.e., they have always been among us).
Nov 22 2017 10:51AM I oppose
Nov 22 2017 11:33AM I fully support giving non binary, gender queer, intersex and asexual people a way to officially identify themselves.
Nov 22 2017 12:03PM I oppose any change to Sex Designation on birth certificates.
Nov 22 2017 12:36PM I am strongly opposed to adding a third gender to the birth certificates. There are only two genders; People are born either Male or female. Even with the latest in science where children are born with genes from three parents they are still born male or female. It's simple science.
Nov 22 2017 1:26PM I Oppose. Every cell in the human body is programmed one way or the other. It's not a choice and to force the difference means a lifetime of chemicals to tell the body it's programming is wrong.
Nov 22 2017 1:28PM I do not support changing sex designation on a birth certificate. A birth certificate is a factual, legal document. People are either born male or female. Let's keep it simple. A birth certificate is NOT a declaration of opinion, preference, or life choices. It is a record of simple facts. It is not something that needs to be redefined whenever some new popular idea comes along. Keep it simple. We are each born either male or female. Keep birth certificates honest, unencumbered and dependable.
Nov 22 2017 2:22PM As a non-binary individual, I support this validation in my identity. This is just one step in a long process of expanding our collective definition of sex and gender in our society. Thank you for your support.
Nov 22 2017 2:42PM Let people define themselves. The government has more important things to do.
Nov 22 2017 2:51PM As the Co-Founder of a national bi-partisan coalition of women called Hands Across the Aisle, I am disappointed that none of the concerns we specifically raised early this fall as they relate to this measure have been even remotely addressed. I encourage those of you who may be on the fence here to consider them for yourselves. They are numerous and far reaching.
Nov 22 2017 3:03PM Disagree. Everyone is born male or female. This a birth certificate. They can identify when they are old enough but that has nothing to do with what they were born as. Who knows maybe someday I'll identify as a cat. Meow!
Nov 22 2017 3:16PM I oppose this 100%. You are born Male or Female and it needs to remain as such on birth certificates for statistical purposes. How you FEEL about who you are does not change the biological facts. Think about the future generations and what a mess this will be for them. The system as is has worked 100's of years until this "idea" that biological sex can be altered! It is more important to keep accurate documentation for a society as a whole than to change it for a selected few!
Nov 22 2017 3:49PM I oppose this rule. I understand that there are some who struggle with this issue, but I believe that this is something that can be changed once they are 18 or of an age where they can make an educated decision.
Nov 22 2017 4:02PM I have a child born in Washington state that would positively be affected by this change. This is a matter between a patient and physician and the law needs to coincide with the medical field. It is challenging to live in the wrong assigned gender, the law needs to not place roadblocks that can be extremely detrimental to people needing to change their identity documents.
Nov 22 2017 4:08PM I am concerned that making this change so rapidly without looking at all the possible complications and ramifications is unnecessary and will cause problems for the well being of the citizens in this state in the future. Birth certificates are for proof of biological birth and heritage. It states biological sex (not gender)at birth. It should not be a fluid document that can be changed in the future to meet the needs of a person years later. Perhaps an identity certificate could be made when a person reaches adulthood to better reflect who they are. Birth certificates are just that. They state what happened on what day at what time and includes parentage (when possible). To totally erase this document can help criminals hide, cause problems finding medical history, and lineage. I am against this new law. I believe it is a knee jerk, hasty decision to appease people with gender dysphoria, or help other people hide from the law, or enable people to take advantage of others by pretending to have gender dsyphoria. There is no way to determine whether a person with gender dysphoria, or a person intent on skirting the law and causing harm to society will request a Changing Sex Designation on a Birth Certificate. Until there is a solid system of determination whether a person suffers from gender dysphoria or is a pretender, or proof that only a person with gender dysphoria is requesting a new document, come up with a better solution. Exact time, height, weight on the certificate is not being changed, other statistics, such as biological sex should not be changed on a document years later to make someone happy at the expense of society.
Nov 22 2017 4:13PM I firmly believe that it should be easier to change the sex that you identify as not your biology.
Nov 22 2017 4:18PM Any designation of sex for human beings other than 'male' or 'female' is scientifically absurd. In trying to pretend otherwise, government is really going off the rails and putting its official stamp of approval on the delusions of people who need mental health treatment, not encouragement.
Nov 22 2017 6:21PM Oppose. The language we use to make sense of ourselves and the world is useless without clear distinctions and boundaries of meaning. Sex and gender are not the same and should not be conflated. Allowing official documents to be revised makes this distinction meaningless, a result which is not supported by any objective field of science, but which is the goal of some transitory political movements. If the medical professional involved discovers some ambiguity at birth, the responsible solution would be to allow for additional comment. If the child wishes to add to the comment after reaching adulthood, then a clear record can be maintained. Otherwise, there is no state interest in maintaining the record at all.
Nov 22 2017 7:07PM This is a dangerous and unnecessary proposition. Identifying as a different gender is completely different from choosing your sex on your birth certificate. Sex is determined by biology and science. It’s fact, not choice.
Nov 22 2017 7:23PM I completely oppose any other sex but male or female. One reason is that we are a xy xx species, so it completely defies science. In the animal kingdom, which we are a part of, there are males and females and that is all. In addition I believe God created us male and female, nothing more. These people are mentally ill and we should be talking about helping them, not playing into their delusions.
Nov 22 2017 7:30PM This is an easy one. This not only steps far over the line from an ethical and biological standpoint, but defies verifiable/documented evidence which has been recorded. When an individual is born there is a MEDICAL DECLARATION that an individual is born as a male or female. This of course is identified by observance of one's genitalia. In most cases this has already been identified via ultrasound imaging, however the official medical declaration of one's sex is recorded and documented at birth. In addition, what this does is undermine and spits in the face of those individuals that are ACTUALLY born with a congenital sex disorder such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, partial androgen insensitivity syndrome, klinefelter's syndrome, and other types of hermaphroditic disorders. THESE are the individuals that exist in our society that truly have a biological condition that they have to deal with head on. These individuals do not conjure up a sex based identity crises out of CONVENIENCE. Furthermore, to allow an individual to go back in time and alter a declarative medical event would set a dangerous precedent. Not only is this information used for statistics both medically and civically, it is part of an individuals permanent medical record(s). If this is allowed to take place, who is to say that an individual would not be allowed to go back and alter other medically documented and verifiable data. For example, someone says that they never were diagnosed with cancer or diabetes (when they in fact were) and want those diagnoses to be ALTERED and changed on their medical information possibly spanning many years. I see no difference from a medical documentative standpoint if someone wanted to do what I mentioned above if this travesty of a WAC is allowed to move forward. I could care less if someone wants to declare to the world that they are a male, female, a telephone, shoe, cat, or any other type of object...go knock yourself out. However, if your declaration involves going back into the varifiable medical record and altering/changing this information, you are trespassing ethical and (in my opinion) legal realms to which there is no return. SHAME ON THE LAWMAKERS of the state who are the source of this travesty!
Nov 22 2017 8:13PM I oppose 100%
Nov 22 2017 8:19PM I oppose this measure
Nov 22 2017 8:22PM I oppose this absolutely
Nov 22 2017 9:17PM I believe that trans folk should be able to get the proper gender designation that aligns with who they know themselves to be. I had difficulty getting mine changed from m to f. As trans people we are sure of who we are. In order to be who we are we have already had to make piece with possibly losing everyone we love, our place of residence, our jobs, our children... all for the sake of being who we really are. We've had to go through therapy, and get notes for our doctors saying we are serious about it, we've had to deal with bigots carding us left and right just to see what gender our id's say. Every single Washingtonian, and every American, should be recognized for who they are. Allowing non binary people and intersex folks to have id's that have gender designations that reflect who they know themselves to be is an important step to allow them the freedom to express, and be seen for who they are, and can help alleviate some of their dysphoria, if they have it, and will show the rest of the country and those here at home that Washington is an open, affirming, place to live and freely be who you are meant to be. That freedom exists here for EVERY Washingtonian. Not just for some. Don't let the bigoted folks foul up freedom for the rest of us with their outdated science, and arguments. There are over 40 different chromosome pairings meaning that at least 1 in 200 children are born intersex. Why shouldn't they be granted the right to have their gender designation reflect who they know themselves to be just because some people don't believe they exist or should exist. Please stand on the right side of history and show that Washington is a state that welcomes, and embraces ALL of its residents.
Nov 22 2017 9:22PM I oppose this. It should stay as male or female!
Nov 22 2017 11:22PM I oppose this proposed rule change. If this discussion is to take place, let it occur in the halls of our legislature, where our legislators can debate in broad daylight and be held accountable to their constituents.
Nov 22 2017 11:44PM Please do not implement this silly policy. Sex is a biological characteristic, not an identity. It is important that government ID cards be accurate and represent factual reality, not personal preferences. No one can change their birth date for instance, neither can they change their sex.
Nov 22 2017 11:48PM I fully stand against this ruling.
Nov 22 2017 11:48PM I strongly oppose this proposed rule change.
Nov 22 2017 11:57PM Opposed. It's time to stop the nonsense. Really. There are only two genders - male and female.
Nov 23 2017 4:16AM I support this initiative and applaud the state of Washington for recognizing the importance of transgendered and non binary individuals to fully transition, and that means changing documents to reflect that.
Nov 23 2017 4:22AM This is ridiculous. There are only male and female reproductive parts. A change like this will cause huge expenses for software upgrades and firmware in hardware devices that need to be rewritten. Plus what about other states' interface with our businesses? Will you also require them to upgrade their computer systems to be able to do business with WA just to accommodate this stupidity? Please put some rational thought into this decision and stop capitulating to radical elements of society.
Nov 23 2017 6:33AM In my opinion yiu are either born with Girl "parts" or Boy "parts" We do not need a 3rd gender. When will this stop? When people identify as an Alien? or a Cat????
Nov 23 2017 8:36AM I fully support the individuals right to change their sex designation on their birth certificate. We can't dictate or predict the gender of a person other than ourselves-science and reason will support this. Correct legal documentation will play an important part in reducing marginalisation and improving self worth in individuals whose lives are made difficult through no fault of their own. Thanks.
Nov 23 2017 8:43AM This is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen up for discussion in a long time! It's one thing if you want to give people the freedom of expression, but a baby does not have an expression of gender. Their parents do. Parents already have the right to determine the name of a baby on the birth certificate. A child's gender is nonnegotiable. The child's gender is not something a parent should be playing with. I am strongly against this proposal.
Nov 23 2017 8:47AM This truly opens Pandora's box. I foresee serious issues ahead for an innocent child when his/her genetic sexual identity is clouded. Frankly, this whole idea is preposterous,a huge mistake and could start a chain-reaction beyond belief. As an example, why should hunting regulations specify a certain time for "taking cow moose"? If animals are divided into two genders, why not humans? You're messing with the order of Nature and it's just plain wrong. They estimate 25,000 individuals currently identify as transgender in Washington State. The population of our state is currently estimated at OVER 7 MILLION! Transgenders are an incredible minority and there's no legitimate reason to make any changes to our current system.
Nov 23 2017 9:34AM I oppose WAC 246-490-075. Sex should appear on a birth certificate as determined at birth according to a person's physical anatomy. A person might choose to "identify" as something different, but we are born either male or female.
Nov 23 2017 10:35AM It is a scientific impossibility to have a third gender. Hence, birth certificates should only have male/female choices. DNA does not change, no matter what is done surgically or said verbally. Don't give in to the silliness that is pervading our nation. Leave birth certificates as they are in the name of sanity and accuracy.
Nov 23 2017 3:02PM There are only two sexes, male and female. It is impossible to change from one to the other, and there is no third option.
Nov 23 2017 3:05PM am totally agree with the concept check out this one also
Nov 23 2017 4:25PM I absolutely do not agree with this. This is ludicrous. There are only 2 genders. Male or female. I am ashamed were even discussing this.
Nov 23 2017 7:46PM
Nov 23 2017 7:54PM A birth certificate is a scientific document acknowledging a set of basic facts about a new arrival into society -- date, weight, gender, location. It is not an opportunity for self-expression or aspirational professions. The gender, as validated by a medical professional, is a chromosome-based fact and squarely in the realm of science. People should be no more able to change their observed gender than they can change their age, weight or location of birth. People have the freedom to express their affinity for attributes of masculinity or femininity in a host of other forums, and leaving the state document reflecting the identified gender does not take anything away from them.
Nov 23 2017 11:16PM I oppose changing sex designation on a birth certificate.
Nov 24 2017 7:37PM Opposed
Nov 24 2017 10:39PM Male or female. How you feel has no bearing on biological sex at birth.
Nov 24 2017 10:47PM No. This is a horrible idea. You cannot change the sex you were born with. This doesn't make any sense.
Nov 26 2017 1:00PM This is a very progressive law that will help so many transgender people, and so many non-bianary people! I believe this proposal would help so many people feel less dysphoric when presenting identity documents for work, for financial purposes, for legal reasons and much more.
Nov 26 2017 2:30PM This would harm women and girls. I'm a leftist lesbian student in WA state and a strong feminist who sees transgenderism as a human rights abuse by doctors and others. No one is transgender, gender is a hierarchy of stereotypes and sex determines if you are a man or a woman. The purpose of this change is to allow men and women to obscure the sex with which they were born, but "identifying" as the opposite sex does not actually change the sex with which you were born.
Nov 27 2017 10:45AM
Nov 27 2017 10:25PM I am opposed. The birth cetiticate is a legal document stating the biological sex you were born as based on the primary sex characteristics you were born with. If you choose a different gender for yourself later, it doesn’t change the circumstances of your biology at birth. Keep only 2 genders on the birth certificate and keep the integrity of the birth certificate in Washington state.
Nov 28 2017 2:18AM I fully support this measure, as a non-binary individual myself, as someone who has non-binary friends, and as someone who has known many transgender youths/minors. Though there will always be a backlash to new social norms, the recognition and affirmation of a person's gender, especially at an early age, has a visible effect on quality of life and self-realization. Furthermore, up until now, intersexed people in general have had little option for properly representing themselves. People will firmly state that humans are either men or women, but the truth of the matter is that, even if one ignores the concept of a "mental" non-binary gender, there are still people who have male and female secondary sexual characteristics, non-XX/XY DNA, and ambiguous genitalia. So far, these intersexed people (the ones who have not had unnecessary surgery forced upon then at birth) have only had the choice of selecting one of two incorrect sex designations. There is no reason for not having an X sex designation when a class of people who require it exist.
Nov 28 2017 9:36AM I support the inclusion of an "X" designation for sex. There is no reason for someone with ambiguous genitalia or other intersex individuals to be forced to pick one arbitrarily. This is an important step forward in supporting the rights of those with disabilities. Furthermore, I am in support of this being an available designation for non-binary individuals.
Nov 28 2017 10:44AM Thank you for adding a gender neutral option. This would affect many people that I know, providing a great benefit both in clerical matters and in their mental health and happiness.
Nov 28 2017 10:52AM Let birth certificates accurately reflect the person. It means more than you could imagine.
Nov 28 2017 11:00AM I strongly support this change. It is long past time we gave up the pretense that sex is somehow, unlike every other aspect biology, firmly defined binary categories.
Nov 28 2017 11:12AM I am fully in favor of the rule change to allow trans and non-binary people to select M, F, or X as the gender on their documents. Those who make the argument that there are genetically or biologically only two sexes are mistaken, according to actual geneticists and biologists. Genetics are far, far more complicated than a simple binary. There is no reason for legal documents to preserve the incorrectly oversimplified version of reality.
Nov 28 2017 11:22AM This is a timely rule change. I support it wholeheartedly.
Nov 28 2017 12:44PM I am in full support of this change. Transparency makes the process easier and more straightforward for the citizens who need to use it, and saves bureaucratic time in fielding requests for more information about the procedural details. In addition, I applaud the inclusion of "X" as a gender designation. Gender is a spectrum, not a binary, and this change acknowledges that; it acknowledges the existence, and rights, of those who self-identify as non-binary. This is a great step for our state, and aligns us with other states and countries who also acknowledge the wide range of their citizens and believe all should be treated fairly under the law.
Nov 28 2017 12:54PM Do you believe that a person’s feelings about their sexual identity has any effect on their DNA?    Physical health care decisions must be made from a scientific standpoint that takes into account the biological makeup of the person being treated.  Confusing the facts to placate someone’s feelings is a decision to provide misguided medical decisions and treatments.  Would you not agree?   Medical professionals who treat physical conditions of a patient need to know the DNA of a patient.  I suggest you create a new identifier, their chromosome (XX, XY, XXY, etc.), which would be filled in at birth and not subject to change. The traditional sex designation (male/female) would be recorded at birth as consistent with the baby's DNA (the presence of Y chromosome being the indicator of a male) but could be changed by the individual who is not an XX or XY baby when they became an adult. Just one example of why this is important: Placing female athletes at risk for injury from male competitors who say they feel like they are female is not only irresponsible, it opens a whole new world of litigation.
Nov 28 2017 3:28PM This is quite a complex issue, despite what many would like to believe. Most arguments I've seen against this ruling or others like it reference biological sex, rather than gender, and claim there are only two. But even biological sex is not a dichotomy. There are many other chromosomal realities besides XX (female) and XY (male), though those are typically considered defects, so that alone cannot be a decider of biological sex in a traditional two-option narrative. Even among those of typical chromosomal makeup, the biological expression in terms of reproductive organs is not a set binary either, but a spectrum. Therefor, a third designation would be appropriate, even if rare, for purposes of biological sex identification alone. However, as by and large governmental identification like Birth Certificates list only Sex, and not Gender, and many opponents like to use this fact to deny people who do not conform to the one identity that matches their biological sex equal rights under the law, the inclusion of an identity factor is important. Whether that is included as an option in the indication of biological sex or as a separate listing of Gender, it is time that we allow people to identify as who they are, and treat them as such, and not who the narrow-minded people of the world think they should be. Thank you for your time.
Nov 29 2017 7:53AM No, I absolutely do not concur. This ruling will help to codify gender social constructionism into law. This nonsense must be stopped NOW. I should not have to explain this. I should not have to explain what the whole world already knows: There are two sexes; there are two genders; they are, male and female. Period! 'X' is not, and has never been, an option. What exactly is 'X' supposed to represent? How one identifies is completely irrelevant to objective truth. By all means, if one wishes to 'identify' as a ham sandwich, then let him do so, I couldn't care less, although I would suggest he seek treatment, but to pass rules just to validate someone's subjective -- and more and more often, ideological -- delusion, in defiance of objective reality, is crossing the line and setting a dangerous precedent. Objective truth exists, 2+2 makes 4. No amount of 'identifying' changes this, anymore than it changes the truth of someone's sex. Should the DOH next consider adopting a ruling to allow people to identify as other species, perhaps even fictional ones, since birth certificates 'assume' one is born human? Why not add a check box for Klingon? I think we would all agree on the absurdity of such a proposition, a proposition that is no different than the DOH's proposed rule.
Nov 29 2017 3:57PM Hello. Thank you for considering adding a non-binary option for gender on Washington State birth certificates. As a student of epidemiology at the University of Washington, I have personally worked with birth certificate data to conduct a population-based study through the class EPI 514. Through this experience, I learned about the importance of birth certificate data for identifying associations between exposures and health outcomes. Birth certificates are an essential source of epidemiologic data, and results of analysis based on these data can be used to inform health promotion programs and other interventions to keep Washington residents healthy. Unfortunately, birth certificates do not accurately reflect gender. Not everyone identifies with one or the other gender. It is important from an epidemiologic standpoint to avoid misclassification of gender. Including a non-binary option will allow for the collection of crucial data on gender non-conforming individuals. Because wide-scale epidemiologic data about trans and gender non-conforming health is so sparse, this innovative rule change would create an important data source. The effects of this change could be long lasting. It's time to recognize all of our trans and gender non-conforming siblings, and to incorporate their experiences, perspectives, exposures, and health outcomes into our studies, and into public health practice. Thank you.
Nov 29 2017 7:39PM I support both the change from medical documentation to self-attestation for gender change, and the addition of an "X" option for nonbinary individuals or intersex individuals who would prefer that. Given our increased scientific understanding of the complexity of gender this is an appropriate improvement, as well as the option it provides to two-spirit or other third-gender individuals from outside traditional European-origin cultures.
Nov 30 2017 5:34AM This change just makes sense to me. If there are any people who want this option, then we stand to gain much and lose little by allowing our documentation to conform with the way they wish to live.
Nov 30 2017 2:57PM I would like to see a third option added to birth certificates for individuals to be able to accurately record their gender. Doing so will ensure further work towards inclusivity for all genders is occurring within our state. Additionally, I would like for this process to be an empowering one, meaning that individuals should be able to choose the gender option that most accurately reflects their person and not what a medical community has decided for them. Thus, I agree with the proposal that this selection should be able to occur without written documentation from a doctor.
Nov 30 2017 4:02PM Please do not mess with gender selections on birth certificate. It's either female or male determined by biological organs and genes when the baby's born, it's a biological recording. If the person later decides to change his/her body or identifies with a different gender, the birth certificate should be left untouched. Birth certificate records scientific and biological fact, it's not a mental choice and cannot be changed later because it's called 'birth' certificate showing the gender at birth. Whatever happens later in life can't be retro-changed back to birth certificate. If you would like to issue a different government ID To show the gender s/he identifies with, please create a new form of ID and call it something else but please leave birth certificate alone and keep it as a factual document. The change being proposed to be made does more confusion and harm than the merits it provides.
Nov 30 2017 6:51PM I am a non-binary trans person and I have already watched at least two other states start to allow for a legal third-gender option. I've watched with baited breath and jealous hope. It means so much that this is finally happening here in my state. Personally I would be so incredibly happy to be able to change my legal sex designation to X. I desperately want to do it across the board, but being able to change my birth certificate would be such an impactful start and would mean so much to people like me. Thank you.
Nov 30 2017 6:53PM I absolutely support the adoption of an 'X' gender designation for those individuals who are neither male or female. It would be make sense that if WAC 246-490-075 is adopted that the Washington DOL adopt the same 'X' designation for Drivers Licenses.
Nov 30 2017 7:34PM I absolutely support this measure. Any document of identification should match the individual as their identity is presented or understood by themselves and those who know them. Otherwise, we run the risk of maintaining incorrect or conflicting documentation. Any biological determinations made at the time of a person's birth have little to no bearing on this identity outside of cultural phenomena; most common uses of a birth certificate do not require this distinction of physical characteristics. The birth certificate is meant as a document of identification. Let us allow it to work towards this purpose in the most accurate and useful way possible.
Nov 30 2017 7:36PM I believe that this is a good step in the right direction. This would help many non-binary individuals be able to feel heard and validated in their experience of their gender and I for one cannot see any logical reason to oppose this.
Nov 30 2017 8:29PM I was born in Seattle, so though I don’t live in Washington State anymore, I have a deep interest in seeing this rulemaking approved. In Oregon, I am allowed to have a driver’s license which reflects my correct gender identity. If the proposed rulemaking is enacted, I will be taking action to have my Washington birth certificate corrected at the earliest opportunity. Religious objections, based on a Broze Age book written by persons without even a basic understanding of human biology or psychology, should not become the determining factor when it comes to a civil government giving due recognition to the right of self-determination. This rulemaking will change lives for the better, and in some cases, it may even save lives. Thank you for your kind and serious consideration.
Nov 30 2017 8:56PM Adding a third gender option is in the best interest of so many.
Dec 1 2017 7:26AM I support this fully. Being able to change my birth certificate to match myself will make my life vastly easier and happier.
Dec 1 2017 9:34AM
Dec 1 2017 11:12AM I support the Washington Dept. of Health adding Non-Binary Gender marker options on birth certificates.
Dec 1 2017 4:50PM I strongly support this proposed rule which will be responsive to the individuals in our community whose gender identification does not fit into our current binary system. Thank you for your consideration.
Dec 1 2017 4:50PM
Dec 1 2017 6:07PM People should have the right to express their gender identity. Seems like a basic right.
Dec 1 2017 9:11PM Designation on a Birth Certificate I am a WA State constituent and applaud our diverse State. This WAC will help struggling young adults find employment, housing and acceptance. Many Trans people have completed TransFormation and find it a challenge to apply and get hired. The missing link is the Birth Certificate. I 100% support this WAC . It recognises that all genders matter in Washington State. Thank you pressing ahead with this achievement of freedom, diversity and inclusion. Well Done! Regards, Joanie Shaw
Dec 2 2017 2:21PM However, I believe that individuals should have the option not to declare any gender identification at all and be able to leave that field empty. I do not believe that non-binary represents every person who does not identify as male or female properly and that many would prefer no gender descriptor at all, especially one that only raises questions such as "X".
Dec 2 2017 7:22PM I support this change. The addition of an "X" marker will mean a more accurate option available for the many intersexed and nonbinary people in our state.
Dec 3 2017 1:11AM I am writing to you in support of Washington State's Birth Certificate Gender Change Rule Making Regulatory change. Sex designations and gender identity are an issue of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and should not be limited to “male” and “female” when those designations do not accurately represent 35% of all transgender people according to the 2015 US Transgender Survey. People should be allowed to attest to their own gender identity without confirmation from third parties. Many people do not have access to an understanding health care provider or notary public. DOH must ensure that everyone has the same access to accurate identification and the ability to elect a not specified or non-binary gender designation. The unique needs of incarcerated persons and foster youth should be taken into consideration. Self-attestation is the most accurate method of ensuring that the sex designation on a birth certificate matches the individual. This regulatory change represents a critical need for many non-binary and intersex people: as of right now, Washington birth certificates do not recognize the existence of people whose gender does not fit the traditional definitions of “male” and “female.” Thank you for recognizing that need and proposing this regulatory change. I strongly support the adoption of a regulatory change to provide for a gender marker other than “male” or “female.” "
Dec 3 2017 11:21AM As the Father of a non-binary child (now an adult), I think this is a marvelous thing to do. As a tax payer wanting a more efficient government, this is a marvelous thing to do. Once the paper work is done, this will have great benefits to society, and to the individual. Gender is not a personal vanity project. The science is becoming more clear that simply male or female does not express the true range of gender. There are chromosomes, hormones, and other factors at work that are much more significant to gender than the physical genitalia at birth. This gives the individual a chance to correct that record. The government is responsible for making a important decisions and regulations that have direct impact on individuals and society at large. This includes healthcare, social services, driver license and all manner of demographic studies. All these things, and the any decisions that rely on any gender based demographic are flawed by incomplete data. To make good decisions to help society at large, you, the government, must know who we are. This will help.
Dec 3 2017 7:09PM No, I oppose. Birth certificate information should not be changed.
Dec 4 2017 6:29AM OPPOSED: I would urge the board NOT to pass resolution to change birth certificates according to gender identity. A certificate of birth has the purpose of recording the fact of sex at birth. A fact that will remain so, regardless of gender identity. To pass such a resolution would render the data unreliable and divorce it from any factual data.
Dec 4 2017 7:29AM I strongly support the new rule to make it easier for a person to change the gender listed on their birth certificate. This is an important step that Washington State is taking to ensure the rights, dignity, and safety of gender non-conforming people. Thank you for your leadership!
Dec 4 2017 10:08AM You are doing major disservice to the public of WA state denying physical reality and creating unnecessary hardship for general population as well as unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ money. The Department of Health works with others to protect and improve the health of all people in Washington State. We accomplish this by: • Leading changes in policies, systems and environments to prevent illness and injury • Promoting healthy families and communities • Encouraging healthy lifestyles. Let me remind you that these are the points for Health Department to serve public promoting healthy families and communities, also encouraging healthy lifestyle. Can someone in WA Health Department explain how is this proposed new gender creation aligned with its mission? Reality is not defined by feelings, it is defined by physical evidence. There are only two sexes male and female where gender is also aligned with person’s sex and physical evidence. Vital record can state only physical evidence, not person’s desire to express their feelings. If this change of vital record is enacted what would stop people to claim and change any other physical record reflecting physical evidence? It will effect many people in all major life aspects negatively. Any information based on vital records will not have any value for criminal justice, education, health care and so on.
Dec 4 2017 10:23AM I am vehemently opposed to adding a “third gender” because there is no such thing. Sexual preferences do not change your biological gender. The science is clear that there are only two genders in every species. This will only create confusion and further complicate legislation. It makes me ill to think how this could greatly effect the mental health and well being of our children and I do not believe this is the best we can do for helping trans and other members of our community.
Dec 4 2017 10:29AM I oppose strongly this proposal. Birth certificates are records of fact, of which sex is an important data point. Even if someone believes that gender is changeable or fluid, sex at birth is an objective fact that ought to be recorded as such.
Dec 4 2017 10:47AM I absolutely do not support this. The continued acceptance of gender fluidity in society is absolutely heartbreaking.
Dec 4 2017 11:24AM This goes against factual Science. Our DNA is either male or female. Anything that is different is rare and a mutation. Sex cannot be determined by "feeling." The very brain we think with is made of DNA that is either male or female. To put a third spot on the birth certificate is a false legal document. This is not about freedom of expression. This is pure fact. Go way a rainbow flag to express yourself, don't change fact into fiction.
Dec 4 2017 2:07PM There are only two genders by medical definition, male and female. Those who wish to self identify by some other means can be suffering from a mental disorder which is not a reason to change what has been established since man first walked on earth. There are not additional categories for the entire mammalian species, insect or bird; there are only two genders, period. A man who self identifies as a woman is still a man by all genetic markers, he does not grow a uterus and generate estrogen/progesterone on his own. He will never have breast or uterine cancer. The question is moot and should not be changed for a few people who wish to change established criterion of the world populous.
Dec 4 2017 3:13PM I object, to the amendment to WAC 246-490-075 Changing Sex Designation on a Birth Certificate on the grounds of this amendment as presented as discrimination. The "X" marker as used to assume that all people of many different diverse histories are not equally represented. The use of an "X" does not work for me, I am intersex, technically a tetra-chimeric true-hermaphrodite and female self identified and do not agree with Washington State recognizing that "X" is acceptable to represent me. I am an older Hermaphrodite, and share openly as such. If your are asking for honest opinions then here is one that everyone needs to understand. Intersex/hermaphroditism is about genetics, chromosomes, hormones, natural body variations that people are born with. Yet this policy change just lumps everyone together under an "X" marker. That is discrimination. Please amend this proposal, it has merit I understand but it is also extremely demeaning as I would prefer an "H"as a marker, or an "I" just so that when asked for ID and on records people would know what that actually means. Instead this legislature throws me into an "X" which will give many people the wrong idea of how I see myself and my place in society. I am a hermaphrodite, once upon a time in the beginning of intersex activism there was "Hermaphrodites with Attitude", and I agree with the Hermaphrodites with Attitude slogan. This amendment needs to recognize whom we are, and not assume that an alternative marker will work it be acceptable to those not specifically biologically male or biologically female. That X is offensive and blatant discrimination which is not legal in Washington State. By the way I was born female, at age 12 court ordered by parents, doctors female to make which I protested in court. I am not transgender, and even though I was raised and assigned male in my preteens, it does not change whom I am. I am female, a woman, not particularly cute but that is how I see myself, I also recognize and acknowledge my genetics, my medical history and life. Don't use only an "X". There are some people whom want that "X". However I am not one of them, I would want an "H" recognized, or an "I". Seriously there needs to be several options available, instead your lumping a lot of diverse issues under a category that I don't accept.
Dec 4 2017 3:17PM I oppose of this change. In future years, how can we have accurate historical data of the amount of men and women born in Washington State. A person should be able to chose whatever they want, but at birth, for statistical data purposes, it should be the same information that has been used throughout the past so that there is quantifiable data. This many men and this many women based on their chromosomes and physical characteristics. If we want to add another box that allows the parent to change the qualitative data - sure, add a box and call it Sex Preference or something. However, we should only give two options to select for Sex.
Dec 4 2017 3:26PM I oppose this change. The physical characteristics should be what the birth certificate matches. Male or Female. That is the way it has been done throughout history and the way it should be done now. I understand that some people do not identify as one way or another but I feel like this will cause a lot of mental health issues if a teenager is trying to identify themselves. I think its easier for a teenager to say "no i'm not a male, i identify as a female" then for them to say "I am a "x"..." and then try to categorize what that means to them. There are gender neutral clothes that can be worn if a parent does not want to categorize the child as either a girl or a boy, but on the birth certificate- it should stay the same Male or Female. At what point does this stop? This has been a thing since the beginning of time, why do we keep entertaining the ideas of those who are different because we do not want to offend them? You are born with a penis or a vagina, male or female, boy or girl - that does not change.
Dec 4 2017 3:58PM I fully support adding a third sex designation on birth certificates.
Dec 4 2017 4:28PM I absolutely support this change, it is a large improvement over the previous rules, and is a great thing for the many non-binary (et al) Washingtonians.
Dec 4 2017 4:32PM I fully support this update on a Birth Certificate. As the world learns to embrace what may have already been in existence for quite some time but there wasn't adequate language to bring it to light, so should our processes, policies and documentation. Implementing this update will show that all Citizens in the State of Washington are valued from birth until death.
Dec 4 2017 4:35PM Sex determination. A baby's sex is determined at the time of conception. When the baby is conceived, a chromosome from the sperm cell, either X or Y, fuses with the X chromosome in the egg cell, determining whether the baby will be female (XX) or male (XY)
Dec 4 2017 4:37PM Official government documents should not be affected by the same mental illness that is multiple genders. Unless you were physically born a hermaphrodite, you are either male or female, determined by your genitalia. It’s already difficult enough to understand the bureaucratic red tape without adding in extra genders. Regardless of your sex change operation and your hormone therapy, your blood analysis still says you are the same thing you were at birth.
Dec 4 2017 4:42PM Stick with the science, this is ridiculous!!!
Dec 4 2017 4:59PM I do not support this. We are born either male or female, just because someone who was born male says they identify as a female does not make it so... And what is "X"? What will that designation mean for someone serving in the military, or competing (unfairly) in sports... There is a lot wrong with trying to legislate emotions. and "gender identity" is an emotion based issue.
Dec 4 2017 4:59PM I do not support this measure. Gender is not fluid. It can’t be changed. This measure should not be enacted into law.
Dec 4 2017 5:09PM Severely ashamed of my state for considering adopting the mental illness called liberal agenda! Absolutely ludicrous. You do not get to decide what gender or sex you are based on feelings, it is based on science. It doesn't matter if you try to be the other sex, including surgery. Your dna will always show the factual gender. One can choose to "identify" as a different sex, but you're born with what your born with. Don't bow down to the "transgender agenda". Downright sickening what they are trying to turn our state into. You are born male or female, it is not a choice! If this twisted idea passes, it will be the final straw for me and my family in WA state.
Dec 4 2017 5:24PM No, we are humans born as a designated gender. This is not to be messed with. It’s sad that a person would want to be someone or something other than the way they were born, thus saying Our mighty God messed up. I believe one has a mental health issue and that the state doesn’t need to further the confusion that already exsist’s. This issue shouldn’t even be up for question. Thank you Robert Brenneman
Dec 4 2017 5:34PM This is an absurd idea and shouldnt even be a topic up for debate. There are only 2 genders and people are whatever they were born as, plain and simple! If you were born with a penis you are a MALE if you are born with avagine ypu are a FEMALE.
Dec 4 2017 5:50PM This rule change needs to happen to help Transgender people live a more open, full, and positive life. They deserve the same respect, recognition, and protection that the rest if society enjoy.
Dec 4 2017 6:02PM I have recently relocated to Maryland, but because I lived in Washington for five years, and know several people in Washington for whom this new proposal could be life changing, I feel compelled to write strongly in support. Many people realize early on in life (some as soon as 5 or 6 years old) that they were misgendered or assigned the wrong gender at birth, or that they simply do not fit into the binary gender construct. There are also a good number of babies born intersex or hermaphroditic. I fully support the addition of a gender identifier on birth certificates so that intersex/hermaphroditic persons may be identified as such, and so that persons wishing to have new birth certificates issued which designate their correct gender may do so. It has been proven that gender dysphoria and being forced to present as a gender at odds with one's identity are leading causes of depression and suicide for trans* and nonbinary people, and being able to carry a legal document stating one's correct gender can go a long way towards improving mental and emotional health in this under-represented and under-served community.
Dec 4 2017 6:09PM I strongly oppose this proposed law. God created us male & female; to attempt to change that is to argue with our Maker.
Dec 4 2017 6:18PM I fully support every persons right to be who they feel they are and not be judged but I’m not sure why anyone thinks they need a new gender? If a man decides to become or live the life of a woman, isn’t that man identifying as a woman, that’s a gender right there. And if a woman decides to become or live the life of a man, isn’t that woman identifying as a Man? Any way you change, there is only Male or Female, that’s all there is on this planet.
Dec 4 2017 6:35PM I absolutely do NOT support adding a third gender neutral option for sex designation on a birth certificate. There are two biological genders - male and female.
Dec 4 2017 6:38PM I strongly oppose to this. Our DNA tells us what we are. You people are acting like a God you aren't. If I tell you I want to be a recognized like a frog or I don't like my heritage are you going to make a special X for me. SICK.
Dec 4 2017 7:04PM No. Unless a person is born with a penis AND a vagina then they are boy or girl. You don't get to choose what you are. To assume your the other is a mental issue not a physical one. Parents should not get to deside their children's gender.
Dec 4 2017 7:19PM I do not support this bill. At birth you are either male or female, and if I remember correctly babies can not talk so how are they to convey their gender of choice. Penis=Male Vagina=Female the only exception to this is when a baby is born with both genitals then and only then should a different classification be used.
Dec 4 2017 7:26PM This goes beyond saying what your sex is. This ruling would affect records from county to federal. Public records would then have 'alias' as female or male with the same name, which will affect future employment on background checks, loans with banks and any other legal documents. What will be next? Laws should not be passing changing actual truthful birth records, which that is exactly what it is - you were born a certain sex, not an X. When considering who did a crime; is an officer going to say 'oh this is a female, not the individual we are looking for' when in deed they are the person, but now a male. This ruling would have deeper and lifelong troubles even for the individual that wants to do this, but more importantly it will affect financially somewhere when the documentation states it will not. As forms needs to be changed, systems like the background checks state, county and federal. I do not support this WAC 246-940-075.
Dec 4 2017 7:34PM No.
Dec 4 2017 8:05PM I completely support this non-binary option for birth certificates. As a physician who cares for many patients born with differences of sex development, also known as intersex conditions, it is very important that there is an option other than male and female for individuals who do not identify strictly as either. My patients have differences in genetic sex (i.e. instead of 46XX (typical female genetic sex) or 46XY karyotype (typical male genetic sex), they may have 45 X, 45X/46XY, 47XXY, etc. They may have differences in biological sex where they are unable to produce enough hormones or produce too much hormone to develop typical external genitalia or internal genitalia. Additionally, due to hormones not being made typically, they may be unable to produce hormones to go through puberty spontaneously. They may have differences in gonadal sex, meaning that they don't have ovaries or testes, but may have gonads with both ovarian and testicular tissue, or may have gonads that do not function at all. Finally, they may have had complex conditions where the internal or external genital organs stopped developing prematurely, and a uterus, or vagina, or penis may not have formed. Finally, any of these conditions can also exist on a spectrum, so there are many with subtle versions of these conditions who may not realize that they are affected because their genitals appear close to the typical appearance. This is to emphasize that there are not merely two anatomic, biologic, or genetic definitions of sex, and that male OR female gender likewise does not represent the full spectrum of human identity. None of these conditions will determine exactly how my patients will identify as they grow older and can speak for themselves. I believe that having a non binary option will give my patients an option that they would feel more comfortable with. Additionally, allowing this option and improving education and awareness about the differences in sex development in Washington state will improve knowledge of natural human variation, as well as decrease misunderstanding and stigma associated with these conditions.
Dec 4 2017 8:52PM Oppose because a birth certificate reflects what you are at birth not what you may or may not want to try and change to later in life. This is a binary choice male or female. Even in chromosomal abnormalities it is a mutation of male or female chromosome not some "X" chromosome. If Bruce Jenner, in his current configuration, was to get lost in the woods and die and he was not found until all that was left was his skeleton, forensics would use science to determine that the skeleton belonged to a male. In fact most people with just a little knowledge of human anatomy could determine the skeleton belonged to a male just by looking at the pelvic bone. The costs and ramifications of doing this is far beyond what the proposers say it will be.
Dec 4 2017 8:58PM I wholeheartedly support this measure and I'm very pleased that Washington is considering this legislation. The Significant Rule Analysis points out myriad reasons why this is important and necessary, and rightly notes that "The department expects the proposed rule will address many obstacles of daily living and potentially reduce the risk of harm that gender diverse people face every day."
Dec 4 2017 9:15PM I would love for there to be a third, non-binary option for people to choose from. Considering, scientifically, that there are myriad instances where the "binary" of XX and XY sex classification is demonstrably false (for hormonal, anatomical, and both hormonal and anatomical reasons), how can we possibly state unequivocally that gender exists solely as a binary? Giving everyone the ability to feel validated in their gender expression takes nothing away from those who are comfortable with their cisgender designation but can be life-affirming for non-binary or trans* individuals.
Dec 4 2017 9:26PM Please add a gender neutral option.
Dec 4 2017 9:45PM I respectfully request that this rule be declined. Science is settled. There are 2 chromosomes, and only 2 sexes. The ability to call yourself something other than male or female requires a denial of settled science.
Dec 4 2017 9:48PM Gender is a superficial idea to immediately restrict, harass, divide and oppress certain humans from birth. Classifying an individual from fresh out the womb in order to push a peculiar set of ideals, morals, and (double) standards before the human has a the consciousness to adequately decide for themselves. All birth certificates should be marked X til 18.
Dec 4 2017 10:00PM I see no reason for gender to be on a birth certificate. Gender is biological and can not be changed. People have the right to pretend whatever. But it is just that... Pretend!
Dec 4 2017 10:17PM Biologically there are only two sexes. A birth certificate indicates what sex you are. Gender and sex are two different things. Sex is whether you have XX female or XY male chromosomes just like other species. For many reasons it is very important to know what biological sex you are. I am in full support of identifying however you may please, and using your chosen pronouns and gender. We are all different individuals among one species.
Dec 4 2017 10:28PM I'm against this change to a birth certificate. There are only two genders that correspond to biological sex of a person. This proposed change contradicts basic biology and cannot be based on feelings or someone's distorting reality desire to express themselves. If the birth certificate is based on the untrue statement and is not rooted in scientific fact, then it will lose its validity.
Dec 4 2017 10:30PM A birth certificate is for identification. The pertinent details need to be included or the document should be discarded. How will the police describe a missing person especially a child or a suspect in a crime? How will this affect passports or driver's license or citizenship? We are what we are, if someone surgically changes their sex, they can then petition for change as we do with name changes. Gender is part of identity and needs to remain so.
Dec 4 2017 10:30PM I identify as nonbinary and want to change my gender in legal records including my birth certificate, but would feel uncomfortable changing it male. Nonbinary genders should be recognized legally as valid, but also the need to identify oneself as either male or female should not have any consequences or be relevant in most cases, since it only furthers sexism and allows for discrimination.
Dec 4 2017 10:41PM There are 2 scientifically discerned and supportable, verifiable genders. There are no more. To pretend that there are poses a danger to our children and coming generations of American society in that they are being raised with confusing and ridiculous notions about gender fluidity. It doesn't exist outside of extremely limited examples psychological illness.
Dec 4 2017 10:49PM I completely oppose WAC 246-490-075. Sex should appear on a birth certificate as determined at birth according to a person's physical anatom and chromosomes. A person might choose to "identify" as something different later in life, but we are born either male or female. Not As a X.
Dec 4 2017 10:57PM I strongly disagree with providing gender options other than male and female.
Dec 4 2017 11:10PM Absolutely not. People can say they are different things throughout their life...Identifying themselves as whatever, however, God made us as we are and nothing can change that. It certainly should not be on a legal document of any kind.
Dec 4 2017 11:27PM I cannot support this measure and I urge its dismissal by all who are in involved. The perceived needs of a small minority community are causing us to abandon all logic. Science, biology and accurate, dispassionate record keeping are all necessary aspects of a reasonable society and government. This matters. Stay out of the theories of therapy sessions and LBGTQXYZ think tanks, and govern this state properly. If we are going to begin to validate the inner dramas of every confused person in Washington State with new legislation and special preferences, we are going to need a far greater tax revenue then is currently contributed. Are we going to allow deranged parents to assign a non-binary sex to their newborn son? To change it while the child is still growing? Where is the morality of the government? We need to protect the mental health and cultural stability of future generations. Children aren’t puppets or projects and we owe them safe, moral laws.
Dec 4 2017 11:51PM I am strongly in favor of adding a third gender option to birth certificates (and really any proposal that would open up the possibility of additional gender options on government issued paperwork). A large number of babies are both intersex or with hermaphroditic traits, and the adherence to a binary gender system puts a huge social pressure on parents and medical professionals to choose a gender for the child before it can express its own identity. These children should be allowed to grow and discover who they are, instead of being forced into a false identity that may lead them into a life of dysphoria and confusion. This kind of increased accuracy would help destigmatize the nonbinary individhals among us, and help them embrace their true identities earlier.
Dec 5 2017 12:00AM I believe that the ability to change your sex designation should be left up to the individual involved. I support this motion.
Dec 5 2017 12:17AM There is only 2 biological sexes, you're one or the other. You can't change your dna.
Dec 5 2017 12:18AM The individual, not the state, should designate gender.
Dec 5 2017 12:23AM I do not agree with this at all. You are either born M or F.
Dec 5 2017 1:59AM I submitted comments on the preproposal draft, but I want to reiterate my statements here and also add new comments. I have been watching this legislation carefully because I, as someone born in the state of Washington, would be eager to amend my birth certificate with an X sex designation if given the chance. My reservation with this proposed rule is that it only allows for one to add an X designation to a certificate after birth. Intersex individuals born in Washington would be much less likely to suffer grievous injuries to their bodily autonomy through nonconsensual genital modification at birth if the state were to allow X sex designations at birth for visibly intersex infants. I also take issue with the definition of "X" including transgender, female-to-male, and male-to-female as "gender[s] that [are] not exclusively male or female." I understand that trans men and women can still change their documents to list M or F under the new rule, but I am not keen on official state documents listing these genders as nonbinary when they are not. Overall, however, I am happy about the new rules being proposed, and I support this legislation being passed and adopted. I hope my comments will be taken into consideration for this or future legislation concerning transgender, nonbinary, and intersex individuals.
Dec 5 2017 2:08AM Please do not do this. It is already possible the change the sex marker. Transitioning is a serious decision that shouldn't be made lightly and we should not encourage individuals to rush through it, I know this from personal experience. Gatekeepers are there for a reason. We must protect people from being used as guinea pigs for experimental medical therapies completely untested over the long term. Someone who lacks the patience and processing skills to wait for the current period is possibly not mentally or emotionally stable enough to make monumental life decisions, and transition is absolutely not a wonder cure for mental imbalance.
Dec 5 2017 3:06AM I strongly object to modifying the birth certificate to including alternate genders. Legally recognizing genders outside M and F will comprise the integrity of government documentation, as biologically one can only be M or F. Social pressure should not sway biological reality.
Dec 5 2017 4:48AM Enacting this law would create confusion for identifying a person.
Dec 5 2017 5:04AM I disagree with having more than just male and female options on a birth certificate. Thank you for allowing me to give my input!
Dec 5 2017 5:12AM I strongly disagree with adding a 3rd gender identifier. It is male and female....not what I identify with unless you are a hermaphrodite. Then add that gender identifier to the birth certificate.
Dec 5 2017 6:06AM Please, please, please, stop aiding confused people. Gender is not something that can be chosen. Each one of us is a work of art, beautifully designed, created in the womb, as male or female.
Dec 5 2017 6:06AM NO! Humans do not have the right to change the genders God creates. Guys thinking they are girls is more of a mental health issue than a legal one. Stay out of the mess.
Dec 5 2017 6:07AM Please, please, please, stop aiding confused people. Gender is not something that can be chosen. Each one of us is a work of art, beautifully designed, created in the womb, as male or female.
Dec 5 2017 6:16AM I am very much against making gender X available on birth certificates as that is not being scientifically and biologically correct. Our law enforcement needs to be able to positively identify all individuals.
Dec 5 2017 6:20AM I oppose this rule change. Please keep the birth certificate as it is intended: a document issued at birth, designating the biological sex a person was born with. Please do not mess with facts.
Dec 5 2017 6:37AM Male and female should remain the only options.
Dec 5 2017 6:39AM When we are born, we are born as a boy or a girl and should be identified as such on our birth records. It is critical for us to identify people by gender while conducting every day business
Dec 5 2017 6:44AM That this is being considered shows just how poor the science education is in this country. The biological fact of two genders in human beings is so well attested by the data as to render the suggestion of more than two genders laughable if it weren't just so darned pathetic. It is completely idiotic for the state to endorse such lunacy. Let the crazies out there "self identify" however they like; as "gender X", as self-proclaimed 6-year-olds, cats, crystal shamans, whatever; the state should be in the business of identifying people on formal documents using scientifically correct descriptors.
Dec 5 2017 6:45AM Biological sex is binary in almost 100% of animals, including humans. Birth certificates are a scientific, factual representation of the birth. It should NOT be used for individuals who may feel or believe they are another gender. If a person goes through will all the surgery that in almost all ways makes the person physiologically the other sex, then maybe a supplemental certificate could be issued on that data; however, the original birth certificate, documenting facts at the time of birth, would obviously remained unchanged.
Dec 5 2017 6:50AM Opposed 100%. I do not understand the purpose of changing a BIRTH record. If the individual wants to be gender neutral later in life, so be it - but it should never, ever lead to a birth certificate being altered. Period.
Dec 5 2017 6:56AM I oppose this rule creation. Male and female are sufficient choices. Chromosomes decide gender not feelings.
Dec 5 2017 7:04AM I fully support this measure. One of my two beautiful children is intersex. When they were in the womb the genetic testing came back as xy male, but my child expressed as female. The y chromosome did not turn on hormones in utero, so where a "penis" would have developed a "vagina" remained. There are many variations on human gender development in the womb, many intersex individuals are on a spectrum of gender ambiguity. Please consult the professionals at Seattle Childrens Hospital, differences of sexual development clinic. Many progressive intellectual countries have this option already, ie, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Canada etc.
Dec 5 2017 7:04AM I support the proposal
Dec 5 2017 7:17AM A person cannot change their physical sex just because they want to. A person is stuck with what they are born with. Changing on a birth cert does not change sex.
Dec 5 2017 7:29AM At time of birth, nobody, not the parent, doctor or infant, knows if said infant will be TG, or LBGTQ in the future. There is no science to support future sexual/gender identity at birth. Therefore, the birth certificate should remain the anchor of what the child was observed to be at birth, ie, male or female. There are rare occurrences of hermaphroditism observed at birth, which should not be conflated with what the future sexual identity of the person may be. If, in the future, a person decides to not live as either male or female, then there could be a registry at the Health Department to let them register as such, but would not change the original document.
Dec 5 2017 7:31AM I support the addition of a gender neutral designation to WA birth certificates. We must show our support all people and not allow fear of the unknown to be the determining factor.
Dec 5 2017 7:32AM OPPOSE. 1) It is outside of the department's statutory authority to make this change. 2) Vital statistics. "Sex" is a vital statistic, but gender is not. How will the state ever be able to accurately record this information which is used for many legitimate reasons? 3) With rare exceptions, every person is born either male or female according to their reproductive organs. Take a look at it from a scientific viewpoint. You're either XX or XY. Should someone choose to identify as something different later in life, that is up to them. However, at birth - when they have no say, they should be identified as either male or female.
Dec 5 2017 7:33AM Science dictates that we are born either male or female. You have no business adding a “new” gender option because there is only two.
Dec 5 2017 7:34AM A birth certificate is a legal document reflecting the facts of an individual's birth history. It is not and should not be a changeable document to reflect an individuals perception or feelings about themselves. Its not a social or politics document. I am extremely opposed to this idea
Dec 5 2017 7:37AM The birth certificate should designate physical sex, male or female.
Dec 5 2017 7:37AM The birth certificate should designate physical sex, male or female.
Dec 5 2017 7:42AM This is a complete disgrace and a waste of everyone’s time and money! God made man and God made woman. It is not up to us to decide which gender we want to be. This is going too far. It’s one thing to have to listen to all of this in the news and having it constantly shoved in our faces but this completely crossed the line.
Dec 5 2017 7:43AM I am writing as a non binary individual who is unequivocally opposed to this proposed change. Legal recognition is dangerous without any legal protection to back it up. You’re creating a legal label for a minority group that will out them as an “other” to society. We currently have one of the most violently anti-LGBT politicians in the white house right now, you might as well be giving Mike Pence a menu of potential victims. This measure will also out individuals in situations they may not want to be out in. You might as well put an embroidered red Q on my chest so everyone can know I’m a gender weirdo. Reading a lot of the online comments submitted for this issue being discussed today makes it clear that the general public does not hold non binary or trans people in great esteem. Passing this rule change will put me in a position where I have to choose to either continue to be misgendered, or to have my identity recognized and be more easily discriminated against because of it. Those are both bad options. Furthermore, this proposed rule change doesn’t address the issue that the moment a child exits the womb, and now often even before then, a baby - incapable at that moment of thinking for itself, with no concept of gender- gets a big “Male” or “Female” label slapped onto it based on a measurement of their genitalia. That label determines how we’re treated, how we’re socialized, how we’re expected to act, how we’re expected to dress. The expectations of gender are so damaging that if affects the brain development of children. Making it so that someone can change their gender marker to reflect their gender doesn’t undo the damage of having a gender marker forced upon them in the first place. I should not have to go out of my way and have to PAY MONEY to change an archaic definition forced on me without my consent as an infant. I implore you, why do we even have a gender marker? What purpose does it serve but to discriminate? If you truly want to help non binary and trans people the best thing you can do for us is to get rid of the legal gender marker altogether
Dec 5 2017 7:46AM I oppose this anti-science initiative. Contrary to some of the other comments, there has been no evolution in gender. The human race is divided in two parts, those who are designed to get pregnant, and those designed to impregnate. It would be pure folly for the state of Washington to ignore this obvious truth and officially claim that they had discovered another category. The scientific evidence is overwhelming -- there is no 3rd distinction. Don't ignore truth
Dec 5 2017 7:49AM As much as I'm sure the state of Washington would like to jump on the bandwagon, there is no common sense in all of this gender confusion. The writings of the former head of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, who used to--I say "used to" buy into all of this current nonsense, are totally ignored. And in ignoring the fact that gender dysphoria is a psychiatric disorder, it is being pushed as a POLITICAL agenda, no doubt. Also, by ignoring real facts, people are being denied real help and treatment, and confused young people are literally being pushed into lifestyles not really of their choosing. There have always been and will always be two genders obvious at birth, with rare exception. I really hate to see the state of Washington further contribute to this insanity.
Dec 5 2017 7:54AM Oppose, there are 2 sexes period.
Dec 5 2017 7:55AM I oppose this. Who we are is determined at birth.
Dec 5 2017 8:00AM My husband and me completely oppose this!!!! God made MALE and FEMALE!!
Dec 5 2017 8:05AM There isn't any science to support the need for this type of change. Gender is a DNA issue not a choice. It should not be determined by doctors or parents. It is determined by science/biology at birth.
Dec 5 2017 8:28AM Gender is a biological fact, both physically and in human DNA. A person who "identifies" differently is one thing which perhaps could be debated forever. How a person "identifies" may change over time due to many factors... How we "feel" or think doesn't change facts. Allowing someone to change their birth certificate is not the same as allowing someone to live according to how they feel. If a person changes a fact based on how they feel, where will it ever end. What if they claim to feel like a dog? What if they feel like a plant? We would not stop them from acting like a plant or a dog, but certainly it would be silly to allow them to change a legal document identifying the fact that they are indeed (or at least were born) human. I am opposed to this proposal because it changes reality based on feeling, which in my view is not a thing that government at any level should be doing.
Dec 5 2017 8:40AM There are only 2 sexes, Male and Female. To put anything other on the birth certificate or anywhere else is wrong. I am a Christian woman and this goes against everything the Bible says. It is time the Christian community stands up and lets their voice be heard. No to this.
Dec 5 2017 8:42AM I fully support this proposal. If you look at demographic facts there are individuals that do not fit neatly into M or F boxes. These may include intersex, non-binary and transgender communities and citizens. Allowing a third gender designation would give these folks better access to documentation that represents their identities more genuinely.
Dec 5 2017 8:44AM One can not change your sex. The gender identity rights overrule Women's rights.
Dec 5 2017 8:48AM This is absolutely silly, there are men and women. It's a birth certificate, it's from when you were born, not when you get older and end up having mental issues. Catering to people with mental issues and them whatever they want isn't making the world better. How much is this going to cost us to make a few people feel better?
Dec 5 2017 8:57AM I am against this because it goes against all gender identity from the beginning of time. This is someone’s belief and not truth! Each persons DNA proves their gender. This rule would add more problems of confusion that this government has already caused.
Dec 5 2017 8:58AM There is no biological/scientific way to get beyond the fact (not feeling) that we are born either with a pair of XX chromosomes, or XY chromosomes. Granted there are genetic mutations/abnormalities but they don't change the fact that there are only 2 options. Male (XY) or female (XX). Feelings do not trump facts!!
Dec 5 2017 8:59AM I support adding a third, non-binary "X" designation to the State of WA birth certificate. Thank you. Susan Vossler
Dec 5 2017 9:06AM I am opposed to the government creation and subsequent designation of any gender outside that of the scientifically proven male and female biological genders.
Dec 5 2017 9:11AM Absolutely not! A disgrace to our human race and what our Heavenly Father created. We are born male or female and it is not our choice, it is our Heavenly Father's choice. How confusing to think that we can decide our own gender. What a disgrace that we are allowed to change our physical gender through medical means. Our world is going the way that the Bible predicted...allowing these things is's just bringing us one step closer to our Heavenly Father sending His son Jesus Christ back for us! The second coming! These choices to change gender are not OKAY. These choices are against everything our Heavenly Father has taught us. For all who believe that it should be accepted, I pray that God will place the truth in your heart and in your mind. I pray that you will feel God's condemnation to seek His truth, not what the world says is truth.
Dec 5 2017 9:14AM No no no!!!!! We are either male or female! So very very wrong. when born the Doctor looks and says what he sees baby boy or baby girl.
Dec 5 2017 9:15AM I am completely amazed as to how the 4% of Americans that identify themselves as L, G, B, or T population are so powerfully represented in our National politics. Yet, here again, we are witness to a new Law providing them with obscurity under the guise of Non-Discrimination. I personally do not care what gender anyone over the age of 18 chooses. I do care about the protection and rights of anyone under 18. This proposal needs to be amended with the caveat that is already an excepted rule of the abortion laws, that once that child hits the table the State protects his/hers Constitutional Inalienable Rights to be raised and taught according to the natural and gender specific rules of either Male or Female. That it should be considered a form of Child Abuse for that parent or parents to force or promote one choice as opposed to the other.
Dec 5 2017 9:17AM Im also completely and totally opposed to any gender type other than male and female. This comment below is spot on. to make such a change defies any form of logic. it could in fact cause problems far in excess of any benefits to any individual. theres no gender type " X" on a concealed pistol license, passport, or any other travel documents. even a wa drivers license needs to be marked with male or female. police and prison records will not accept a gender type X. humans, mice rats, rabbits and fish have only two genders. even after the plastic surgery of a sex change. geneticly there are only two genders. any man, or woman who has a sex change operation is doing nothing more than having plastic surgery. generation type X does nothing more than taking political correctness to a stupid level. adding gender type X to a birth certificate is a stupid idea that cant be allowed, without first defining what a gender type X is. the proposed rule has no such language.
Dec 5 2017 9:21AM As the parent of 5, I say that the sex of a child should not be "changed" on a birth certificate in order to reflect what the parents wish their child was. The birth sex identification should be based on their biology:either male or female. If a child feels they are not their biological sex, they should be given the opportunity, free of charge, to change their birth certificate when they reach the age of 18. There is nothing inherently wrong with either a male or female designation at birth.
Dec 5 2017 9:26AM you are either a boy or girl at birth. anything other is just a fallacy. they can change that later as already in law
Dec 5 2017 9:28AM I oppose WAC 246-490-075. DO NOT ALLOW the changing of a sex designation on a birth certificate. thank you.
Dec 5 2017 9:33AM I strongly disagree with this proposal. Gender identity at birth is either male or female. Super easy. Let's keep it that way!
Dec 5 2017 9:33AM I applaud this action as a recognition and support of individuals who do not identify at either end of the gender spectrum. Having the ability to change legal documents to reflect an individual’s personal identification can be a vital step toward supporting freedom of expression in a functional and institutionalized way. Though living into an authentic, non-conforming gender identification can be extremely challenging in many social aspects, it is often uniquely frustrating and heartbreaking when dealing with such issues in the context of legal documentation. This legislation will provide supportive ways for gender non-conforming individuals to better represent and support themselves, while not disrupting or affecting anyone who does not identify in this manner.
Dec 5 2017 9:42AM I oppose WAC 246-490-075. Sex should appear on a birth certificate as determined at birth, according to the child's physical anatomy.
Dec 5 2017 9:47AM There are only 2 values of chromosomes that determine the physical makeup that we call 'sex'. They are XX or XY. This distinctive, biological definition is needed in several situations. So I recommend that at the least a new field be defined for this new 'gender' preference, and the current 'sex' (some currently have it called 'gender', which would need to be changed to 'sex') should only have 'XX' or 'XY' (as opposed to 'male/female', 'boy/girl', etc). I notice that Pike Place Market has this in the tiles in the floor at the doors of the restrooms. If it works at Pike Place Market in Seattle, it ought to work most anywhere. This way it is still defined for all the necessary situations that need it, but people can still prefer whatever gender they want.
Dec 5 2017 9:49AM I am happy to see this being put forth. I support this endeavor and believe that it is fully needed. Thank you.
Dec 5 2017 9:54AM This proposal is a denial of basic biology. People are born with either female x chromosomes or male y chromosomes. This is politically motivated; politics cannot replace this distinction. Please refrain from doing this. Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Julie Mattern
Dec 5 2017 10:06AM No. The birth cert is a legal document. May I change my date of birth, my place of birth, the name of my parents, or my gender? No.
Dec 5 2017 10:07AM For the people who live with gender issues that take them outside the binary and affect their life every day, whether because they are intersex or transgender, this change improves the quality of their life dramatically. The fact that nature and science DO support, and validate gender being more than strictly M and F is a REALITY to them and the medical and scientific professionals who actually study this. This change is life giving to the people who are non binary or intersex. I know, I know them personally. For those with tiny minds, limited understanding of nature and science and cold hearts, their life might be slightly disturbed knowing that non binary people have been afforded a slightly larger place in society and that somebody might validate them and not treat them with shame and distain they would. That may be mildly disturbing, but does not affect their ability to live a happy and productive life with dignity and respect. The same cannot be said of citizens who feel their real and often complex identity is not accurately represented by either M or F. Please, support this measure and make a difference to the lives that wrestle with these core issues this every day. THANK YOU!!
Dec 5 2017 10:08AM Just say no to this proposed rule. 1 - it seems out of the scope of rules you should be allowed to make. 2 - this rule overlooks the fact that a birth certificate is a legal document. It should not be subject to or altered by FEELINGS or by PERCEPTIONS, only concrete facts. Those facts are - are you born male or female? Do you have XX or XY chromosomes? That is the purpose of a birth certificate. 3 - this rule does not take into consideration any ramifications if this ruling were to go into affect.
Dec 5 2017 10:09AM I fully support this proposed rule change. I am convinced by the science that just as there are variations in hair color, eye color, height and other physical characteristics, there are variations in gender. Some people can be all blond or all brunette, but many people are somewhere in between. Most of us have no trouble identifying as the gender that matches our physical parts. But over time we have come to understand that there is more to our gender than whether we have male or female genitalia. And those who oppose this measure fail to acknowledge that there are people born with physical features of both genders. Who gets to decide for them? This proposed rule change is an acknowledgment of our evolving understanding of how we humans are built, particularly when it comes to gender. Sometimes it's difficult to conclude that what we thought we always knew is not correct. But I thank the same God some of this proposal's opponents pray to that we are born with the capability of learning and accepting people for what we previously didn't realize was possible.
Dec 5 2017 10:09AM I am completely against this measure. I think it is ridiculous how far this has gone. A child is born either male or female, there are VERY rare cases where the biology of a child causes the body to be confused and when that happens it falls to the parent to pick a gender for their child. There is never an option to not be one or the other. Those RARE children would at some point pick one or the other as well. I am appalled that my state is taking this so far as to victimize our children to this stupidity that is driven by adults with agendas. As adults and parents it’s our job to protect our children and act in THEIR best interests, not our own.
Dec 5 2017 10:13AM Please retain the actual biological definitions for gender on birth certificates. Biology is actually a crucial factor for important health and mental information. Science proves there are biological differences in brain function, hormones, muscle and bone growth, puberty, and much much more. Legal documents are no place to exercise social experimentation. If a consenting adult wishes to identify a particular way in their social life, that should be freely done. But parents labeling children a "third gender" has no factual basis or social purpose. Please use common sense to protect biological information.
Dec 5 2017 10:22AM I fully support this change. Sex is not binary, despite what some people opine, and current designation of Male or Female only address the ends of the spectrum and reinforce harmful discriminatory practices against those who do not exist in that space. Intersex people and those with conditions like klinefelter's syndrome, or anti-androgen conditions are left without an appropriate designation. Over the years this has led to mutilation of many children's natural bodies. Allowing for a third designation allows a space for acceptance of these people as well as allowing for greater flexibility for those whose gender does not match the binary. Please pass this change and acknowledge these people as they are instead of forcing people into boxes that don't fit.
Dec 5 2017 10:28AM I fully support including a third, gender-neutral option for sex designation on birth certificates.
Dec 5 2017 10:30AM I fully concur with allowing people to officially change their sex designation to X. This is something that should be determined by the individual, not by the personal belief systems of others.
Dec 5 2017 10:31AM A birth certificate is documentation of just that, a birth, and currently includes the sex of the person being born. That person can later identify as whatever they want, but you can't change biology, and with rare exception, humans are either male or female at birth. Maybe a better option would be to not include any indication of sex on the birth certificate, because creating a third category makes absolutely NO sense.
Dec 5 2017 10:34AM By definition, sex is biological and physiological characteristics. You are incorrect in changing sex designation as it is biological and not a choice. People can choose to identify with a gender which relates to sociological roles and behavior but the sex cannot be changed.
Dec 5 2017 10:55AM God made us male or female period Why waste my tax dollars on such lunacy?
Dec 5 2017 11:01AM God made us male or female period Why waste my tax dollars on such lunacy? I am completely opposed to such a designation The equipment you are born with it who you are. If you wish to go do a sex change operation because you don't like what God gave you that's up to you as an adult but Don t drag babies into this lunacy. The agenda is clear to those of us who haven't caved into th e liberal mindset of rejection of God the bible and sanity. DNA proves it,God made you male or female . You are beautifully and wonderfully made.
Dec 5 2017 11:03AM I strongly disagree with this rule. Biology is not fluid, nor is it a choice. So people should not be allowed to choose something they have no control over.
Dec 5 2017 11:07AM At birth, there are only two options. Male or female. If an individual wants to make a decision as an adult, that is their right. But the parents/government cannot make that decision for an individual.
Dec 5 2017 11:07AM I do not support this ludicrous proposal.
Dec 5 2017 11:11AM At the DNA level, we are all either XX, or XY. One or the other, and this is demonstrated on the outward appearance of our sexual organs. It is only a very few mutations, that are called “hermaphrodites” that are the exception, and deserve special considerations. To stray away from this very basic, and indisputable fact that cannot be changed at the DNA level, throws in a level of confusion, where there should not be one. As this confusion, is the proof, that it is not reality. Science is very clear on the DNA question. When you start talking about how a person feels in their body, you are broaching the tide of delusion.
Dec 5 2017 11:13AM I support adding a 3rd designation on birth certificates and other official documents. Science is unequivocal in supporting the fact of intergender. Don't be swayed by old fashioned arguments based on religion, tradition, fear or homophobia. Facts are facts, gender is not absolute.
Dec 5 2017 11:17AM I absolutely oppose this proposed change to change gender to male, female and x. It is ridiculous! Gender is male and female. Period.
Dec 5 2017 11:20AM Disagree strongly! There is no scientific merit to the claim of a 3rd gender. This will only make identifying people harder for law enforcement as well as confuse children with non-scientific claims. Don't give in to this lunacy!
Dec 5 2017 11:22AM I oppose this, there are only two sexes/genders. No matter how you change your appearance, biologically you stay the same.
Dec 5 2017 11:26AM I strongly urge to keep the biological records of birth at the biological level. The change of birth records will affect other areas of record keeping. Plus the desire to change birth records is a rejection of one's own history. It shows that the sex change operation did not really satisfy a person, and the desire for a sex change was not merely a biological desire, but is also psychological. Why should one's psychological state affect records of historic events that affect all of humanity? History should stay as history. We all know what happens when history is changed or erased. When we change history, we deny the subsequent generations the ability to learn from our mistakes.
Dec 5 2017 11:30AM I strongly oppose this legislation. This legislation uses the terms gender and sex interchangeably, which is not at all accurate. Gender what you identify as. It's a social construct, and it's spectrum. It also has nothing at all to do with the biology of your body. What body you have is your sex. It's which sexual organs you have, and the only options are Male, Female and Intersex (very rare). Gender doesn't belong on the birth certificate at all. Sex and gender is not linked in any appreciable way, and we should not be enacting legislation that conflates the terms. Now, we should allow for adults to change the sex that is listed on the birth certificate to any of those three options, if the individual undergoes a gender correction surgery.
Dec 5 2017 11:36AM WAC 246-490-075 equates all identities other than "Male" and "Female" to be the same, by lumping everything but binary gender into the same symbol. If you cannot understand this, then please let me explain to you some very simple math: if A = Z (If A is exactly equal to Z), and B = Z (B is exactly equal to Z), then A = B (A is exactly equal to B). Now, let's take this understanding of equality and see how it applies to WAC 246-490-075. If intersex, agender, amalgagender, androgynous, bigender, demigender, female-to-male, genderfluid, genderqueer, male-to-female, neutrois, nonbinary, pangender, third sex, transgender, transsexual, and Two Spirit = X, then it is being stated that all of these identities are equal to one another. That is to say, they are the same, according to WAC 246-490-075, they are exactly equal and in no way different. Not only does WAC 246-490-075 say they are in no way different, but it also says that they are equal to "unspecified." The thing is, these identities *are* different, these identities *are* specified, and these identities deserve equal representation as "Male" and "Female" have. That is to say, that if the WA DoH is going to allow "Male" and "Female" to have their own categories, then they must also allow all other identities equal individual categories of their own. The only way in which WAC 246-490-075 can be implementing the "X" marker fairly, would be to also include the removal of the "Male" and "Female" options for birth certificates, and have those two options rolled into the "X" option. This would mean that everyone would have the "X" and nothing else, as that would be equal. I'd say forcing a single identifying symbol onto everyone is a bad move though. In fact history has shown us that forcing symbols onto oppressed demographics is pretty horrible. The WA DoH should be striving for equal representation for all, not special representation for some, and not forced representation for vastly different identities under a single symbol.
Dec 5 2017 11:49AM I am writing in support of the proposed rule, WAC 246-490-075. As a parent of a transgender young adult child, I know first-hand the importance of removing barriers to authentic self-identification for those members of our community who identify as a different gender than they were assigned at birth. Making the process easier to change gender markers on birth certificates is an easy and respectful way to address a legal complication of gender identification, and I believe, will result in improved mental and physical health for those persons utilizing the rule and process. I urge you to disregard opposition to this neutral proposed rule as fear-based rhetoric that has no place in our society, or in our government. The end result of this rule, if adopted and put into practice, will be overwhelmingly positive. The proposed rule is well-written, clear and concise. Please adopt the proposed rule. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
Dec 5 2017 11:49AM I absolutely support this measure and am proud to live in a state that is inclusive of all people in an ever-changing society.
Dec 5 2017 11:51AM Legal representation of sexual identity should follow the norms established in society. Increasingly, we are recognizing that a binary model of sex identity is too simplistic, and that there are individuals with a valid reason to choose neither Male nor Female as their sex. For this reason, I support adding a third gender option for individuals changing their sex designation on birth certificates.
Dec 5 2017 11:52AM I have very serious concerns regarding this proposal. Law enforcement, Coroners, Schools, medical providers and many others rely on the integrity of our records when it comes to completing their duties. The change of a birth certificate is the change of a vital record used to identify an individual. It is not supposed to be a statement of belief, but rather a statement of biological fact. The proposed amendment negates that statement of fact and has the potential to cause much confusion and many problems for agencies relying on this document in the course of completing their duties.
Dec 5 2017 12:06PM I am in full support of this initiative. Neuroscience proves what many scientists knew all along; gender exists on a spectrum. While the biological gender is usually manifested in the physical appearance, the individual gender identity is not immediately discernible and primarily established in the psyche of a human being. This initiative would make it easier for those individuals to better identify within the limited and outdated two gender/binary options.
Dec 5 2017 12:10PM I strongly disagree with this proposal. It is not the purpose of the state or the Department of Health to falsify records. Sex is not ambiguous or subject to interpretation. Humans with two X chromosomes are female, those with XY chromosomes are male. Regardless of how someone chooses to live their life, even if they alter their appearance surgically, does NOT factually alter their sex. Altering vital statistics to say otherwise is an act of fraud. Treating people with respect is a fine thing but this is irrational. The state cannot become complicit in someone's delusion. Next, we will be allowing an anorexic person to add 100 pounds to their weight on their driver's license because they identify as being obese.
Dec 5 2017 12:24PM I support this measure as a step in the right direction towards acknowledging the existence of those who are not currently recognized by the dominant culture.
Dec 5 2017 12:32PM I am in full support of this initiative.
Dec 5 2017 12:32PM I am a genderless person. For me, this is an essential matter. I live under a lot of very real anxiety that because previous rules and definitions of gender haven't acknowledged people like me, that I might not be protected by existing non-discrimination laws and rules. Without the paperwork to prove my gender, I'm so afraid that if my landlord kicked me out on account of my gender (or rather, my gender status as neither man nor woman), if I was denied access to education at a public university, or if an employer discriminated against me in any way, that I would not only be the worse for being made to be homeless, but I would have no recourse, no access to justice. I can't - I'm trying so hard to explain to you calmly how much this means to people like me, but I can't. It's truly the difference between having human rights and not having any. The difference between freedom, my survival, and not having freedom. Dying. It's not just a piece of paperwork. I, and thousands more Washingtonians like me, will continue to be transgender, nonbinary trans, and intersex, whether the law acknowledges it or not. Other people, other organizations, will certainly notice. Unless the law specifically acknowledges us, and our right to non-discrimination, it will be legal to discriminate against us, to all intents and purposes. This cannot be. I shouldn't have to beg for my survival, for my rights. But I do, and I am. Please. Please. My hands are shaking. I am crying. Please. It's either this, or I save up the money to move to Oregon. A place where I have a shot at survival and freedom from harassment. I love Oregon, but I love Washington, my home, more. I'm 28 years old. I hope to go to graduate school to be a librarian. I want to do that here. Washington. My home. Please. Please. Please.
Dec 5 2017 12:37PM The options are a birth certificate are clear, male or female there is no other biological scientific answer then those two. When children are born they are either male or female nothing else. Please do not change the birth certificate options.
Dec 5 2017 12:45PM I fully support this proposed rule. It's perfectly logical to allow someone to change their birth certificate to denote their actual identity. I am glad that Washington is considering trans and non-binary citizens with this new rule. I think this would be a great step for not only the LGBTQ community but the state of Washington.
Dec 5 2017 12:50PM I fully oppose this bill. This goes against God and mother nature.
Dec 5 2017 1:08PM It if difficult to understand how rational people can consider a 'choice' addition of SEX (term 'gender' is incorrectly defined) of NEUTRAL to the state birth certificates.  Accurate recording of demographics is essential to population statistics describing that population.  Any changes to factual recording can't be considered anything but fraudulent.  Changing collection data will invalidate the accuracy of the information.  It is not inconceivable  that statisticians in the future would be unwilling to use, as not being accurate, Washington State's historic data .    How far will Political Correctness changes permeate this process.  Will the option of 'non-human' be a choice also?  See the 'CatMan of Whidbey Island'.  Google will work.
Dec 5 2017 1:26PM I am not in favor of these proposed changes. Your birth certificate indicates what sex you were born as. Your sex is a physical description determined by your sex organs at the time of birth and is not synonymous with gender identity.
Dec 5 2017 1:27PM I do not believe minors/their parents should be able to change their birth certificate changing their sex or changing status to x. When they are adults they may feel different. We should not be influencing our children either way. When they are adults they will make their own choice. Let them come to their own conclusion naturally. Pushing agendas To influence children/minors just confuses them. I could also think of better ways we could be spending our tax dollars. I do not want to pay for these changes.
Dec 5 2017 1:29PM I strongly oppose this! If we allow this to pass, when will it stop?? We are opening Pandora’s box here.
Dec 5 2017 1:34PM My name is Julia Ricciardi and I am a cisgender, white, queer woman. I also happen to be the co-chair of the Seattle LGBTQ Commission. Please ensure that all folks in Washington state have easy access to reflecting their accurate gender on birth certificates. It is critical that we empower transgender individuals to easily and swiftly change their sex designation on their birth certificates. And it is critical that individuals who non-binary, non-gender conforming, and/or intersex have the opportunity to have a non-binary gender marker on their birth certificate. Thank you for making these rules changes to provide fundamental human rights to the people of our beautiful state.
Dec 5 2017 1:39PM I fully support this.
Dec 5 2017 1:46PM There is more than just male or female. Gender is a spectrum, and non-binary and genderqueer folks should absolutely have the option of opting out of the male/female binary, and have their legal documents reflect such. Washington state is a progressive state which serves as a model to others to follow regarding LGBT rights and protections. This furthers that commitment to showing respect and dignity to LGBT Washingtonians.
Dec 5 2017 1:48PM I fully support this initiative. I also believe that WA should have the same option for other legal identification papers. Intersex and nonbinary people should not have to suffer for something they were born with. As this initiative will not affect the live of anyone other than those that are handling the aforementioned papers, I can’t imagine why on earth anyone would be against this initiative. People who currently live in states that recognize a 3rd gender shouldn’t have to pay a price later in life for being born in WA state.
Dec 5 2017 1:49PM I 100% support this option. Science is finding more and more irrefutable evidence that biological sex is not binary and that gender lies between the ears rather than the legs. People should be allowed to have this option.
Dec 5 2017 1:52PM This is an absurd proposal. Except in abysmally rare circumstances (which need to be addressed as the exceptions they are only when proven so), all human beings, scientifically, are either male or female, demonstrated as having either XX or XY chromosome. The law needs to recognize this reality, not indulge the fantasy of those who wish to pretend they don't fit the male/female dichotomy.
Dec 5 2017 1:53PM Studies are showing now that gender and the genitalia with one is born are not in complete concurrence with one another; and with individuals increasingly realizing that although assigned one gender at birth but identifying with another- or none at all- it would seem logical that birth certificates either reflect simply live birth or allow an easy transition to another or providing a neutral designation.
Dec 5 2017 1:54PM This is a no brainer. Yes.
Dec 5 2017 1:57PM I am writing to you in support of Washington State’s Birth Certificate Gender Change Rule Making Regulatory change. Sex designations and gender identity are an issue of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and should not be limited to “male” and “female” when those designations do not accurately represent 35% of all gender diverse people according to the 2015 US Trans Survey which reached more than 27,000 participants. People should be allowed to attest to their own gender identity without confirmation from third parties. Many people do not have access to an understanding health care provider or notary public. DOH must ensure that everyone has the same access to accurate identification and the ability to elect a not specified or non-binary gender designation. The unique needs of two-spirit, people of color, incarcerated persons and foster youth should be taken into careful consideration in this process. Self-attestation is the most accurate method of ensuring that the sex designation on a birth certificate matches the individual which is the purpose of identification. This regulatory change represents a critical need for many two-spirit, non-binary, trans, and intersex people: as of right now, Washington birth certificates do not recognize the existence of people whose gender does not fit the traditional definitions of “male” and “female.” Thank you for recognizing that need and proposing this regulatory change. I strongly support the adoption of a regulatory change to provide for a gender marker other than “male” or “female.” Please support a gender neutral option on birth certificates! Sincerely, Olivia Perez
Dec 5 2017 1:58PM I am in support of the proposed rule in concept and strongly encourage removing any and all potentially unnecessary barriers (financial, notarizations, medical documents) as some folks mentioned during the public in-person comment period.
Dec 5 2017 2:00PM The ability for a person to change their gender on official documents is a critical civil liberty for trans people and others who don't identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. Everyone has a right to free self-expression, and changing one's gender on paper should be as easy as it is for a straight woman to change her last name when she gets married if she so chooses. Making that process simpler and more accessible will make Washington a better and safer place for everyone to live.
Dec 5 2017 2:04PM I've been reading through the other comments on this. I can't believe that so many people actually assert that science supports a 'continuum' of gender. That's preposterous. Biology does not, and never has, recognized anything other than the natural dichotomy of male/female genders. There is certainly social and psychological evidence that people's likes and dislikes often vary from the 'typical' responses of their sex, i.e., masculine or feminine, but that has nothing to do with science and doesn't change who they are biologically. Government documents need to reflect scientific fact, not wishful imagination.
Dec 5 2017 2:07PM I strongly oppose the proposed WAC 246-940-075. Sexual preferences cannot change your biological gender. A baby's gender is determined at the time of conception, and should never be decided by his/her parents at the time of his/her birth. Science shows us that when a child is conceived, a chromosome from the sperm cell, (can be either an X or a Y), fuses with the X chromosome in the egg cell, determining whether the baby will be female (XX) or male (XY). Don't mess with biology.
Dec 5 2017 2:07PM No. I do not believe enabling a psychological condition is what we need. I think people who have troubles accepting their sex need help, not for us to give into it. We cannot deny reality. We have to substantiate thousands of years of basic biology.
Dec 5 2017 2:08PM It has long been established science that some babies are born with indeterminate genitalia and gender. We also know that there are people who do not fit comfortably into a binary gender category as they grow up. Having a third option on a birth certificate will only reflect the reality of some people in our state and harm absolutely no one.
Dec 5 2017 2:21PM I am in COMPLETE SUPPORT of this move! Opponents of expanding our legal definitions of sex and gender tend to rely on a misinformed argument, namely that there are exclusively only two sexes -- the idea that the human body only manifests in either one of two way ignores the lived and physical reality of the 2% of the population who are born intersex. Intersex is a tern that describes about 40 naturally occurring non-life-threatening conditions wherein an individual may be born with a combination of various sex characteristics ranging from chromosomal and hormonal differences, as well as differences in primary and secondary sex characteristics. For example, my body has XY sex chromosomes yet looks primarily female in presentation due to my body's insensitivity to testosterone. I was also born with underdeveloped testes and experienced a predominantly masculine puberty. I would also argue that the exclusion of, or sensitivity towards, intersex-bodied people constitutes a form of sex-based discrimination. For a state to ignore the existence of intersex bodies so as to maintain the binarist myth of two genders is not only fundamentally dishonest, unscientific, and utterly brutal. Please support this movement!!
Dec 5 2017 2:23PM This is absurd. Physical descriptions on a birth certificate are based on fact.
Dec 5 2017 2:29PM please provide for dignity for all people.
Dec 5 2017 2:33PM A minor should absolutely not be able to change the gender on their birth certificate. This should only be done once a person is an “adult” in the eyes of society aka at age 18.
Dec 5 2017 2:48PM To whom it may concern, This is not the correct method of recognizing individuals who identify their gender in a non-traditional way. It is important to distinguish that an individual's sex (female, male) is distinct from gender identification (feminine, masculine). The former is a fact of genetics. The latter is a construct of society based on historic norms. A birth certificate is a document for recording facts of an individual at the time of birth. Being able to change those facts is equivalent to trying to change history. When a person gets married and assumes the family name of their partner, the birth certificate is not changed. Assuming another person's family name can be as much of a life changing affirmation of identity. Instead a change of name is granted as a societal recognition of identity association. Individual's are also allowed to change their legal name through a form and process, but it does not change the facts of their birth nor their birth certificate. Therefore I propose a better societal implementation is to provide a change of gender form and process to allow a legal change of gender identification, similar to legal name change, that does not affect the birth certificate. This document, in conjunction with a birth certificate can be used for the issuance of other government Id's, the same as a name change. Thank you for your consideration.
Dec 5 2017 3:00PM The biological sex of a person is determined at birth by nature. Implementing this change to a state birth certificate perverts the beauty of all that is natural. We are born either male or female, not something that provides a loophole for a progressive or liberal agenda later as an adult.
Dec 5 2017 3:03PM Hello My name is Annie Holt I have a condition called Kallmanns syndrome that prevented me from entering puberty . Born russell I have never been perceived as male but don't exactly pass for female either, having a third gender option would not change any of that, but would make me feel like much less of an outsider , it would be the begining of a niche for people who don't quite fit the binary standard and shouldn't be too much hassel for the rest of you. The issue of gender extends far beond transsexual and includes some medical anomalies Please don't let the nagging of the far right prevent you from letting those of us that don't fit the mold from having a rite to exist thank you for your time Annie Holt 360.316.1306
Dec 5 2017 3:04PM Yes. To keep and maintain such data is a legitimate government interest. To compel people to lie about who they are is not.
Dec 5 2017 3:05PM Hello My name is Annie Holt I have a condition called Kallmanns syndrome that prevented me from entering puberty . Born russell I have never been perceived as male but don't exactly pass for female either, having a third gender option would not change any of that, but would make me feel like much less of an outsider , it would be the begining of a niche for people who don't quite fit the binary standard and shouldn't be too much hassel for the rest of you. The issue of gender extends far beond transsexual and includes some medical anomalies Please don't let the nagging of the far right prevent you from letting those of us that don't fit the mold from having a rite to exist thank you for your time Annie Holt 360.316.1306
Dec 5 2017 3:07PM I fully support this measure! It allows non binary people the option to more accurately represent who they are. It is a great benefit to a marginalized group of people, and does no harm whatsoever to anyone else.
Dec 5 2017 3:07PM Hello, I do not think there should be an "x" option under sex on birth certificates. Children are born with male or female reproductive parts. If parents want to give their children a choice and think that we all should have a choice to be male or female, the child should at least start with the sex they were born with. Without a male/female identity to begin with, this will cause more confusion for a child as they grow up not identifying as a male or female. This gives them a HUGE life choice to make at a young age. Deciding what sex to be? This choice is too big for a child. A parents desire to be open and choose their own sex, shouldn't force their child to be sexless until they decide to be a male or female. Having an "x" option will cause more confusion and hurt than deciding later in life if you want to change sexes.
Dec 5 2017 3:07PM I fully support this change.
Dec 5 2017 3:09PM I completely support being able to have "M," "F," or "X" on a person's birth certificate. I have many non-binary loved ones who would deeply benefit from being able to make this change. Their legal documents should be able to reflect who they really are if they so wish to change it.
Dec 5 2017 3:10PM As a non-binary person I support this proposal, as it would make significant improvements to my life and the lives of many other non-binary and intersex people. The notary signature requirement should be removed. The requirement of a medical professional AND parent or guardian to sign for citizens under 18 should be modified, as many LGTBQ youth are estranged from their family, and many people do not have access to medical professionals who would provide this attestation. Thank you for this proposal, it is a wonderful opportunity to further recognize the diversity of our state, and make it easier for LGBTQ+ people in this state to live their authentic lives.
Dec 5 2017 3:12PM I am against this change! My religious belief is there are males and females. There is no third gender!! As a genealogist, it will become more difficult over time to trace family members with a sex gender change since there is no designation made noting that the change has occurred (and what it was before said change). Even if that notation is made, it will remain difficult to determine who was born to whom and when especially when names and genders change on censuses without additional children being born to a couple. Medically, I think this will become a huge nightmare for the medical profession. If a person is being treated - especially in an emergency - having an 'x' for a gender does not allow the proper process of elimination for medical diagnoses such as pregnancy and certain types of cancers, to name two - without looking at a patient's anatomy and even then, how can they be sure? (Can 'x' mean female organs or just female personality?) In a case where someone is born with the rare genetic 'XXY' then perhaps the 'x' gender is appropriate. Allowing anyone to obtain the 'x' designation is an affront and offense to those who were born with a true medical condition. You are discriminating against those with 'XXY' by allowing others to choose to select the 'x' gender option. Those born with 'XXY' did not have the option to choose their medically determined gender. They were born with it. Those making this ruling now may not be the ones with the power to change it later from unintended consequences that may arise in the future. This is a bad change to make.
Dec 5 2017 3:16PM I'd like to offer short comment in support of the usage of gender neutral markers on WA state birth certificates.
Dec 5 2017 3:19PM I support this proposed legislative change in favor of gender-neutral/ nonbinary markers being an option on birth certificates for several reasons. As an educator who has worked with LGBTQA students for over twenty years, I have seen the stress and discrimination faced by many non binary and trans people over what gender marker is on their ID when neither M nor F fits. As we understand that there are many genders and that gender operates on a spectrum, it would be a powerful act for justice to allow an option on birth certificates that allowed for non binary, agender and other folks to not be forced into a box- or, for parents of kids to allow their kid time to figure out what gender they are. It would also be an incredible win for intersex people, who are about as common as people with red hair in North America and who are often forced to choose a gender marker that is inaccurate.
Dec 5 2017 3:20PM I support this proposed rule to allow individuals to amend the sex designation on a birth certificate. This affirmation will foster better physical and mental healthcare outcomes for people born intersex, transgender, or genderqueer. More and more US states and nations are adding a third gender option to birth certificates and passports and this rule change will help ensure that cis- and non-cis-gendered people can have equal protection in public records.
Dec 5 2017 3:39PM To date, everyone born on earth has been XX or XY chromosome groups and I don't see that changing soon. Where does this nonsense stop? What future options are there beyond X? Do we really have space on earth for that many bathrooms? What if I decide to identify as a dog or a pencil. May I?
Dec 5 2017 3:40PM As a person of faith, I am greatly disturbed by the trend to change what God created. I am whole heartedly opposed to this proposed amendment.
Dec 5 2017 3:43PM Gender and Sex Designation are very personal.People should be allowed to designate themselves as they choose. Since gender is a social and cultural construction, it is actually intrusive and coercive to require someone to choose a gender constructed by others when they would prefer to construct their own and claim qualities of both or neither. I support non-binary as a very logical choice in a free country where people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Dec 5 2017 3:44PM I am writing in support of this change to allow people a choice outside of the gender binary designation of male or female. Thank you.
Dec 5 2017 3:45PM Since science has proven that the sex of a human being can be more than simply either male or female, there should be more than two designations on a birth certificate. It seems clear this is the right choice to make.
Dec 5 2017 3:53PM If this becomes law our society will continue to erode. We will have lost our basicneed to value factual data. Our universe is held together by the laws of physics. Likewise mankind needs basic norms in order to remain functioning. I’m not sure who is at the heart of making this a norm. A small percentage of us have physical handicaps. This could be the only justification for gender compromise. If the law doesn’t specify the scientific need using such legislation for hermaphroditism then we are playing with fire. Andrea Schadewitz
Dec 5 2017 3:53PM i am a transgender woman, a resident of olympia wa, an American citizen and I vote. Trans people face constant obstacles in beaurocracy, and this is unnecessary. not only is it exhausting for us but causes your system unnecessary confusion, extra paperwork, and complications. This law can solve both problems at once. Please pass this important law and show me you see me and my community as human beings worthy of respect. thanks, and best regards Rowan Alexander
Dec 5 2017 3:54PM I fully support any efforts to allow trans, non-binary, and all kinds of folks to have documents that reflect their identity!
Dec 5 2017 3:56PM My name is Jessi Murray and I'm one of the commissioners on the Seattle LGBTQ commission. I support all WA residents in having the ability to easily change their birth certificate to match their gender identity, whether male, female, or non-binary. As a cis woman, I will likely never utilize this rule change, but I wholeheartedly support my neighbors and friends who are trans, intersex, non-binary, or otherwise gender-non-conforming in their quest for basic dignity and respect. Part of that is ensuring that they can update their legal documents properly reflect their identities easily and without gatekeeping mechanisms. My only potential change to this proposal would be to not require notarization, as that can be difficult for low-income, rural, or incarcerated folks to obtain. Thank you for considering this change, and I hope the proposal moves forward.
Dec 5 2017 3:59PM Thank you for making this long-overdue change. Intersex people should not be asked to choose between two categories that do not apply to them.
Dec 5 2017 4:00PM These changes will help people express their identity on state forms and in other legal representations. This recognition will help combat alienation and stigmatization of non-binary people.
Dec 5 2017 4:05PM I support this!
Dec 5 2017 4:06PM Thank you for this proposal. It will make our state more inclusive of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Please, though, consider removing at least one or both of the barriers (parental consent and Dr. note).
Dec 5 2017 4:06PM Having a birth certificate that matches your gender is critical for tens of thousands of transgender people across Washington State. As a Washington State resident, I support a policy that would expand gender markers and allow people whose gender isn’t male or female to have IDs that fit who they are. I also support allowing people to update their birth certificates without a doctor’s letter, since that’s unnecessary and makes it difficult and expensive for many people to have the ID they need to go about their daily life. Thank you for considering this life-saving policy.
Dec 5 2017 4:07PM I fully support this measure!!! Please move forward with implementing this to provide an open and inclusive home for all Washingtonians
Dec 5 2017 4:15PM I support this!
Dec 5 2017 4:17PM
Dec 5 2017 4:19PM I believe trans & nonbinary people should be able to change the gender on their birth certificates to match their identities. Thank you.
Dec 5 2017 4:22PM Let's take all the rhetoric out of this simple scientific debate. How many chromosomes are there? Answer TWO. X and Y, there is no third one. So if all the climate changers want to accuse the other side of denying science isn't that in fact what they're doing here, denying science? Enough appeasement.
Dec 5 2017 4:23PM
Dec 5 2017 4:24PM I strongly support this!
Dec 5 2017 4:24PM I fully support this change.
Dec 5 2017 4:25PM I strongly support the proposed rule to include an option of a third sex designation of "X" on birth certificates. For the many, many Washingtonians who do not identify as either male or female, this is an important way for their identification documents to match and affirm their gender.
Dec 5 2017 4:26PM I am against adopting WAC 246-490-075 , which proposes changing sex designations on birth certificates. The birth certificate is a legal document stating the implicit facts at the time they were born. Sex and gender are not interchangeable. An individual's biological sex is not the same as what they may or may not identify as their gender. Regardless of whether or not they have gone through hormone therapy or the full surgical sex change, their biology at the time of their birth remains the same. We need to maintain the integrity of these legal documents and prevent obscuring reality. This has potential negative implications in many areas including healthcare, law enforcement, and the lives of the potential romantic interests of the people who may elect to change their sex to name a few. The documenting information on a persons birth certificate does not change their current gender identity or infringe on their rights in any way, it is merely a document stating the circumstance of their birth and should remain true to the reality of the situation at the time of their birth.
Dec 5 2017 4:27PM Yes! Let this be an option!
Dec 5 2017 4:29PM We, the members of the Washington State Legislature LGBTQ caucus, are writing to express our strong support of Washington State's Birth Certificate Gender Change Rule Making Regulatory change. As legislators, it is in our interest to ensure all records and vital statistics in our state are accurate and applicably serve all people of Washington, including non-binary and intersex individuals. Birth certificates and other forms of government identification often dictate how an individual is seen and acknowledged by our government institutions and by society in general. Assumptions drawn from the information contained in these documents affect everything from education, to medical care, to travel. Our state’s robust anti-discrimination law protects people from discrimination based on their gender expression or identity. These protections apply to areas such as employment, housing, public accommodations, as well as health insurance and credit transactions. We believe the draft rule is consistent with our anti-discrimination law. It is also consistent with the will of voters in our state, who over the past two years have rejected attempts to change the law when presented with the opportunity to do so. Thank you for recognizing the need for non-binary and intersex people in Washington to have birth certificates that accurately reflect their gender identity. We want to offer our support to you during this process if you need it, and encourage you to reach out to us if there is any way we can be helpful. Senator Marko Liias - 21st Legislative District Senator Jamie Pedersen - 43rd Legislative District Representative Beth Doglio - 22nd Legislative District Representative Laurie Jinkins - 27th Legislative District Representative Nicole Macri - 43rd Legislative District Representative Christine Kilduff - 28th Legislative District Representative Joan McBride - 48th Legislative District
Dec 5 2017 4:29PM I do not agree with the gender neutral identity on a birth certificate. A person is either a male or a female. There is no other gender. If a person is confused about their gender, that confusion does not create a difference in their biological make-up. If they go through with a sex change then they no longer have the biological make-up of the gender of their original birth. There is no such gender as X or Y for that matter and I am against the State of Washington making up laws that pander to the few and spend the money of the majority. This law discriminates against the correct biological anatomy of the majority of the population. DO NOT ADD A FALSE GENDER IDENTITY TO BIRTH CERTIFICATES.
Dec 5 2017 4:31PM Male and female biological differences are very real, and reach down to our very chromosomes. To allow new parents to deny their child's biological reality would be very harmful, not just for the children themselves, but for our broader society and culture. There is room for debate over gender norms and roles, and how we define them, but not over biological sex. The designation on a birth certificate should reflect the biological reality, not how given parents plan to raise a child. Likewise, no permanent changes to gender designations should be made by or on behalf of minors, who are not yet mature enough to make such life-changing decisions for themselves.
Dec 5 2017 4:33PM
Dec 5 2017 4:33PM I support this!
Dec 5 2017 4:34PM
Dec 5 2017 4:35PM
Dec 5 2017 4:36PM absolutely not! you cannot decide what gender you are. your parents cannot choose your gender for you, just like they cannot choose your nationality. if this rule is passed then i should be allowed to change by nationality or i can decide that i am now a senior. any white person can decide that they are not African american or Mexican.
Dec 5 2017 4:36PM I fully support allowing individuals to change their sex designation/gender identity on their birth certificate. We know through scientific studies that gender identity is not always linked to ones physical gender. This allows an individual to correct their birth certificate from on what was assumed from physical gender.
Dec 5 2017 4:36PM This is long overdue. We need to support transpeople's right to be recognized.
Dec 5 2017 4:37PM We are male and female. You either have a XY (boy) or a XX chromosome (girl) and nothing will ever change that. If you choose to identify with another sex, freely do so. But your chromosomes will remain the same. I have green eyes and brown hair.... I can wear brown colored contacts and die my hair blonde, but I will always have the genes the reveal me to have green eyes and brown hair. I can tan as much as I want, but I will never be Indian— my dna will always reveal my true identity. In addition identifying as X only separates and isolates transgenders even more. Not to mention the difficulty police will have in identifying individuals. Thank you.
Dec 5 2017 4:37PM
Dec 5 2017 4:41PM
Dec 5 2017 4:41PM
Dec 5 2017 4:42PM This comment is submitted on behalf of Women’s Liberation Front, Hands Across the Aisle Coalition, Safe Spaces for Women, and the Just Want Privacy Campaign. We are a diverse group of people including liberals, conservatives, mothers, fathers, feminists, women of faith, lesbian and bisexual women’s rights activists, midwives, veterans, and concerned neighbors, who oppose "gender identity" ideology and oppose the proposed rule. In addition to the comment below, which addresses the main problem with this proposal, we have submitted a full comment letter via email. The first and most fundamental problem with this proposed rule is that the Department simply lacks authority to promulgate it. Despite receiving notice of that fundamental problem in our comments on the pre-proposal notice, the Department has failed to identify any Washington’s statutes that authorize this proposed move. Therefore, in addition to the other substantive problems discussed below, the Department should and must drop this proposal. The draft rule has two main features. For adults, it would allow any person for any reason to request and obtain a change to their birth certificate’s sex designation simply by requesting the change based on “self-attestation,” submitted on the proper form, signed and notarized. For children, it would allow any adult for any reason to request and obtain a change to their minor child’s birth certificate sex designation by submitting a “a signed statement by the minor’s licensed health care provider attesting that... [t]he provider has determined the request to change sex designation on the birth certificate is consistent with the minor’s identity.” Given that an individual’s “identity” is internally-felt and subjective, and therefore not a medically-verifiable fact, these minimalistic prerequisites are essentially meaningless. The proposed rulemaking cites RCW 43.70.150 as the statutory basis for the draft rule, but nothing in the statement explains how the proposed rule is consistent with or authorized by that statute. Instead the Department in the pre-proposal stage offered a single-sentence justification: “Because some people identify as neither male nor female, this rule making will consider changing sex designation to include male, female, and non-binary options when requesting a change to the sex designation on one's birth certification.” In comparing the proposed rule to RCW 43.70.150, it becomes clear that the proposed rule directly contradicts the Department’s longstanding statutory mandate to record and maintain accurate vital birth statistics: "Registration of vital statistics. The secretary of health shall have charge of the state system of registration of births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and decrees of divorce, annulment and separate maintenance, and shall prepare the necessary rules, forms, and blanks for obtaining records, and insure the faithful registration thereof." As discussed further in our full comment letter, a person’s sex is innate and immutable, and it is one of the most important vital statistics about them. In contrast, a person’s subjective “identity” is not mentioned in RCW 43.70.150, nor is it a “vital statistic,” and therefore it has no relevance to the Department’s statutory mandate to “insure faithful registration thereof.” Indeed, the process of recording of vital birth information would be made meaningless if individuals were allowed to replace their sex at birth with a subjective identity that differs from their sex. The Department therefore lacks the authority to adopt the draft rule under RCW 43.70.150, and in fact the draft rule would directly violate the Department’s duty under that provision.
Dec 5 2017 4:42PM I strongly support the rule change to allow changing the gender designation on a birth certificate. Thank you for including a non-binary option. The change is long overdue.
Dec 5 2017 4:43PM
Dec 5 2017 4:43PM I agree with adding gender neutral box on Birth certificates.
Dec 5 2017 4:47PM Dear reader, As I was unable to come to the hearing today regarding the proposal to add a third gender signifier on WA state birth certificates I would like to submit my testimony in writing. Please move forward and enact this proposal. As a strong member of the LGBTQ community it is my duty to advocate for the marginalized among us. As a person of conscience I advocate to broaden our societies perception of gender and allow freedom of choice. Here in Washington state we consider ourselves to hold each other’s wellbeing as paramount by enacting legislation and rules that support our community. The mental and physical strain of misgendering is responsible for a great deal of pain and suffering in the LGBTQ community, and in our broader community as a state. If we stand by and allow some members of our community to be excluded and discriminated against then we are not a state that cares nor a state that believes in progressive support for our citizens. The research is clear on the impacts of misgendering, but research isn’t enough for change; we need leaders who are willing to take the first step and improve the lives of the communities they serve. Please, move forward to address the inequality and discrimination faced by gender non-binary people. Thank you,
Dec 5 2017 4:48PM As a trans person, I am strongly in favor of the language in these rules.
Dec 5 2017 4:48PM
Dec 5 2017 4:49PM I firmly support this measure.
Dec 5 2017 4:49PM
Dec 5 2017 4:52PM All individuals should be able to indicate their identity accurately
Dec 5 2017 4:52PM
Dec 5 2017 4:52PM
Dec 5 2017 4:52PM Please make this change. My child identifies as trans/nonbinary, and it would mean the world to be able to have an accurate representation of gender on the birth certificate. This would be such an important step toward full inclusion for trans/nonbinary people.
Dec 5 2017 4:54PM I cannot endorse adding a "gender X" to birth certificates. We are born male or female and this is readily identifiable by visual and DNA checks. There is no way to reconcile a gender X with any other document that needs to be filled out, specifically for background checks, drivers licenses, concealed carry permits, passports, joining the military ... and I could easily go on for a long time. A baby is born a boy or a girl. When that person becomes a legal adult they can choose if they wish to change their outward gender appearance. Until that time, our children are boys and girls and need to be treated as such for their own psychological welfare. To do anything less is a tremendous disservice being visited upon our children by adults who simply don't want to conform to any standard. Allowing any change either on paper or medically should be prohibited by law until each individual is no longer a minor and considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Allowing any adult to make the decision to start a gender transition process on a child should be considered criminal.
Dec 5 2017 4:54PM I strongly oppose WAC 246-490-075. There are only two sexes, female and male, there is no third option of "X". A person's biological sex cannot truly be changed. Someone's "gender identity" shouldn't even be considered in a legal document. A legal document shouldn't be used as some sort of validation for someone's delusions. This false data on birth certificates would only serve to harm people, especially women. Honestly this entire idea of gender identity is regressive and misogynistic. I think it's highly important that Washington state stop pushing these regressive ideas as progressive. I was born and raised in this beautiful state and it really hurts to see what continues to be pushed. It's absolutely ridiculous. I have hope that people speaking up about this can lead to change for the better. Thank you.
Dec 5 2017 4:55PM I strongly oppose! Our DNA does not hold non binary genetics. We are either male or female at birth and we hold to that until death.
Dec 5 2017 4:55PM I wholeheartedly support this change. More options absolutely should be made avaliable for the sake of all people under the trans umbrella.There are many whom claim that there is only male and female, completely disregarding the presence of intersex people, which is a large spectrum of people with all kinds of mixes of primary and secondary sex characterstics. Science is swiftly finding there is far more to this world than simply XX and XY, and we ALL deserved to be recognized. This is a vital step for Intersex rights as much as it is for Transgender, as these people have had to deal with being assigned something they're not, and often go through sex changes as babies, obviously without their consent, and often times it leaves them more then slightly mutilated. The more aware people are made with movements like this, the less these circumstances will happen. The less trans people of all genders(or lack thereof) will have to have fear their birth certificate will be used as an excuse to misgender or abuse them as well. The less people whom have to suffer, physically or mentally, the better. However, I would like some of the regulations on minors changing their birth certificate reviewed, as many LGBTQ+ youth are without the support of their families. If there is any way legislation can think of to give minors like these the option as well, I highly suggest going forward with it. It would surely help lower the trans youth suicide rate if this is made an option for them too.
Dec 5 2017 4:55PM
Dec 5 2017 4:55PM I support this!
Dec 5 2017 4:56PM This is a wonderful step forward for the inclusion of all people.
Dec 5 2017 4:57PM I support ths
Dec 5 2017 4:58PM Gender identity isn’t as two sided as once thought. The greatest way to protect citizens that do not exist on the binary is to provide the opportunity to have their real identity recorded by the government.
Dec 5 2017 5:01PM Dont change the law to something that is so obviously against reality. The state will be legally liable for expenses of law suits; taxes should be used for such illogical rule changes.
Dec 5 2017 5:06PM correction: Taxes should not be used for this illogical rule change.
Dec 5 2017 5:08PM I support this rule
Dec 5 2017 5:08PM It's incredibly important that trans individuals have clear and cohesive identifying paperwork that enables them the safety of clarity, recognition, and care that a corrected birth certificate supplies. As a cis citizen, I feel compelled to speak very strongly in favor of making sure that trans citizens are afforded the same experience I have - documentation that reflects and protects their identity.
Dec 5 2017 5:09PM I do not concur. The birth certificate is a medical document that is issued at birth. Like any other medical document, it reflects the facts at time of birth. This legal medical document should reflect this objective medical information as any other medical document.
Dec 5 2017 5:18PM I enthusiastically support the initiative to add a non-binary sex identification option and ask that you listen to the voices of those whom this change will actually affect rather than being swayed by the flood of hateful and bigoted opinions from those who will not be affected personally.
Dec 5 2017 5:28PM The proposed change is absurd. A birth certificate is a legal document that confirms the place, date and time of the birth of a child, identifying that person as male or female. This in no way infringes on an individual's right to voluntarily adopt the characteristics of the opposite gender, whether by mode of dress or by surgical alteration. I would favor allowing a change of gender for a driver's license or passport, or other form of legal identification, only in cases of surgical alteration, verified by a medical exam. I am not opposed to anyone being who they want to be, or pretending to be who they want to be, but no one can change the past. To attempt to do this on a birth certificate de-legitimizes that legal document.
Dec 5 2017 5:36PM This proposal is important to provide basic respect for the identities of all Washingtonians.
Dec 5 2017 5:39PM It's important for WA state to recognize the personhood of trans, nonbinary, and intersec people.
Dec 5 2017 5:39PM
Dec 5 2017 5:44PM I support this.
Dec 5 2017 5:46PM
Dec 5 2017 5:58PM I support all WA residents in having the ability to easily change their birth certificate to match their gender identity, whether male, female, or non-binary. My only potential change to this proposal would be to not require notarization, as that can be difficult for low-income, rural, or incarcerated folks to obtain. Thank you for considering this change, and I hope the proposal moves forward.
Dec 5 2017 6:01PM
Dec 5 2017 6:03PM I think it is important that we respect and honor the identity of trans and non-binary people.
Dec 5 2017 6:13PM Seems like a great way to support accurate birth certificates for intersex people, as well as transgender and non-binary people.
Dec 5 2017 6:18PM
Dec 5 2017 6:20PM
Dec 5 2017 6:35PM
Dec 5 2017 6:38PM
Dec 5 2017 6:52PM I am in opposition to this proposal. Conflating “sex” with “gender identity” on legal documents would be a grave mistake. Wanting representation is understandable, but I do not believe this is a wise way of going about it. Birth certificates catalogue the physical aspects of the child, not the mental or psychological aspects. If the child grows up to feel like their gender differs from their sex that’s one thing, but until their body is changed to no long match their physical aspects the birth certificate should not change. It’s important that physical aspects be clearly laid out for legal and medical reasons, and that should not be sacrificed for the sake of gender identity. I completely oppose this rule.
Dec 5 2017 7:15PM
Dec 5 2017 7:22PM There are some parents who don’t want to assume their child’s gender and wish for a 3rd option on birth certificates. This contradicts the reasoning in the first places. These parents don’t want to “assume their child’s gender”, but by choosing not to, they are choosing a gender-less identity for their children. This could potentially cause harm in the future when the children need to disclose their gender and the third option isn’t available. This could also cause issues legally if a person commits a crime and their gender needs to be disclosed. They could potentially find a loophole in litigation/laws that would allow them to say they didn’t commit the crime because the gender doesn’t match. Until the Federal govt requires this third choice on all documents, in courts, on passports etc. the state should not preemptively allow this.
Dec 5 2017 7:25PM People should not be able to change anyone’s birth certificate. A person is man or woman. If they are born as multi sex, which is rare, deal with that based on chromosomes and on a case by case basis. It is ludicrous that I can say my son, who has male parts, is gender neutral... I am ashamed that this is a legitimate concern in this state.
Dec 5 2017 7:31PM As an agender person, I strongly support the ability to have a gender neutral gender marker on a birth certificate.
Dec 5 2017 7:37PM
Dec 5 2017 7:40PM Children are bone with a genetic code of male or female. When they are grown and decide they are not what is listed, they can take the appropriate actions to surgically change their body. This is ridiculous to do on a birth certificate.
Dec 5 2017 7:41PM NO! I am against the proposal to change birth certificate gender choices.
Dec 5 2017 7:41PM I am strongly in support of allowing gender neutral markers on birth certificates.
Dec 5 2017 8:01PM I heartily concur! Not everyone identifies as “male” or “female”, having other options is wonderful and supportive to our community and progress.
Dec 5 2017 8:11PM I learned in college recently that there is a difference between sex and gender; sex is the physiological and biological make-up of someone, whereas gender pertains more to one's feelings and self awareness, or self identity, in the world. I honestly believe that lack of communication and education surrounding this topic has led to widespread misunderstanding. If birth certificates are making this addition, and sex is now being replaced with genders on birth certificates, then they would also need some type of "sex" indicator, as this pertains to the functionality of how our government already works. We do currently live in a binary status quo in relation to our judicial system, healthcare system and society in general, if we're being realistic. If sex and gender are being incorrectly used as synonyms, then we need to figure out a way to put some type of indicative marking, symbol, or term to differentiate the biology of the two sexes on their birth certificate. Maybe the real issue is that we need to make it easier to obtain documentation with the updated gender and/or sex status after one or both is changed. I am opposed until this is figured out. Thanks for reading.
Dec 5 2017 8:39PM How about not giving in to mental insanity and keep things as two biological genders Male and Female as it has been since I don't know, a thousand years? Seriously did common sense and logic die after 2008? Get that crap nonsense out of here. It's basic science, male female nothing more, nothing less. If you seriously think that a third option should be put in, please for humanities sake, admit yourself to the nearest mental institution. We don't need that kind of degeneracy corrupting the minds of impressionable young children.
Dec 5 2017 9:09PM I support this change. This is an important way for government to include and suppprt ALL of its citizens.
Dec 5 2017 9:10PM Of course, I agree with the proposed rule and I would like to see it take effect as soon as possible. There is no legal or medical reason to require trans people to purchase a doctor's visit before we're able to have accurate legal documentation. The obstacles to acquiring accurate legal documents contribute to un- and underemployment, loss of tax revenue, economic stagnation, discrimination (especially when interacting with law enforcement), homelessness, public health detriments, and other examples of the effects of such structural violence. Also, there should certainly be an option for parents to refrain from assigning gender to infants. Infants do not and cannot have genders, because they don't yet have a self-consciousness or the ability to communicate. And the practice of assigning gender based on the appearance of one's genitals is so absurd it's incredible we're still doing this in the 21st century. For those reasons, I wholeheartedly support the proposed rule.
Dec 5 2017 9:18PM People today do not need more ambiguity. Stop this nonsense. You cannot 'identify' as something you are not. I am a grown man, I am not a tree, I am not a 14 year old girl, I am not a rule writer at DOH. Youth today need examples and role models, they do not need to be tailored to. They need structure, not ambiguity. I do not support this a in any means and request that your time be spent on more pressing matters regarding public health and safety.
Dec 5 2017 9:19PM I oppose this 100%
Dec 5 2017 9:19PM This is absolutely the most idiotic idea ever. There is no third option. A human being is either male, or female.
Dec 5 2017 9:20PM Gender is not the same as biological sex. Choosing X could potentially cause improper medical care as identifying as X vs what your biological sex actually is, is important information to medical providers. This also causes issues with insurance as there is no data to properly rate people who identify as X at this time.
Dec 5 2017 10:41PM I support all WA residents in having the ability to easily change their birth certificate to match their gender identity, whether male, female, or non-binary. As a cis woman, I will likely never utilize this rule change, but I wholeheartedly support my neighbors and friends who are trans, intersex, non-binary, or otherwise gender-non-conforming in their quest for basic dignity and respect. Part of that is ensuring that they can update their legal documents to properly reflect their identities easily and without gatekeeping mechanisms. My only potential changes to this proposal would be to not require notarization, as that can be difficult for low-income, rural, or incarcerated folks to obtain. Also, that careful consideration towards having to provide a doctor's note or parent approval be made. Thank you for considering this change, and I hope the proposal moves forward.
Dec 5 2017 11:24PM What is the impact going to look like if people can change their certificate of live birth? Certificate of live birth is a factual document that is used by the government to accurately record major amounts of data. Facts don't change due to opinion. Whether someone identifies differently as an adult, still don't change facts. If someone identifies differently than what sex they were born as, that is a gender identity preference, still does not change the fact of how their chromosomes made their body. If this is the case, that is their privilege. Privilege does not change the fact of what chromosomes dictate. I can only imagine you already know this is the case. Please do not pass this as a law and an option. Facts don't change simply because someone feels they should. Thank you, Kay
Dec 6 2017 12:07AM I have several friends who choose to be a different sex than at birth so I am not judging any one. I just believe that the sex of the baby should be written on the birth certificate and kept there. The birth certificate is not an up to date piece of paper. It is all about the baby at the time of birth. Other pieces of ID can change but a birth certificate is just that....the stats at birth. My husband is black and his birth certificate states his color is negro. He saw that and was taken back. He felt that was wrong. I explained that is what black people were called at that time. Stats should not be changed just because times change. It is what it is at birth! Stop trying to be politically correct on every thing!
Dec 6 2017 7:39AM
Dec 6 2017 9:18AM I support a non-binary option. It's well past time that birth certificates caught up to scientific understanding of gender and the lived experiences of non-binary people.
Dec 6 2017 9:42AM I concur.
Dec 6 2017 11:41AM
Dec 6 2017 4:40PM Allowing this option will help gender nonbinary adults, as well as giving parents of intersex kids a way to support their child in discovering their own gender identity, rather than forcing them into one of the binary options at birth.
Dec 6 2017 11:03PM I concur
Dec 7 2017 2:24PM
Dec 11 2017 11:27AM Agree!

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