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Supplemental Proposed Rule to WAC 246-830-201, 246-830-485, 246-830-490, 246-830-500, and 246-830-510 Massage therapists. The Board of Massage in coordination with the Department of Health is proposing amendments to existing sections of the massage therapist rules to correct the names of the national examinations, clarify the training requirements for somatic education and intra-oral massage education, and clarify and modernize the language in the equipment and sanitation rule and the hygiene rule. The supplemental proposal clarifies that linens must be laundered before use on a client or patient.
The purpose of the proposal is to make additional amendments to five rules adopted in 2017. The proposed clarifications to WAC 246-830-485, 246-830-490, 246-830-500, and 246-830-510 and corrections to WAC 246-830-201 correctly identify the names of the national examination required for licensure, and clearly specify the necessary hygiene and sanitation practices in the massage setting in order to protect the health and safety of the public. This supplemental proposal changes language in WAC 246-830-500(6) from the original proposed rule regarding the washing of linens. The proposed language clarifies the intent that all linens used for one client or patient must be laundered or cleaned before they are used on any other client or patient.
HSQA - HEALTH PROFESSIONS Megan T Maxey Comments Closed 11/30/2022 3 Comments
WAC 246-338-990 Fees. The Department of Health is proposing increases to initial and renewal licensing fees for medical test sites.
RCW 70.42.090 and 43.70.250 require fees to fully fund the work of licensing and regulating health care facilities. Current revenue is not sufficient to maintain a positive fund balance throughout the biennium’s two-year licensing cycle, resulting in a negative fund balance.
HSQA - ASST. SECRETARY OFFICE Ross D Valore Comments Closed 11/30/2022 No Comments

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