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WAC 246-918-076 Medical Quality Assurance Commission Temporary Practice Permit Military Spouse Eligibility and Issuance.
Proposes to add a new section to chapter 246-918 WAC in order to issue a temporary practice permit to a military spouse or state-registered domestic partner applicant who moved to Washington state because o f the transfer of the military person.
MQAC - MED QUAL ASSUR UNIT Daidria A Underwood Comments Closed 6/21/2017 No Comments
WAC 246-919-390 Medical Quality Assurance Commission Temporary Practice Recognized Jurisdiction and WAC 246-919-395 Temporary Practice Permits Issuance and Duration
Proposal clarifies when a temporary practice permit may be issued to an applicant who is licensed in another state with substantially equivalent standards as Washington's, allow the commission flexibility to add or delete states from an internal list without going through a rule process, improve access to health care by allowing otherwise qualified applicants from states not listed in current rule to provide care by being issued a temporary practice permit, update language to align with current practice and regulations.
MQAC - MED QUAL ASSUR UNIT Daidria A Underwood Comments Closed 6/21/2017 No Comments
Chapter 246-470 WAC Prescription Monitoring Program
Proposed rules align the chapter with changes in statute by providing medical test sites with the authority to access PMP data.
HSQA - HLTH PROF & FACILITIES Gary J Garrety Add Comment 6/27/2017 No Comments
WAC 246-824-990 Dispensing Optician Fees and Renewal Cycle
Proposed rule removes the full examination and reexamination fees, adds, an application fee, and fixes formatting to make the fee rule easier to read and understand by licensees.
HSQA - ASST. SECRETARY OFFICE Megan N Mikkelsen Add Comment 6/28/2017 No Comments
WAC 246-919-601 Medical Quality Assurance Commission Safe and Effective Analgesia and Anesthesia Administration in Office-Based Surgical Settings
Proposes amendments to modernize, clarify, and streamline requirements for physicians performing office-based surgery in facilities accredited or certified by a commission-approved accrediting entity for patient safety.
MQAC - MED QUAL ASSUR UNIT Daidria A Underwood Comments Closed 6/21/2017 3 Comments
WACs 246-320-199, 246-322-990, 246-324-990, Fees for Acute Care Psychiatric, and Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Hospitals to provide alternative funding for hospital fire code inspection performed by the Washington State Patrol--State Fire Marshal's Office under RCW 70.41.080 and RCW 71.12.485
Proposed rules raise hospital initial and annual renewal licensing fees by $15 dollars per bed. Revenue from this increase will pay the projected cost of regular periodic fire code inspections required by law.
HSQA - ASST. SECRETARY OFFICE Sherry A Thomas Add Comment 7/27/2017 No Comments

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