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Measure Name 2011
Permanent Food Service Permits 36048 (35 out of 35)
Permanent Food Service Routine Inspections 52499 (35 out of 35)
Inspections With 35 or more Critical Points 2999 (35 out of 35)
Temporary Food Service Permits 15439 (35 out of 35)
Temporary Food Service Inspections 11539 (35 out of 35)
Food Worker Cards Issued 245864 (35 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Primary Care 2
Primary Care Patients 16129 (2 out of 35)
Primary Care Visits 51430 (2 out of 35)
Hospitals Regulated by DOH 98
Hospital Inspections 47
Broadly Based Community Health Assessment (CHA) 18
Narrow Focused Assessment 25
Focus: Maternal or Child Health 15
Focus: Communicable Disease 7
Focus: Environmental Health 4
Focus: Chronic Disease Prevention 12
Focus: Health Disparities 6
LHJs Provide TB Screening services 32
TB Screening Clients (unduplicated) 8915 (32 out of 35)
Latent TB Treatment 26
Latent TB Treatment Clients (unduplicated) 1496 (26 out of 35)
Latent TB Treatment Visits 6581 (26 out of 35)
LHJ Provides Child Immunizations 29
Child Immunization Doses administerd to patients by LHJ 71479 (29 out of 35)
Providers enrolled in the Washington State Immunization Information System 1176
Doses of Childhood Vaccine Ordered by LHJ offices only 94560
Doses of Childhood Vaccine Ordered by Providers (not including LHJ offices) 2.94506e+006
Vaccine For Children Site Visits 555
LHJs have an Alerting System for Health Care Providers 35
Utilized Alerting System for Health Care Providers 35
Updated Public Health Emergency Plan 35
LHJs Provide Early Intervention Services 14
Early Intervention Clients 1119 (14 out of 35)
Early Intervention Visits 5699 (14 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Early Family Support Service 12
Early Family Support Service Clients 1123 (12 out of 35)
Early Family Support Service Visits 2696 (12 out of 35)
Initiative: Increased Access to Healthy Foods (HF) 20
HF: How addressed Benton-Franklin Health District: The Food & Fitness committee of Benton Franklin Community Health Alliance was actively working with food banks in 2011.;Clark County Public Health: Healthy Neighborhood Stores - Increasing access to SNAP at farmers markets - Development of Healthy restaurant program - Increasing community garden opportunities;Cowlitz County Health Department: Worked on a healthy cornerstore to increase fresh fruits and vegetables and increase healthier options. Also partnered on a school garden initiative to grow fruits and vegetables and increase awareness about health and nutrition.;Grant County Public Health District: Began work on a Community Garden in Ephrata WA. Also began work on changes to the Quincy School District School Wellness Policy.;Island County Public Health Department: Preventive Block Grant - healthy corner store Healthy snack policy development (Girl Scouts 4-h, intramural sports); ACHIEVE community;Jefferson County Public Health: Through WIC program offered Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Farmers Market Checks. On committee with local schools to improve School Food services programs;Kittitas County Public Health: Healthy retail project food access community coalition, farm to school, community garden in cluster plat code options, gle;Lewis County Public Health: Utilized media and direct outreach to raise awareness of local farmers markets and WIC farmers market vouchers;Mason County Public Health: We worked on increasing neighborhood venues that have affordable fresh produce....increasing the acceptance of EBT food stamp benefits at farmers markets and increasing the number of communty gardens.;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Participation in Healthy Communities Initiative information booths at three county fairs, work with Get Fit Colville.;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: worked with group to start farmers market in South County; worked with group to begin community gardens on both ends of the county; worked with WIC grant to help wic families have increased access to gardening;Public Health - Seattle and King County: We increased access to healthy foods in 2011 in a variety of ways including supporting work in the community to support healthy corner stores and Farm to School projects. ;Skagit County Department of Public Health: We had a contractor work with Farmers markets farm to table programs, worked with small atores to increase fresh produce, worked with schools to ;Snohomish Health District: Completed Healthy Cans Retail Project with DKJ Foods in Everett. Project increased access to healthy foods.;Spokane Regional Health District: SRHD worked with 2 corner stores to become healthy corner stores in one of Spokanes lowest income neighborhoods and worked with Cheney Parks and Rec to develop healthy food policies and menus for their child ca;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : We worked with community partners through the ACHIEVE initiative to increase access to healthier foods in several Pierce Co school districts and worksites. Four Pierce Co school districts made changes to their menus to increase healthy food offerings. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS worked on the Communities Putting Prevention to Work project in conjunction with DOH to increase the availability of fruits and vegetables at neighborhood retail stores. TCPHSS also worked on the Thurston County Food Summit (October 2011) and as;Wahkiakum Co. Dept. of Health and Human Svcs: Addressed access to healthy alternatives in a variety of places. Community garden continued to be able to provide fresh veggies to WIC moms.;Whatcom County Health Department: Participated in Farm-to-School initiative and launching Whatcom Food Network (which has a primary focus on access to healthy foods);Yakima Health District: Completed grocery store audits in 2 communities identified in our Healthy Communities and ACHIEVE grants. Chaired the Rev it Up Coalition and promoted community gardens in the coalition and grant work.;
HF: Attend trainings 20
HF: Develop policy proposals 12
HF: Engage stake-holders 17
HF: Implement change 9
HF: LHJ FTE 13.82 (20 out of 35)
Foodborne Illness Complaints Investigated 2578 (34 out of 35)
Lab confirmed food borne illness outbreak investigations that were reported to CDC 30
Cases Investigated as part of the Foodborne Outbreaks 371
Food product recalls and safety alerts issued 82
Mental or Behavioral Health Assessments 5
Focus: Injury Prevention 5
Focus: Health Care System Issues 7
Focus: Built Environment 7
Focus: Other Assessments 10
Other Focus Topic Garfield County Health District: hts/wts illnesss;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: youth suicide teen pregnancy/parenting;Island County Public Health Department: Healthy Youth Initiatives;Jefferson County Public Health: Healty Youth Survey;Kitsap County Health District: homelessness demographics, mortality;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Birth/death trends;Public Health - Seattle and King County: tables and maps from American Community Survey; new series of intercensal population estimates incorporating 2010 Census counts;Snohomish Health District: Older Adults;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Womens Health;Yakima Health District: access to fruits and vegetables at grocery stores;
Separate assessment program 18
Separate Assessment: LHJ FTE 33.02 (18 out of 35)
Active TB Clients (unduplicated) 247 (19 out of 35)
Active TB Treatment Visits 14142 (19 out of 35)
New TB cases investigated and reported in calender year 200
LHJs Provide Contact Investigation Services for Active TB Cases 20
Active TB Case Contacts 1471 (20 out of 35)
Provide Treatment For Active TB Cases 19
Initiative: Reduce Food Insecurity (FI) 17
FI: How addressed Adams County Health Department: Used community garden produce for food bank. Awareness of food bank need increased food donations. All through healthy communities funding.;Asotin County Health District: Assisted local grade school to write grant addressing food insecurities. Assisted with the Parkway grade school garden. Promoted the summer food program for children. ;Benton-Franklin Health District: BFHD provided information to clients in-person via twitter and via website regarding summer and basic food resources.;Clark County Public Health: Supporting development of gleaning programs;Grant County Public Health District: GCHD promoted the summer lunch programs on our LHJ web site. ;Jefferson County Public Health: On committee with local schools to improve school food programs. WIC program provides outreach/support to Food Banks.;Kittitas County Public Health: Help food bank start summer meal program farmers market EBT promotion.;Klickitat County Public Health: Awareness campaign for the local Backpack for Kids Program.;Northeast Tri-County Health District: NETCHD is a WIC provider work with food banks and food pantries, grant writing for schools for vegetable gardens;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: worked with coalition to develop and run a summer lunch program in south county ;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: WIC program enroll in medicaid food stamps. ;Public Health - Seattle and King County: The Access and Outreach Program reduced food insecurity as basic food providers.;Skagit County Department of Public Health: I have been working with community action agency and united way on a food insecrity initiative to help with families and especially young people. This includes access to more fresh food in the foodbanks.;Snohomish Health District: Participated in Snohomish County Food Summit Partnership which was convened by the Office of the Snohomish County Executive. Also, delivered Women, Infants;Spokane Regional Health District: Worked with community to expand free healthy food resources for at risk population in Cheney. Continued to work toward sustainability of the free monthly healthy food program through partnershp with nonprofit. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS staff participated in the Local Food Systems Panel of the Thurston Regional Planning Council Regional Plan for Sustainable Development which included food security as an area being considered.;Yakima Health District: We promoted the summer food service program through the Rev it Up Coalition and assisted in convening community partners to learn how to apply to be a summer food site.;
FI: Attend trainings 15
FI: Develop policy proposals 5
FI: Engage stake-holders 8
FI: Implement change 7
FI: LHJ FTE 20.247 (17 out of 35)
Initiative: Increase Breast Feeding (IBF) 24
IBF: How addressed Adams County Health Department: 3 presentations to our local birthing hospital to hospital maternity staff addressing initiation of breastfeeding infant led breastfeeding and breastfeeding benefits.;Asotin County Health District: Participate in coalition with local birth hospital staff. WIC program breastfeeding per counselor program. Infant feeding classes held monthly. Participated in National Breastfeeding Week activities. ;Benton-Franklin Health District: Convened breastfeeding coalition (BFHD as lead agency);Clark County Public Health: Local Breastfeeding Coalition Promoting business case for breatfeeding;Columbia County Public Health District: provided information and support to all pregnant moms interested in breastfeeding and support to current breastfeeding moms. Provided information to local hospitals and lactation specialists regarding goals, resources available. Initiation rates 75%, duration 4 weeks 66.7%;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Supposed training for hospital nurses to become certified lactation consultants created posters for OB ward promoting breastfeeding, removed formula from materials sent home with ;Island County Public Health Department: WIC Breastfeeding peer-counseling; breastfeeding promotion workplace policy development, Whidbey Geberal Hospital breastfeeding promotion;Jefferson County Public Health: Weekly Breastfeeding support group for whole community. WIC Program World Breastfeed week picnic, Press release regarding World Breastfeeding week.;Klickitat County Public Health: We began the WIC Peer Breast Feeding program participated in the Gorge BF Coalition and supported efforts to move towards breast feeding friendl;Lewis County Public Health: Sponsored training for local nurses in breastfeeding support and education Participated in local breastfeeding network which provided breastfeeding education to physicians ;Lincoln County Health Department: We started collecting material on breastfeeding friendly work sites so that they are available for employers and clients. Week long campaign set for August 1-7 2012. Breastfeeding duration rates increased 5% beyond 181 days. Established Peer Counseling progra;Mason County Public Health: Worked with a community member who did focus groups among Hispanic woman to educate and learn of barriers to increasing breastfeeding among this population who traditionally breastfeed in thier countries. Worked with local pediatric office and hospital OB ward to review policies and practices around promoting breastfeeding.;Northeast Tri-County Health District: We have peer breast feeding counseling programs a breast feeding coordinator who works with hospitals;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: Hired a Peer counselor for our WIC program; staff to support same; meetings with hospital to discuss services we provide to increase BF;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: WIC breast feeding promotions and developed a peer counselor system for WIC clients.;Public Health - Seattle and King County: One example of a way that breastfeeding rates and duration was addressed was through educational efforts in the WIC program.;Skamania County Health Department: developed a workplace policy for breastfeeding and implemented the policy;Snohomish Health District: Integrated peer-to-peer breast feeding services into the WIC program.;Spokane Regional Health District: Ensured all WIC staff had up to date formalized breast feeding training; breast feeding review for all breast feeding clients requesting formula or an increase to formula to triage issues & support continuted breast feeding; community and program outreach for peer breast feeding counseling program; worked with City breast feeding task force and assisted a hospital to become a baby friendly hospital; began planning to work with community employers to adopt/revise breast feeding policies to support continued breast feeding for employees and/or become breast feeding friendly worksites; revised SRHD breast feeding employee policies to align with business case for breast feeding recommendations to become a breast feeding friendly worksite. ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Home visiting nurses registered dieticians, and maternal child outreach staff all promote breastfeeding at each home vis;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS staff participated in the South Sound Breastfeeding Network and supported its activities to promote breastfeeding in health care and workplace settings. ;Walla Walla County Health Department: Peer Breastfeeding Program initiated and training completed.;Whitman County Public Health: Visits with 2 area hospitals to promote breastfeeding and explain the WIC Peer Counselor program and how we can work collaboratively with the hospitals to assist the clients;
IBF: Attend trainings 22
IBF: Develop policy proposals 10
IBF: Engage stake-holders 14
IBF: Implement change 10
IBF: LHJ FTE 22.975 (24 out of 35)
Onsite Sewage System Permits Issued 4589 (35 out of 35)
Onsite Sewage System Repair Permits Issued 2476 (35 out of 35)
Begin To Fix Onsite Sewage System Failure Within 2 Weeks 1389 (35 out of 35)
Onsite Sewage System Failures Reported 1625 (35 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Oral Health 16
Oral Health Patients 22399 (15 out of 35)
Oral Health Visits 47050 (15 out of 35)
Ambulance and Aid Services 487
Trauma Records 29213
EMS Records N/A
Adults interviewed for BRFSS 14591
Hospital discharge inpatient records collected 626962
LHJs Provide STD Clinical Services 13
STD Clinical Services Patients (unduplicated) 13010 (14 out of 35)
STD Clinical Visits 18264 (14 out of 35)
LHJs Provides STD Partner Notification 26
STD Partner Notifications services - clients (unduplicated) 8440 (24 out of 35)
STD Contacts Followed 8770 (25 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Adult Vaccinations 32
Adult Vaccination Doses Administered to Patients by the LHJ 43839 (31 out of 35)
LHJs with a Public Response System 35
Utilized Public Response System 35
Secures: Medium and High Level Alerts (Both Test and Actual) 351
Secures: Proportion of times the LHJ confirmed receipt within timeframe 0.95 (35 out of 35)
LHJs with a Nurse Family Partnership Program 9
Nurse Family Partnership Families 1891 (10 out of 35)
Nurse Family Partnership Visits 18276 (10 out of 35)
Initiative: Access to Low Cost Rec Opportunities (ARO) 20
ARO: How addressed Adams County Health Department: Advocated for use of the walking path in the Othello area through healthy communities meetings and also at the school improvement meetings.;Asotin County Health District: Assisted Army Corp of Engineers to secure additional play equipment at a local park. ;Benton-Franklin Health District: The Safe Kids Coalition (BFHD as lead agency) coordinated access to free/reduced swimming lessons through the YMCA and Red Cross.;Garfield County Health District: Promotion of whats available;Grant County Public Health District: Formed a Active Living communitywide workgroup on Ephrata WA. Participted in the Moses Lake Trails Planning Team. Team has made several recommendations to th;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Promoted local mall as an indoor track. Sponsored county-wide Active for Live challenge with competition between worksites;Island County Public Health Department: Healthy Youth Initiative Healthy Youth scholarships, ACHIEVE;Jefferson County Public Health: PH Director appointed to joint city/county/school district board to priortize services and faacilities for possible metropolitan park and Recreaction district;Kittitas County Public Health: City to Canyon trails work Yakima River Scenic Byway Trail, Roslyn urban trails;Klickitat County Public Health: Implemented worksite wellness toolkit and symposium;Lincoln County Health Department: Implementation of a community action plan including a complete streets project connecting downtown Davenport to sports complex.;Mason County Public Health: Worked on increasing the number of county-owned shared use trail miles;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Work with Get Fit Colville working with Kettle Falls schools, planning for a City of Colville walking path around Yup Kannum P;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: organized training for businesses for worksite wellness opportunity; county created trail at the south county facility for employees.;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: Trails development committee bike safety fair, healthy foods at fair;Public Health - Seattle and King County: This initiative was addressed by working with community partners to support efforts. One example was our support of Everyone Swims.;Skagit County Department of Public Health: I am the chair of the activity coalition and we work with all local agencies and cities to increase opportunities to be fit. we started the Kids run free program where a child join thier family in a run did not pay.;Spokane Regional Health District: Participated in planning and implementation of Summer Parkways 3 free events where streets in different neighborhoods are blocked off for bicycling, walking, and ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS continued to collaborate with Thurston Regional Planning Council and other partners to work on active by design initiatives especially around school neighborhoods. Also convened Healthy Child Weight Coalition which has environment and policy chang;Yakima Health District: We conducted walk/bike audits in two communities. We discussed and promoted physical activity opportunities through the coalition. We shared joint use agreement examples among coalition members.;
ARO: Attend trainings 20
ARO: Develop policy proposals 10
ARO: Engage stake-holders 14
ARO: Implement change 6
ARO: LHJ FTE 5.51 (20 out of 35)
New STD cases reported to DOH for disease surveillance 28894
STD cases investigated for disease surveillance 10941
STD (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea only) tests analyzed by state lab (and other contracted DOH labs) 58036
Initiative: Increase Child Physical Activity (CPA) 22
CPA: How addressed Benton-Franklin Health District: Safe Kids worked through the YMCA and the local Red Cross to increase access (free/reduced cost to low income families) to swimming lessons for children and families.;Clark County Public Health: Safe Routes to School Youth bicycle safety education ;Cowlitz County Health Department: Working with a school on safe routes to school program and joint use agreement.;Garfield County Health District: new bike safety program (w/ bikes);Grant County Public Health District: Safe Routes to School workgroups in Ephrata WA created our 2012 workplan. Conducted safe routes to school walkability assessments in Ephrata, M;Island County Public Health Department: Safe routes to Schools promotion and Walking School Bus promotion;Jefferson County Public Health: PH staff serving on Parks and recreation Board;Kittitas County Public Health: Safe Routes to School Fuel Up 2 Play 60;Klickitat County Public Health: Active community environment assessment for Goldendale White Salmon and Bingen.;Lincoln County Health Department: Participated on the health and fitness committee at Davenport School which reviews curriculum policies and procedures on physical education.;Mason County Public Health: Conducted a policy change assessment at 3 community schools and developed a recommendation report for policy and system changes to increase daily physical activity;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Get Fit Colville summer activities USFS Childrens Forest, Life Sports;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: worked with schools to offer safe routes to schools assisted in training for school in safe routes to schools; reviewed schools plans for safe routes;Public Health - Seattle and King County: We worked with local school districts to encourage policies related to increasing physical activity such as recess before lunch and Safe Routes to School. ;Skagit County Department of Public Health: i oversee the hospital position that works with SRTS.;Snohomish Health District: Completed a safe routes to school project with Hawthorne Elementary School. Conducted a walkability/bikeability audit mapped results with GIS, and implemented Walkable Wednesdays with parent volunteers.;Spokane Regional Health District: SRHD worked with the City of Spokane Valley to assess Safe Routes to School for all the elementary schools. The Safe Routes to School were incorporated into the citys Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. SRHD worked with East Valley Cheney and Medical Lak;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : As a component of our Healthy Schools mini-grant program we provided funding and technical assistance to Pierce Co schools/districts to implement programs/s;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS participated in the Communities Putting Prevention to Work project that focused on Safe Routes to Schools for two different elementary schools in Thurston County.;Wahkiakum Co. Dept. of Health and Human Svcs: safe routes to school;Whatcom County Health Department: Supported Safe Routes to School and Bike-to-Work and School Day;Whitman County Public Health: Local schools served by the health departments school nurses followed up on the use of the CATCH program in the schools and encouraged use of it. They taught classes to students about importance of physical activity. One school has incorporated a walking;
CPA: Attend trainings 22
CPA: Develop policy proposals 17
CPA: Engage stake-holders 18
CPA: Implement change 6
CPA: LHJ FTE 8.46 (22 out of 35)
Initiative: Active Community Environment (ACE) 19
ACE: How addressed Benton-Franklin Health District: The Food & Fitness Coalition began work on planning a fitness challenge for 2012;Clark County Public Health: Development of growing healthier report to incorporate into county comprehensive plan working with other jurisdictions on planning for health, efforts to monitor and support implementat;Cowlitz County Health Department: Attended a Great Streets Summit to better understand ideas and concerns about our transportation plan and improvements.;Garfield County Health District: safe routes to school grant applications;Grant County Public Health District: Using the findings from the Safe Routes to School walkability assessment the workgroups and school wellness advisory committees have made recommendations to the cities’ for sidewalk prioritization. Have requested the city of Ephrata and Quincy adopt the s;Jefferson County Public Health: PH Staff on Parks and Recreation advisory committee;Kitsap County Health District: worked with Puget Sound Regional Council on topics related to health and planning;Kittitas County Public Health: Non motorized transportation plan code revision school siting, planning commission participation;Lewis County Public Health: Worked with local trails group to develop a map advertising the trails network;Lincoln County Health Department: Continue implementation and draft ordinances for streets project.;Mason County Public Health: Completed assessments and application for a Safe Routes to School grant in collaboration with our City. Convened County and City public works engineers to educate and begin development of a complete streets plan.;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Planning a walking path for City of Colville and an eight mile biking/walking path to connect the cities of Colville and Kettle Falls;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Through our ARRA grant we worked with local governments to support comprehensive plans that incorporated elements of active community environments. ;Snohomish Health District: Designed and completed a walking audit as a pilot for two Everett Housing Authority properties. Provided recommendations to the Everettt Housing Authority.;Spokane Regional Health District: SRHD worked with a coalition on complete streets for the City of Spokane. ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : We received a CDC Community Transformation Grant and developed a plan to work over the next four years with community partners to 1. incorporate health considerations into Comprehensive Plans 2. support cities/towns in developing non-motorized transporta;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS continued to collaborate with Thurston Regional Planning Council and other partners to work on active by design initiatives especially around school neighborhoods. We also strove to include supportive language for PA promotion in the draft Health ;Whatcom County Health Department: -Participated on Steering Committee for City Master Pedestrian Plan advocated for health and equity principles in the plan (plan adopted 2012) -Arranged/promoted Comp;Yakima Health District: We garnered support of the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) and appointed a member of YVCOGas our co-chair for the leadership team for our Healthy Communities and ACHIEVE grants.;
ACE: Attend trainings 18
ACE: Develop policy proposals 12
ACE: Engage stake-holders 15
ACE: Implement change 5
ACE: LHJ FTE 6.86 (19 out of 35)
Large drinking water system (Group A) surveys 1025
Drinking water samples from public water systems submitted and evaluated for public health protection 151673
Drinking water health advisories issued 73
People who were affected by these drinking water health advisories 40769
LHJs Provide Behavioral Health 8
Behavioral Health Patients 4176 (6 out of 35)
Behavioral Health Visits 373708 (5 out of 35)
Health Care Credentials 343302
Lab Inspections 272
Complaint investigations about health care professionals 3292
Clinical Labs Regulated by DOH 3316
Birth Certificates Issued 259587 (35 out of 35)
Death Certificates Issued 234509 (35 out of 35)
Birth Records Registered 86958
Death Records Registered 49759
Amendments made to Birth and Death Records by DOH 49500
Provide HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing 28
HIV Counseling and Testing Clients 3597 (27 out of 35)
HIV Counseling and Testing Visits 14913 (28 out of 35)
Provide HIV/AIDS Treatment 0
HIV/AIDS Treatment Clients 0 (0 out of 35)
HIV/AIDS Treatment Visits 0 (0 out of 35)
Direct Administration of Flu Vaccine 31
Flu Vaccine Doses Adminstered to Patients by the LHJ 32714 (31 out of 35)
Doses of Flu Vaccine Ordered by Providers (not including LHJ offices) 576720
Fatal Lab Confirmed Influenza Cases 33
Flu vaccinations given by LHJs and providers to patients of all ages N/A
Times Activated ICS for Public Health 18 (35 out of 35)
Times Activated ICS for Other Purposes 43 (35 out of 35)
First Steps Maternity Support Patients (Unduplicated) 21324 (24 out of 35)
First Steps Maternity Support Visits 74315 (24 out of 35)
Infant Case Management Patients 10520 (20 out of 35)
Infant Case Management Visits 26858 (20 out of 35)
Initiative: Tobacco Free (TF) 27
TF: How addressed Asotin County Health District: Parternered with the Community Garden Director PTBA, Clarkston City Council for Parks and the Army Corp of Engineers to have these areas designate;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: Participated in prevention coalition.;Clark County Public Health: Implementation of e-cigarette ordinance Approval of smoke-free city parks Implementation of smoke-free campus for Center for Community Health Work with condo association on smoke-free housing tool kits/policies ;Cowlitz County Health Department: We worked on efforts to continue a tobacco free parks ordinance and tobacco free community garden policy.;Garfield County Health District: ordiance for tobacco free events & banner to loan out;Grant County Public Health District: In 2011 GCHD conducted a smoke-free public housing survey in partnership with the Grant Co Housing Authorit;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Supported hospitals implementation of smoke-free campus policy.;Island County Public Health Department: ACHIEVE coalition;Jefferson County Public Health: Retailer education on Washington State laws regarding selling tobacco. Business/resturant education regarding Clean indoor air act. Supported TATU education in Highschools.;Kitsap County Health District: Educated and enforced smoking in public places law educated retailers on youth access to tobacco laws.;Kittitas County Public Health: smoking in public places complaints awareness, and enforcement.;Klickitat County Public Health: Signage. Co-sponsored youth poster contest.;Lewis County Public Health: Surveyed tobacco policies in local businesses Worked with local trails group to make the trails tobacco free;Lincoln County Health Department: Resolution was drafter for approval from county commissioners to recognize our public health campus as smoke free. Resolution was signed in 2012.;Mason County Public Health: We collaborated with our City to get an ordinance for smoke-free parks. Now all City and County Parks are smoke free.;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Attending Healthy Community training youth tobacco outreach, synar check and retailer education;Okanogan County Public Health: retailer education/compliance checks Community Coalitions;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: worked with Ocean Beach Hospital on their smoke free campus; disc possibility of smoke free farmers market; brought in DOH trainer to discuss worksite wellness; created smoke free zone signs for the bus shelters.;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: It is part of the prevention coalition. ;Public Health - Seattle and King County: We conducted youth access and second-hand smoke education and enforcement activities. We provided training and technical assistance to Seattle Housing Authority and King County Housing Authority to implement smokefree housing policies.;Snohomish Health District: Worked with Everett Housing Authority resulted in implementation of a no-smoking-in-indoor-areas policy for EHA housing units. In general support Snohomish Health Districts Board of Health passed Resolution 11-04 regarding no-smoking policy for ;Spokane Regional Health District: SRHD worked with Riverpoint Campus (combined Eastern Washington University and Washington State University Spokane campus) to develop smoke-free campus policies. Worked with Spokane Community Colleges and Eastern Washington University to develop designate;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : We passed two policies--one that prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes to youth and use of e-cigarettes in places where youth are allowed and one related to local enforcement of the WA SIPP law. We worked with worksites to increase po;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS continued in addition to its ensuring compliance with the Smoking in Public Places law, its work on a tobacco;Whatcom County Health Department: Provided tobacco retailer education;Whitman County Public Health: Presentations about tobacco free at area schools. Increased community awareness of tobacco free initiative at 2 large community events.;Yakima Health District: We conducted assessments among school workplace, and healthcare facilities regarding tobacco policies.;
TF: Attend trainings 26
TF: Develop policy proposals 16
TF: Engage stake-holders 19
TF: Implement change 10
Tobacco retailer compliance checks conducted by LHJ 1001 (35 out of 35)
TF: LHJ FTE 18.022 (27 out of 35)
Provide HIV/AIDS Case Management 13
HIV/AIDS Case Management Clients 889 (13 out of 35)
HIV/AIDS Case Management Visits 8541 (13 out of 35)
New HIV cases requiring investigating and case reporting 666
HIV tests / specimens processed by the state lab 4892
New AIDs progression cases investigated by LHJ 330
Water Recreational Facility Permits 4333 (35 out of 35)
Water Recreational Facility Inspections 9548 (35 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Family Planning 9
Family Planning Patients 17565 (9 out of 35)
Family Planning Visits 31777 (9 out of 35)
New chronic hepatitis B cases requiring LHJ investigation 1262
New chronic hepatitis C cases requiring LHJ investigation 6352
Twinrix Hepatitis A and B doses administered 3393
Hepatitis C tests performed using home access kits provided by DOH 272
LHJs Provide Travel Immunizations 15
Travel Vaccination Doses Administered by the LHJ 10171 (15 out of 35)
LHJs Provide (or through contracted providers) WIC services 25
Total clients provided WIC Services by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 142724
Children Under Age Five Provided WIC Services by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 101481
Pregnant, Breastfeeding and Postpartum Women Provided WIC Services by LHJ (or through contracted services) 35600
LHJ WIC Nutrtition Counseling/Education Sessions provided by all staff 345445
Initiative: Decrease Injury Rate (IR) 11
IR: How addressed Benton-Franklin Health District: Safe Kids Coalition (lead agency BFHD) provided information dissemination on injury prevention and actively participated in the South Central Region EMS Trauma Coucil (SCREMS)(BFHD staff are members of the Prevention Committee).;Clark County Public Health: Faciliation of Safe Kids Coalition passenger car seat safety checks, general community safety education, bicycle safety events;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Community interventions in response to several youth suicides. Child death review. Work with schools to adopt suicide prevention programs.;Jefferson County Public Health: Pool safety education in community;Kitsap County Health District: Facilitator and member of Child Death Review;Klickitat County Public Health: car seat distribution/education and Safe kids Coalition with partners locally and in Oregon. Water safety/life jacket kosks in partnership with Army Corps or Enginners at 2 local water fronts. Safe Sleep activities - distributing infant beds in conjunctio;Okanogan County Public Health: Safe Kids Coalition program activities (Car Seat Round up at Walmart etc.);Public Health - Seattle and King County: Provided local regional and selected statewide leadership for traffic safety, water safety, safe storage of firear;Spokane Regional Health District: worked on a helmet ordinance;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS participated in the Safe Kids Coalition and helped with two events in 2011: a low-cost helmet sale at Lacey Fun Fair (May) and Walk to Sch;Whatcom County Health Department: Participated in Safe Kids Coalition distributed car seats and bike helmets, advocated for pedestrian and bicyle safety in transportatio;
IR: Attend trainings 9
IR: Develop policy proposals 4
IR: Engage stake-holders 4
IR: Implement change 3
IR: LHJ FTE 4.41 (11 out of 35)
Value ($) of Food Checks Redeemed by Clients served by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 52581857.00
Value ($) of Fruit & Vegetable Checks Redeemed by Clients served by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 3739790.71
LHJ Referrals to WIC Families for Prevention or Other Social Services 615416
LHJ WIC Peer Counseling Individual Breastfeeding Sessions 12437
Solid Waste Facility Permits 475 (35 out of 35)
Solid Waste Facility Inspections 1962 (35 out of 35)
Solid Waste Complaints Followed Up 5474 (35 out of 35)
Other Clinical Health Services Clark County Public Health: Emergency contraception;Columbia County Public Health District: pregnancy testing pediatric and adult immunizations, TB screening and testing, communicable disease follow-up, Hemaro;Cowlitz County Health Department: NA;Jefferson County Public Health: Foot Care - 2635 visits by Foot Care RN;Kittitas County Public Health: Overseas travel consultations Hepatitis C, & HIV testing and counseling services.;Klickitat County Public Health: Maternity support services WIC, Immunization,Tb,HIV /STD screening,Communicable Disease Prevention/Reporting/Case management ;Lincoln County Health Department: Provide childrens immunizations through the Vaccines for Children Program. We also provide a few adult immunizations including seasonal flu and pneumonia.;Okanogan County Public Health: International Travel;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: Breast cervical and colon health program;Public Health - Seattle and King County: STD TB, Refugee Screening, Travel Immunizations, Maternity Support Services, WIC, Nurse Family Partners;Skagit County Department of Public Health: We worked with a local dentist and he saw kids for sealants and screenings. In Skagit County he placed 468 sealants in 363 kids ;Spokane Regional Health District: The following servcies are provided to patients of the opioid treatment program: disease recognition and referral; monitoring health. conditions; yearly health evaluation and referral; health information/education when needed; dose management; pregnancy ;Yakima Health District: Contract with medical providers for breast cervical, and colon screening for uninsured and those who meet 250% FPL guidelines;
In a Community Coalition to Improve Access 25
Role in Coalition Asotin County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Benton-Franklin Health District: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Clark County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Columbia County Public Health District: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Cowlitz County Health Department: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Jefferson County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Kitsap County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Kittitas County Public Health: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Klickitat County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Lewis County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Lincoln County Health Department: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Mason County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Okanogan County Public Health: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Skagit County Department of Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Snohomish Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Spokane Regional Health District: Other (please describe):;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Walla Walla County Health Department: Facilitated discussion on the establishment of a center for children with special needs within Walla Walla County. Provided survey design data analysis and consultation on services needed. Facilitated discussion on services and support f;Whatcom County Health Department: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;
Direct client access to Health Care services program 8
Health Care Access Program Clients 44594 (8 out of 35)
Other Role in Coalition Spokane Regional Health District: SRHD is involved in several coaltions that work to addess access to care. SRHD is lead on some equal partner on others, and limited involvement in some as well. ;
LHJs Provide Needle Exchange 20
Number of Needles Exchanged 1.00776e+007 (20 out of 35)
Providers Registered With DOH to Order Vaccine 1169
Assessment Feedback Incentive Exchange Visits 233
Children With Special Health Care Needs 11628 (35 out of 35)
Other P&W: Broad P&W Project 7
Other P&W: Diabetes 6
Other P&W: Asthma 4
Other P&W: HIV/AIDS 16
Other P&W: STD 17
Other P&W: Oral Health 20
Other P&W: Violence 6
Other P&W: Substance Abuse 11
Other P&W: Mental Health 11
Other P&W: Land and Transport 8
Other P&W: All Other Topics 9
Other P&W: All Other Topics Text Asotin County Health District: to make ACHD a breastfeeding friendly workplace;Cowlitz County Health Department: Pregnant & Parenting Teens Tobacco and Alcohol Retailer Education;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Chronic disease self-management classes. ABCD dental program. school-based drug and alcohol prevention SNAP-Ed school based education, syringe exchange program, teen pregnancy prevention/support for tee;Jefferson County Public Health: Water Quality Farm to table (supporting local farming), Envirostars for businesses reducting pollution, community;Kitsap County Health District: GRADS - support pregnant/parenting teens Early childhood development in Olympic Peninsula Early Learning Coalition;Lincoln County Health Department: Obesity;Mason County Public Health: Promoted ABCD program on facebook twitter and county website. Corrodinated ABCD/Parent Help 123 outreach meetings with medical, dent;Northeast Tri-County Health District: In-house wellness programs;Okanogan County Public Health: participation in various coalitions;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: Worked with healthy school lunch group which turned into a Farm to School group; met with OBSD to discuss healthier school lunches. Assisted in writing an americorp application for a volunteer to work with Naselle Grays River School District on creating a;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: dental coalition brought in a dental van for acute dental care. Asthma in school by locating a moldy roof. ;Snohomish Health District: Pregnant and Parenting Teens and Women grant initiative;Spokane Regional Health District: cancer prevention and screening suicide prevention, personal and family preparedness, complex trauma in 6 elementary schools, worki;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : 1. public education on local maternal child health risks ACES and impact of recession on children. 2. antibiotic resistance 3. hepatitis B & C ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Began implementing a project to address adolescent (and womens preconception) health by trying to reduce unhealthy relationships and exposure to violence. The project also addresses mental health. The Healthy Child Weight initiative approaches childho;Walla Walla County Health Department: Prioritization of stratigies from a MAPP assessment for the CHIP assessment.;Yakima Health District: Immunization promotion and Snap-Ed programming;
Policies Enacted Clark County Public Health: E-cigarette ordinance smoke free campus, county breastfeeding support policy, smoke-free parks ordinances, health verbiag;Cowlitz County Health Department: NA;Garfield County Health District: Tobacco free public events in the City Park;Kittitas County Public Health: food bank healthy food policy non motorized transportation plan, community gardens as option in cluster plat code.;Lincoln County Health Department: Worked with a public school to implement policy around health weight assessment and educating families around this issue. Also worked with local healthcare providers regarding addressing healthy weight plans with their clients.;Mason County Public Health: We worked on 2 policies in 2011 but neither were enacted until 2012.;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Plans moving forward on walking paths for City of Colville and an eight mile walking/biking path between Colville and Kettle Falls;Okanogan County Public Health: school board meetings meeting with local medical providers/clinics, teachers/schools (Pertussis), etc.;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: Approved and implemented a summer lunch program in the south county; City of Long Beach approved opening/supporting a Farmers Market.;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Multiple prevention and wellness policies were enacted and implemented in 2011 as a result of intense work with the CPPW grant. A few examples include adoptation of guidelines in schools community based organizations and local governments. A specific exa;Skamania County Health Department: workplace breastfeeding policy;Snohomish Health District: Snohomish Health District Board of Health Resolution 11-04 No Smoking Policies for Multi-Unit Housing;Spokane Regional Health District: Helmet ordinance in the unincorporated areas of Spokane County ages 3-16; ban of the sale of e-cigarettes for Spokane County City of Spokane, City of Spokane Valley, and Cheney; Complete Streets legislation for City of Spoka;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : 1. Revision to exemption legislation for school immunizations. 2. BOH regulation prohibiting sale of e-cigarettes to minors and smoking in public places where minors are allowed. 3. BOH regulation outlining enforcement for the statewide RCW 70.160. 4. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Cities of Lacey and Tumwater enacted urban agriculture ordinances. Lacey Elementary School approved an action plan for its Safe Routes to School project.;
Facilities using X-ray machines registered with DOH for safety and regulatory compliance 6176
X-ray facility routine inspections conducted to evaluate the safety of x-ray machines and the processes to prevent human over-exposure 1821
All Conditions Except STD,TB, Hep, HIV/AIDS, Measles, Salmoellosis, Pertussis, Mumps and West Nile 3142
Pertussis Cases 962
Mumps Cases 2
Measles Cases 4
Salmonellosis Cases 589
Animal Rabies Tests 308
Human West Nile Virus Cases 0
Newborn infants referred by DOH for missed hearing screenings or follow-up with abnormal results 4299 (35 out of 35)
Samples collected and analyzed for safe shellfish consumption 2803
Families receiving genetic services by contracted clinics 2554
Pesticide illness incidents investigated, both agricultural and non-agricultural 252
Mosquito samples analyzed for West Nile virus 1095
Birds Tested for West Nile Virus 56
Environmental samples tested at the PHL for chemical, radiological and microbiological analysis 25980 </