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Measure Name 2010
Permanent Food Service Permits 35478 (35 out of 35)
Permanent Food Service Routine Inspections 48715 (35 out of 35)
Inspections With 35 or more Critical Points 2644 (35 out of 35)
Temporary Food Service Permits 13978 (35 out of 35)
Temporary Food Service Inspections 11162 (35 out of 35)
Food Worker Cards Issued 243394 (35 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Primary Care 2
Primary Care Patients 16720 (2 out of 35)
Primary Care Visits 45746 (2 out of 35)
Hospitals Regulated by DOH 98
Hospital Inspections 54
Broadly Based Community Health Assessment (CHA) 12
Narrow Focused Assessment 27
Focus: Maternal or Child Health 11
Focus: Communicable Disease 5
Focus: Environmental Health 3
Focus: Chronic Disease Prevention 9
Focus: Health Disparities 6
LHJs Provide TB Screening services 30
TB Screening Clients (unduplicated) 10769 (30 out of 35)
Latent TB Treatment 28
Latent TB Treatment Clients (unduplicated) 1096 (28 out of 35)
Latent TB Treatment Visits 14128 (28 out of 35)
LHJ Provides Child Immunizations 30
Child Immunization Doses administerd to patients by LHJ 97557 (30 out of 35)
Providers enrolled in the Washington State Immunization Information System 1226
Doses of Childhood Vaccine Ordered by LHJ offices only 82020
Doses of Childhood Vaccine Ordered by Providers (not including LHJ offices) 2412240
Vaccine For Children Site Visits 349
LHJs have an Alerting System for Health Care Providers 34
Utilized Alerting System for Health Care Providers 33
Updated Public Health Emergency Plan 33
LHJs Provide Early Intervention Services 15
Early Intervention Clients 1050 (15 out of 35)
Early Intervention Visits 7432 (15 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Early Family Support Service 10
Early Family Support Service Clients 1990 (10 out of 35)
Early Family Support Service Visits 13039 (10 out of 35)
Initiative: Increased Access to Healthy Foods (HF) 18
HF: How addressed Asotin County Health District: Increased awareness of local community garden. Provided support through local elementary school on starting garden at school. Talked the local high school class into adding vegetable plants in addition to flowers, to the list of items grown. Food bank increased access to fresh produce th;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: Advisory board members participated in school districts committee on nutrition and physical fitness.;Clark County Public Health: Neighborhood Engagement and Mobilization for Healthy Food Access; worked in a specific low-income neighborhood to assess healthy food access potential interventions and engage residents in improvments. Increasing community garden opportuni;Cowlitz County Health Department: Developing a plan for EBT @ Farmers Market. Completed a food assessment. Working to have City of Longview and Longview Schools adopt policies and environmental strategies to increase community gardens.;Grant County Public Health District: SNAP-Ed Informational booths, Child care health consultations;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: WIC farmers Market program;Island County Public Health Department: Healthy Corner Store SNAP-Ed in HeadStart populations Healthy Snacks and after school programs that incorporate healthy cooking with kids;Kittitas County Public Health: Lead for Food Access Coalition for Kittitas County healthy corner store project, supporting local food banks with increasing fresh produce donations a;Mason County Public Health: Participating in workgroup to bring Farms to School and Chef to School programs to Shelton School District and other county schools;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables for WIC families through a home/communit garden initative. Also worked with community to establish a farmers market in south Pacific County and establish a summer lunch program for students living in south pacific county where free and red;Public Health - Seattle and King County: We increased access to healthy foods in 2010 in a variety of ways including technical assistance to subcontractors. One example of implementing this initiative is through facilitating access to fresh fruits and vegetables in healthy corner stores. Another example is providing support to restaurants to provide healthier food options.;Snohomish Health District: Healthy Retail Corner Store Project;Spokane Regional Health District: *Developing healthy corner stores *Increasing the number of community gardens *Provided healthier foods through the WIC program *Made it easier for mothers to nurse their infants ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Contract with MultiCare hosp to increase access to healthy foods at small local convenience outlets. DOH funded;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS worked to increase access to healthy foods by implementing the Healthy Retail Stores project (CPPW funds) Healthy Kids Menus at Quick Service Restaurants (RWJF Healthy Eating Research funds), and WorkWell,;Whatcom County Health Department: Led ACHIEVE chronic disease prevention initiative with priority goal to increase access and consumption of healthy food. supported local farm-to-school initiatives and food system network development.;Yakima Health District: In 2010 the Yakima Health District worked with community partners to implement and fund six community gardens to increase access to healthy foods throughout Yakima County. These gardens are located at the following locations: United Christian Church in Terrace Heights Discovery Lab School in Yakima, Naches Heights Winery in Cowiche, Safe Haven Afterschool Drop-In Ce;State Total: ;
HF: Attend trainings 17
HF: Develop policy proposals 10
HF: Engage stake-holders 15
HF: Implement change 8
HF: LHJ FTE 48.04 (18 out of 35)
Foodborne Illness Complaints Investigated 2425 (35 out of 35)
Lab confirmed food borne illness outbreak investigations that were reported to CDC 37
Cases Investigated as part of the Foodborne Outbreaks 344
Food product recalls and safety alerts issued 74
Mental or Behavioral Health Assessments 5
Focus: Injury Prevention 3
Focus: Health Care System Issues 6
Focus: Built Environment 7
Focus: Other Assessments 9
Other Focus Topic Adams County Health Department: Healthy Communities;Benton-Franklin Health District: BRFS;Garfield County Health District: 1- County Child Obesity 2- School illness;Kitsap County Health District: demographics youth, housing/homelessness;Lincoln County Health Department: Youth BMI;Okanogan County Public Health: Community Partner Request & Imz Data;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: Oral Health;Spokane Regional Health District: oral health targeted neighborhood health assessment, school-based health care access, opioid treatment program;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : oral health years of healthy life, early childhood education;State Total: ;
Separate assessment program 18
Separate Assessment: LHJ FTE 27.66 (18 out of 35)
Active TB Clients (unduplicated) 263 (20 out of 35)
Active TB Treatment Visits 12609 (20 out of 35)
New TB cases investigated and reported in calender year 236
LHJs Provide Contact Investigation Services for Active TB Cases 21
Active TB Case Contacts 2518 (21 out of 35)
Provide Treatment For Active TB Cases 20
Initiative: Reduce Food Insecurity (FI) 15
FI: How addressed Asotin County Health District: Several referrals through WIC program. Information re:summer meals handed out through the school district and the summer meal sites. The food bank opened their clearinghouse from every 3 to every 2 months. ;Benton-Franklin Health District: Referrals to food banks lunch programs;Cowlitz County Health Department: Food assessment completed & started working on healthy corner store initiative to increase access to fresh foods.;Kittitas County Public Health: Worked with the food bank on exploring a school backpack program and summer meal program.;Klickitat County Public Health: We have used the information concerning food insecurity with community partners in grant writing as well as to promote the summer food program, Back packs for Kids program.;Lewis County Public Health: Worked with schools to promote summer food service programs and implement Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in School grant Led small community assessment looking at access and barriers to healthy foods for families;Northeast Tri-County Health District: WIC Farmers Market Healthy Community Inititative;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: see previous comment. Much of our work in this area was as a result of our healthy communities program-the iniatives addressed multiple issues related to nutrition. .5 FTE was the total assigned to the healthy communiteis program. It is impossible for me to tease out what portin of that FTE was dedicated to each activity;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Through our Access and Outreach Program we are basic food providers for DSHS. A team of 11 provided classes, initiated and processed appli;Snohomish Health District: Healthy Retail Corner Store Project Sponsored Community Access to Healthy Food Forum;Spokane Regional Health District: *provide healthier foods for low income families *developed a coalition to reduce hunger issues in the county and to improve the food system. *Worked with community and neighborhood groups to support community kitchens for women and children in need. ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Enrolled 58 families in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program (SNAP);Wahkiakum Co. Dept. of Health and Human Svcs: Outreach Specialist assisted in Basic Food Program applications;Yakima Health District: In 2010 the Yakima Health District convened a group of partners when the Yakima School District was not going to be providing the Summer Food Program. The purpose of this meeting was to determine how we could meet the community need for the Summer Food Program if the school district was not participating. The school district did end up participating but we also recruited more sites for meal distribution because of this meeting between local partne;State Total: ;
FI: Attend trainings 13
FI: Develop policy proposals 4
FI: Engage stake-holders 8
FI: Implement change 3
FI: LHJ FTE 11.485 (15 out of 35)
Initiative: Increase Breast Feeding (IBF) 23
IBF: How addressed State Total: ;
IBF: Attend trainings 21
IBF: Develop policy proposals 12
IBF: Engage stake-holders 14
IBF: Implement change 9
IBF: LHJ FTE 19.34 (23 out of 35)
Onsite Sewage System Permits Issued 10575 (35 out of 35)
Onsite Sewage System Repair Permits Issued 2374 (35 out of 35)
Begin To Fix Onsite Sewage System Failure Within 2 Weeks 3012 (35 out of 35)
Onsite Sewage System Failures Reported 3184 (35 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Oral Health 20
Oral Health Patients 9188 (20 out of 35)
Oral Health Visits 30007 (20 out of 35)
Ambulance and Aid Services 3224
Trauma Records 27253
EMS Records 71499
Adults interviewed for BRFSS 19621
Hospital discharge inpatient records collected 652035
LHJs Provide STD Clinical Services 19
STD Clinical Services Patients (unduplicated) 14237 (19 out of 35)
STD Clinical Visits 19431 (19 out of 35)
LHJs Provides STD Partner Notification 25
STD Partner Notifications services - clients (unduplicated) 7063 (25 out of 35)
STD Contacts Followed 6424 (25 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Adult Vaccinations 32
Adult Vaccination Doses Administered to Patients by the LHJ 76134 (32 out of 35)
LHJs with a Public Response System 34
Utilized Public Response System 34
Secures: Medium and High Level Alerts (Both Test and Actual) 16
Secures: Proportion of times the LHJ confirmed receipt within timeframe 95 (35 out of 35)
LHJs with a Nurse Family Partnership Program 10
Nurse Family Partnership Families 1732 (10 out of 35)
Nurse Family Partnership Visits 12918 (10 out of 35)
Initiative: Access to Low Cost Rec Opportunities (ARO) 20
ARO: How addressed Asotin County Health District: By working with community partners--helped low income families obtain free swim lessons offered free zumba classes in the community; advertised free fit for life classes in our community;;Benton-Franklin Health District: Access to free/reduced swim lessons through Safe Kids Program;Cowlitz County Health Department: Cowlitz on the Move and City of Longview updating transportation plan and zoning codes to increase access to trails and parks.;Grant County Public Health District: active member of the Moses Lake trails planning team. this team serves as advisors to the city of Moses Lake. Coordinate Walk to School day events throughout Grant County. ;Island County Public Health Department: Much work with county and city partners to increase safe places to walk and bike BOH passed a Healthy Communities resolution addressing connectivity, increased opportunities to be ;Kittitas County Public Health: Supported implementation of workplace wellness policies participated in Non Motorized Transportation Plan development and code revision process, participat;Klickitat County Public Health: through Healthy People Alliance worked with community partners to expand/enhance Little Klickitat Trail, obtained a TA grant from N;Lewis County Public Health: Worked with a community coalition to assess access to physical activity/recreational opportunities;Mason County Public Health: Facilitated 3-month worksite health challenge which included tracking daily physical activity, offering free nutrition and physical activity clas;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Received Washington Health Foundation funding and instituted a Life Sports Program;Okanogan County Public Health: Members of Fit for Life Coalition addressing this issue;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: developed walking map for south Pacific County worked with County and Ocean Beach hospital to develop employee wellness programs including incentives for increasing physical activity. This work was also part of our healthy communties program and .5 FTE;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: Promotion of activities at Childrens Festival and County Fair;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Worked through REACH partners with community centers and schools in South Park to increase access to open spaces for physical activity for families. We also provided technical assistance and support to the YMCA to increase access to recreational opportunities.;Skagit County Department of Public Health: worked with local refinery and hospital to get their staff moving;Spokane Regional Health District: *Worked with community partners to support joint use agreements. *Helped developed ordinances and city bike and pedestrian plans to increase access to PA. *Co-led coalitions and community groups to implement activities/strategies to develop environments to increase access to PA. ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Achieve coalition working with YMCA and area schools to increase after school programming opportunities for youth and shared use aggrements to use school district facilities after hours related to physical activity programing for youth and community. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS worked through WorkWell project mentioned above on increasing worksites that have policies and environments that enhance physical activity - namely promotion and walking maps as part of Thurston County CTR and a walking trail at Providence St. Peter Hospital (the regions largest employer). Implemented first phases of Safe Routes to School project (CPPW funds). Also continued to look for opportunities to influence local government planning through Active by Design promotion and convening the Healthy Child Weight Coalition (LCDF from DOH).;Yakima Health District: In 2010 YHD worked with several school districts on improvement of their wellness policies. One school district wanted to develop maps for safe routes to school. They worked to develop the maps and identify those safe routes within 1 mile of the school. ;State Total: ;
ARO: Attend trainings 18
ARO: Develop policy proposals 11
ARO: Engage stake-holders 18
ARO: Implement change 10
ARO: LHJ FTE 12.08 (20 out of 35)
New STD cases reported to DOH for disease surveillance 26910
STD cases investigated for disease surveillance 10250
STD (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea only) tests analyzed by state lab (and other contracted DOH labs) 125,877
Initiative: Increase Child Physical Activity (CPA) 23
CPA: How addressed Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: Advisory group participate in school districts committee on nutrition and physical activity.;Clark County Public Health: Worked with two schools and school districts to develop and promote safe routes to school activities and policy changes. ;Columbia County Public Health District: Collaboration with Community Coalition Columbia Cares which addresses childhood obesity physical activity, nutrition, and chronic disease.;Cowlitz County Health Department: Yes walking, school buses, zoning plan, review trails planning.;Garfield County Health District: Healthy Community Grant- assist school to w/ safe routes to school grant;Grant County Public Health District: Formed the Ephrata Safe Routes to School work group. Began walk to school assessments. ;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: published walking trails map; sponosred mall walking activity ;Island County Public Health Department: Initiated a Healthy Island Youth Physical Activity Scholarship; worked to increase afterschool and summer free or low cost PA programming with numerous community partners including two park and recreation districts our largest school district, and the Navy youth center. Free after school program focused on PA an;Kittitas County Public Health: Safe Routes to School project school walk route maps updated and distributed, Walk to School Day, Fuel Up to Play 60, supported l;Klickitat County Public Health: supported an afterschool grant proposal with elementary school to increase activity w/students continued to engage stakeholders in gaining greater understanding of policy level work;Lewis County Public Health: Worked with schools to integrate physical activity into after school and summer school programs;Okanogan County Public Health: Participate in Coalition and Community Activities.;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: working with 2 local school districts on walk to school day initiative and prep for safe routes to school grant application. Part of healthy communities program work-.5 FTE total;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Provided technical assistance to schools to create and expand policies systems and environments to increase physical activity. One example is through Safe Routes to Schoo;Skagit County Department of Public Health: worked with three out of four school districts to create a valid safe routes to school program;Snohomish Health District: Initiated Safe Routes to School Project to one low socioeconomic school;Spokane Regional Health District: *Worked with community partners and cities to plan and implement safe and active routes to school. *Provide technical assistance to childcare organizations about increasing PA opportunities. *Worked with city park departments to increase access and safety for children. ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Safe route to school assisted Tacoma Schools(Sheridan Elem.) apply for safe route to school grant from state. Was funded;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Implemented first phases of Safe Routes to School project (CPPW funds) and also convened the Healthy Child Weight Coalition to work jointly on projects that promote PA for children and their families (LCDF from DOH). ;Wahkiakum Co. Dept. of Health and Human Svcs: Development of Community Garden that engaged school children in planting and harvesting ;Whatcom County Health Department: Worked with partners to implement safe routes to school in local districts.;Whitman County Public Health: `Encouraged schools to provide or aloow us to provide education using the CATCH curriculum. Our school nurse encouraged the use of CATCH.;Yakima Health District: Through the afterschool nutrition/physical activity program YHD taught we provided recreational opportunities to high risk students attending the afterschool programs of the lower Yakima Valley. We also took these kids on a field trip to the cowiche canyon to promote physical activity. Yearly we provide a presentation to students at Heritage Univeristy about the importance of strong policies around nutrition and physical activity in schools along with methods that they can use when they become teachers to keep their students active and healthy. ;State Total: ;
CPA: Attend trainings 22
CPA: Develop policy proposals 10
CPA: Engage stake-holders 18
CPA: Implement change 6
CPA: LHJ FTE 10.305 (23 out of 35)
Initiative: Active Community Environment (ACE) 21
ACE: How addressed Asotin County Health District: Promoted bicycling in the community. The Public Transportation Benefit Area has bike racks installed on each bus for persons wanting to hitch a ride.;Benton-Franklin Health District: Food and Fitness Coalition working on this;Clark County Public Health: Participated in development of Bike and Pedestrian master plan for the county. Conducted HIAs on bike/ped plan and Vancouver comprehensive plan. Began work on a health element for the County comprehensive plan update. Participated in development of a sub area plan that included a health focus;Cowlitz County Health Department: Primary focus is in Longview & Castle Rock.;Garfield County Health District: Safe walking and biking routes in coordination w/ the school.;Grant County Public Health District: Approached the city of Ephrata to consider new school zones. Discussed with DOT placement of school zones on state highway.;Island County Public Health Department: Tobacco free parks and recreation and local hospital and Navy campuses Active community-based coalition focusing on policy changes and community changes to increase physical activity based on policy and environmental changes...includes city and county staff with responsibilities in the areas of transportation planning, public works...;Kitsap County Health District: Added language related to active community initiatives (complete streets etc.) to County comprehensive plan;Kittitas County Public Health: Safe Routes 2 School road markings and signage Non Motorized transportation plan committee.;Klickitat County Public Health: Our Healthy People Alliance subcommittee has met with DOT managers to explore enhancing walking/bike path in one community.;Mason County Public Health: Embarked on a presentation ‘road show’ to educate policymakers civic groups, service providers, school districts, business groups, health providers, and other i;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: working with local schools to develop safe walking routes to school to increase opportunites for students to walk/bike safely to school. Part of healthy communities program-.5 FTE total;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Work included providing technical assistance and support that supported the BOH guidelines for Healthy Communities providing assistance to eight communities through CPPW to implement policy change (examples include;Skagit County Department of Public Health: worked with non-moterized plan to make sure that bike lanes ad shlters were offered. We also maitnained our 15 year old activity coalition;Snohomish Health District: Staffed the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee; Assisted with grant writing for the Safe Routes to School Project; Conducted a sidewalk survey for the City of Lynnwood; Provided technical assistance to the City of Lynnwood Parks & Recreation Department;Spokane Regional Health District: *Worked with city officials to develop/implement growth management plans that increased the number of active community environments in Spokane County. *Provided technical assistance and support for communities to implement activities (like Spokane Summer Parkways) to make their neighborhoods bicycle and pedestrian friendly. ;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Complete street project with City of TAcoma. Technical assistance to ther lcoal cities and towns. Health Impact Assessment for transportation recommendations for City of Puyallup.;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS continued participation in Healthy Kids Safe Streets Action Plan and regional discussions on Active Community Environments (LCDF from DOH).;Whatcom County Health Department: Participated in community transportation planning as technical adviser to Community Transportation Advisory Group. Advocated for complete streets policy changes/organized complete streets training.;Whitman County Public Health: Sponsored a walk and/or a bike ride in the city of Pullman.;State Total: ;
ACE: Attend trainings 17
ACE: Develop policy proposals 14
ACE: Engage stake-holders 18
ACE: Implement change 5
ACE: LHJ FTE 15.655 (21 out of 35)
Large drinking water system (Group A) surveys 816
Drinking water samples from public water systems submitted and evaluated for public health protection 156454
Drinking water health advisories issued 98
People who were affected by these drinking water health advisories 39352
LHJs Provide Behavioral Health 7
Behavioral Health Patients 5328 (7 out of 35)
Behavioral Health Visits 327033 (7 out of 35)
Health Care Credentials 340993
Lab Inspections 275
Complaint investigations about health care professionals N/A
Clinical Labs Regulated by DOH N/A
Birth Certificates Issued 270668 (35 out of 35)
Death Certificates Issued 198591 (35 out of 35)
Birth Records Registered 86510
Death Records Registered 48246
Amendments made to Birth and Death Records by DOH 50837
Provide HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing 33
HIV Counseling and Testing Clients 11864 (33 out of 35)
HIV Counseling and Testing Visits 14420 (33 out of 35)
Provide HIV/AIDS Treatment 0
HIV/AIDS Treatment Clients 0 (0 out of 35)
HIV/AIDS Treatment Visits 0 (0 out of 35)
Direct Administration of Flu Vaccine 31
Flu Vaccine Doses Adminstered to Patients by the LHJ 60181 (31 out of 35)
Doses of Flu Vaccine Ordered by Providers (not including LHJ offices) 483170
Fatal Lab Confirmed Influenza Cases 6
Flu vaccinations given by LHJs and providers to patients of all ages N/A
Times Activated ICS for Public Health 28 (35 out of 35)
Times Activated ICS for Other Purposes 39 (35 out of 35)
First Steps Maternity Support Patients (Unduplicated) 24157 (26 out of 35)
First Steps Maternity Support Visits 89653 (26 out of 35)
Infant Case Management Patients 11490 (25 out of 35)
Infant Case Management Visits 30872 (26 out of 35)
Initiative: Tobacco Free (TF) 31
TF: How addressed Adams County Health Department: planning to encourage farmers market to be tobacco free; planning of healthy communities community garden to be tobacco free;Asotin County Health District: Revised our ACHD anti-tobacco use policy. Discussion regarding policies at businesses for work site wellness activities. Tobacco free signs posted at Public Transportation bus shelters and the community garden. ;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: Supplement in paper community educational events.;Clark County Public Health: Eliminate exposure to SHS in multi-unit housing; Partnered with Portland-Vancouver metro tobacco contractors to coordinate messages and materials to landlords provided training to affordable housing managers and technical assistance to the Vancouver Housing;Cowlitz County Health Department: Posting signs for tobacco-free campuses. Working on smoke-free park policy.;Garfield County Health District: Synar checks education and signage for businesses.;Grant County Public Health District: Began our Smoke Free public housing project in 2010. Assessed employees attitudes knowledge and beliefs about second hand smoke and the implementation of a smoke free public housing;Island County Public Health Department: See previous responce but implemented Tobacco Free Parks in one district Tobacco Free hospital and Naval hospital campuses;Jefferson County Public Health: Through Healthy Youth providers and schools to decrease early initiation of tobacco use.;Kitsap County Health District: continued to promote and support smoking in Public Places Law;Kittitas County Public Health: Smoking in Public Places outreach and promotion complaint follow up and enforcement of smoking in public places violations, Tobacco Free Community ;Klickitat County Public Health: meeting with city mayors in 2 communities to gain support for tobacco free childrens parks. engaged discussion with local business partners to advertize community music events as tobacco free.;Lewis County Public Health: Worked with schools employers, and local government to promote smoke-free policies ;Lincoln County Health Department: Synar Quitline promotion, policy assessment(hospitals & schools), retailer education, TATU/Youth involvem;Mason County Public Health: Conducted 25 tobacco retailer compliance checks to reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors. Promoted the Quit Line as a referral source to medical ;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Supported TATU revised local smoking in public places policy, revised policy for non-compliant retailers, Synar ch;Okanogan County Public Health: Participate in Community Coalition addressing Tobacco Free initiatives.;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: worked with local transit authority to make bus stops tobacco free-part of healthy communities program-.5 FTE total;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: TATU and other school based education activitiessupported prevention grant application from community coalition;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Technical assistance to support the following policies: 1) BOH Smoke-Free Housing Resolution 2) BOH Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment Regulation Revisions 3) Seattle Housing Authority Smoke-Free Campus Policy 4) BOH Electronic Cigarettes Regulations;Skamania County Health Department: contracted with a health promotion specialist who did Synar complaince checks;Snohomish Health District: Promoted Tobacco Free Parks; Enforced the Clean Indoor Air Act; Promoted smoke free housing in multi-unit housing/college campuses;Spokane Regional Health District: *Regularly provided educational outreach to community leaders *Regularly updated our agency’s website for tobacco-related information *Met with coalition leaders and identified youth as the top priority for the coalition’s activities *June 2010 convened a maternal smoking summit and used the summit to implement a community plan to reduce mate;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Smokte free mulit-unit housing. Enforcced smoking in public places law. Reducing youth access to tobacco. Tobacco Free Alliance of Pierce County coalition. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS participated in local policy development of tobacco free campuses at major workplaces/public facilities (Providence St. Peter Hospital Thurston County government and WorkWell - TP&C funds from DOH) and also promoting Smoke-free housin;Wahkiakum Co. Dept. of Health and Human Svcs: Sucessfully launched campaign to declare HHS campus tobacco free;Whatcom County Health Department: Provided technical assistance for smoke-free public housing initiatives. Introduced tobacco-free parks discussions with city and county parks administrators.;Whitman County Public Health: Promoted tobacco free policies for schools.;State Total: ;
TF: Attend trainings 25
TF: Develop policy proposals 19
TF: Engage stake-holders 26
TF: Implement change 16
Tobacco retailer compliance checks conducted by LHJ 1271 (35 out of 35)
TF: LHJ FTE 30.04 (31 out of 35)
Provide HIV/AIDS Case Management 13
HIV/AIDS Case Management Clients 896 (14 out of 35)
HIV/AIDS Case Management Visits 7822 (14 out of 35)
New HIV cases requiring investigating and case reporting 749
HIV tests / specimens processed by the state lab 7457
New AIDs progression cases investigated by LHJ 415
Water Recreational Facility Permits 4581 (35 out of 35)
Water Recreational Facility Inspections 8970 (35 out of 35)
LHJs Provide Family Planning 12
Family Planning Patients 20071 (12 out of 35)
Family Planning Visits 37521 (12 out of 35)
New chronic hepatitis B cases requiring LHJ investigation 1579
New chronic hepatitis C cases requiring LHJ investigation 7195
Twinrix Hepatitis A and B doses administered 4958
Hepatitis C tests performed using home access kits provided by DOH 859
LHJs Provide Travel Immunizations 15
Travel Vaccination Doses Administered by the LHJ 15737 (15 out of 35)
LHJs Provide (or through contracted providers) WIC services 25
Total clients provided WIC Services by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 152705
Children Under Age Five Provided WIC Services by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 109044
Pregnant, Breastfeeding and Postpartum Women Provided WIC Services by LHJ (or through contracted services) 43661
LHJ WIC Nutrtition Counseling/Education Sessions provided by all staff 305421
Initiative: Decrease Injury Rate (IR) 15
IR: How addressed Asotin County Health District: Free swim lessons offered so people can safely be around our rivers. ;Benton-Franklin Health District: Participation in Safe Kids Coalition;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: `car seat safety ;Cowlitz County Health Department: participated in safe kids coalition through 2010 ended participation due to lack of funding.;Grant County Public Health District: Grant County Health District is the lead agency for Safe Kids Grant County an Accidental Injury Prevention coalition.;Kitsap County Health District: Facilitated Child Death Review Team that made recommendations for systems and policy changes to prevent unintended injuries to children.;Kittitas County Public Health: Supported fall prevention with seniors efforts child death review.;Klickitat County Public Health: Participated in Columbia Gorge Safe Kids Coalition provide car seat inspections/car seat clinics, worked with community partners to errect life jacket;Okanogan County Public Health: Safe Kids Chapter North Central Emergency Care Council;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Facilitated increased patrols for DUI through Washington Traffic Safety Commission leadership in the Drowning Network, education of policymakers on distracted driving, participation ;Spokane Regional Health District: *Worked to develop policies and county wide efforts to encourage bicycle helmet use. *Worked with community partners to implement a training system to reduce suicide rates in Spokane County. *In partnership with several community and city organizations worked develop and implement activities to decrease senior falls. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: TCPHSS staff participated in the Thurston County Safe Kids Coalition.;Whatcom County Health Department: Participated in Safe Kids Coalition and safety initiatives (car seats bicycle helmets).;Yakima Health District: YHD supports the Child Death Review panel that is coordinated by a public health nurse. Members include professionals from DSHS local fire departments, sheriffs office, local police departments, the county coroner, and hospital;State Total: ;
IR: Attend trainings 14
IR: Develop policy proposals 5
IR: Engage stake-holders 11
IR: Implement change 3
IR: LHJ FTE 8.221 (15 out of 35)
Value ($) of Food Checks Redeemed by Clients served by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 50688247.36
Value ($) of Fruit & Vegetable Checks Redeemed by Clients served by LHJs (or through contracted providers) 4495653.49
LHJ Referrals to WIC Families for Prevention or Other Social Services 590507
LHJ WIC Peer Counseling Individual Breastfeeding Sessions 3761
Solid Waste Facility Permits 436 (35 out of 35)
Solid Waste Facility Inspections 1987 (35 out of 35)
Solid Waste Complaints Followed Up N/A
Other Clinical Health Services Adams County Health Department: pregnancy tests not part of a family planning clinic.;Asotin County Health District: We just do emergency contraceptive pills and pregnancy tests for our family planning services. We do not have a clinician on staff to provide more services. We do not have practicing clinicians on staff-so we only do ECP and pregnancy tests.;Cowlitz County Health Department: immunizations;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Immunizations TB screening;Jefferson County Public Health: School based clinic family planning;Kittitas County Public Health: HIV testing Hepatitis C testing Latent TB treatment Lice checks Infant child adult immunizations Overseas travel immunizations;Okanogan County Public Health: Nursing assmt. services to Juvenile Dept. Screening TB tests.;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: None;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Dental clinic services; school-based health center primary care and counseling services;OB care; STD & TB clinic services; immunizations including travel; refugee health clinic services.;Skagit County Department of Public Health: travel immunizations;Spokane Regional Health District: 1. CD Epi program contracts with a local pharmacy to ensure access to PEP for uninsured/underinsured - medications get billed back to SRHD. In 2010 58 referrals were made for PEP; of those 30% were paid for by SRHD. 2. Refugee screenings - 963 u;Walla Walla County Health Department: STD/HIV PGTs. Screening and treatment and referral.;State Total: ;
In a Community Coalition to Improve Access 29
Role in Coalition Asotin County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Benton-Franklin Health District: Other (please describe):;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Clark County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Columbia County Public Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Cowlitz County Health Department: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Garfield County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Grant County Public Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Island County Public Health Department: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Jefferson County Public Health: Other (please describe):;Kitsap County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Kittitas County Public Health: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Lincoln County Health Department: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Mason County Public Health: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Okanogan County Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Public Health - Seattle and King County: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Skagit County Department of Public Health: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Skamania County Health Department: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Snohomish Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Spokane Regional Health District: Other (please describe):;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Coalition with LHJ as Lead Organization;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Coalition with Some LHJ Involvement;Walla Walla County Health Department: Program Conducted Entirely by LHJ Staff;Whatcom County Health Department: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;Yakima Health District: Coalition with LHJ as Equal Partner;State Total: ;
Direct client access to Health Care services program 13
Health Care Access Program Clients 61612 (13 out of 35)
Other Role in Coalition Benton-Franklin Health District: Health Care Alliance/provided Medicaid outreach;Spokane Regional Health District: several programs: 1. oral healthcare SRHD as lead 2. STD testing & treatment SRHD as lead. 3. general access some LHJ involvement 4. school-based healthcare access SRHD equal 5. BCCHP LHJ as lead;State Total: ;
LHJs Provide Needle Exchange 19
Number of Needles Exchanged 10699178 (20 out of 35)
Providers Registered With DOH to Order Vaccine 1212
Assessment Feedback Incentive Exchange Visits 246
Children With Special Health Care Needs 11693 (35 out of 35)
Other P&W: Broad P&W Project 11
Other P&W: Diabetes 5
Other P&W: Asthma 19
Other P&W: HIV/AIDS 20
Other P&W: STD 29
Other P&W: Oral Health 4
Other P&W: Violence 18
Other P&W: Substance Abuse 14
Other P&W: Mental Health 1
Other P&W: Land and Transport 13
Other P&W: All Other Topics 4
Other P&W: All Other Topics Text Adams County Health Department: Smile survey 2010 was completed with 759 children screened and a report written and presented to oral health coalition.;Clark County Public Health: Worked on county wide health equity coalition increasing community awareness of health equity issues. Providing home contraception through NFP ;Columbia County Public Health District: Domestic violence;Grays Harbor Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: chronic dosease;Island County Public Health Department: Through two community-based coalitions (CHAB and ACHIEVE) monitor and address various health issues--CHAB is broad-based in its focus and ACHIEVE is working on policy and environmental changes that make it easier to be physically active and healthy includes focus on land use and transportation planning and policis;Jefferson County Public Health: School based clinics working with STD violence and oral health. Best Practice classroom work with substance abuse provider.;Kittitas County Public Health: hepatitis prevention cancer screening.;Klickitat County Public Health: We have provided much support for community gardens to address food insecurity implemented a WIC Home Gardening project and supported farmers markets;Lincoln County Health Department: Began ABCD in partnership with local dentists and Spokane Regional Health District supported Davenport High School Womens Health event and participated in Odessa Health Night.;Skamania County Health Department: obesity;Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : Addressed senior ethnic health;Whatcom County Health Department: Adverse childhood experiences/life course health perspective.;State Total: ;
Policies Enacted Asotin County Health District: Draft breastfeeding policy no tobacco use garden policy,update to worksite wellness existing policy,policy at food bank to inc;Clallam Co. Department of Health and Human Services: school district contracted for healthier local foods to be in elementary school;Clark County Public Health: Worksite breastfeeding support policies in place in multiple governmental agencies and businesses throughout the county. School development of annual safe walk to school event promoting walking and biking to school. Bike and pedestrian plan adopted by County commissioners. ;Columbia County Public Health District: Smoke Free National Night Out Smoke Free City Playground Areas;Cowlitz County Health Department: smoke free parks in longview.;Island County Public Health Department: Tobacco Free Whidbey General Hospital Tobacco Free NAS-Whidbey Hospital Tobacco Free South Whidbey Parks Healthy Snack Policies implemented in schools 4-H, some youth groups Island COunty Public Health has a Healthy Food at Meetings policy;Kittitas County Public Health: Community garden incentives included in cluster plat code.;Klickitat County Public Health: We worked on developing/supporting worksite wellness in the county one hospital and one community business.;Mason County Public Health: Created a drug-take back policy and drop-off sites through a partnership between Mason County Public Health Public Hospital District #1 and #2, and Mason County Sheriffs Office. ;Northeast Tri-County Health District: Developed policy to waive fees for Tdap for high risk low income clients;Pacific Co. Public Health and Human Svcs Dept.: implementation of healthy summer lunch program in south Pacific County Worked to get current farmers markets certified to accept WIC vouchers and establish new farmers market in LOng Beach. Transit adopted smoke free bus stop policy;San Juan Co. Dept. of Health and Community Svcs: Transportation Plan for Special Needs Populations;Public Health - Seattle and King County: The majority of policies have been listed in the text above. In addition staff worked with King County Human Resources to develop a Lactation Accommodation Policy for all K;Skagit County Department of Public Health: a complete streets project in the city of Sedro woolley. A more aggressive safe routes to schools that resulted in a reduction of buss routes for the Mt. Vernon school district;Spokane Regional Health District: *Regional bike and pedestrian plan *City of Airway Heights Complete Streets Ordinance *Spokane Parks and Recreation policy to allow community gardens on parks land. *Implementation of a policy to build a 6 mile Fishlake Trail *Greater Hillyard neighborhood plan set into place. ;Thurston Co. Public Health and Social Svcs Dept.: Volunteer Center of Lewis Mason and Thurston Counties, Washington State Dept. of Transportation and City of Lacey, WA healthy;Whitman County Public Health: None;State Total: ;
Facilities using X-ray machines registered with DOH for safety and regulatory compliance 5795
X-ray facility routine inspections conducted to evaluate the safety of x-ray machines and the processes to prevent human over-exposure 1759
All Conditions Except STD,TB, Hep, HIV/AIDS, Measles, Salmoellosis, Pertussis, Mumps and West Nile 2916
Pertussis Cases 607
Mumps Cases 7
Measles Cases 1
Salmonellosis Cases 780
Animal Rabies Tests 408
Human West Nile Virus Cases 2
Newborn infants referred by DOH for missed hearing screenings or follow-up with abnormal results 5358 (27 out of 35)
Samples collected and analyzed for safe shellfish consumption 17668
Families receiving genetic services by contracted clinics 5085
Pesticide illness incidents investigated, both agricultural and non-agricultural 245
Mosquito samples analyzed for West Nile virus 646