WEMSIS/NEMSIS V3.5 Implementation Deadline Waiver

The Washington State Department of Health will transition from the NEMSIS Version 3.4 to the 3.5 standard on January 1, 2023.  By this date, all direct entry WEMSIS users will be upgraded to a 3.5 run form and all 3.5 data in WEMSIS will be exported to NEMSIS in the 3.5 format.  Both WEMSIS and NEMSIS will no longer accept 3.4 data submissions after December 31, 2023.

We are aware not all EMS services will be able to submit 3.5 data to WEMSIS by the state implementation date for various reasons.  If your EMS service will be unable to submit 3.5 data to WEMSIS by January 1, 2023, please submit this waiver.

1. EMS service or entity name
2. EMS service or entity contact first and last name
3. EMS service or entity contact email address
4. Anticipated NEMSIS 3.5 implementation date (i.e., start date of 3.5 data exports to WEMSIS)
5. Reason(s) for needing a 3.5 implementation date extension (beyond January 1, 2023)
Current software vendor not going live with 3.5 in WA until anticipated implementation date  
Need more time to select or transition to a new ePCR software  
Need more time to train EMS providers on new ePCR software or current software changes  
Need more time to train system administrator on new ePCR software or current software upgrades  
Data exchange or integration partner (e.g., hospital, billing) not 3.5-ready until anticipated implementation date  
 Explain "Other"
6. Provide your feedback regarding WEMSIS or the NEMSIS 3.5 standard (optional)
7. Would you like us to contact you about your question or concern? (optional)