Shellfish Harvester Training Quiz

Welcome to the Shellfish Harvester Quiz. At least one individual involved in the shellfish operations of each licensed operation is required to complete the Shellfish Harvester Training and pass this quiz. Once you pass the quiz, be sure to print out the "Congratulations, You Have Passed the Quiz" screen and keep it for your records.


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Which of the following is NOT an illness commonly associated with shellfish?

Hepatitis A   
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP)   

To control hazards that can lead to a shellfish-related illness, what three things must be considered?

Location, Temperature, and Time   
Size of Shellfish, Temperature, and Location   
Time, Tide, and Price   
Method of Harvest, Tide, and Time   

Who can you call or get notifications from to find out if a growing area is closed to commercial shellfish harvest?

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife   
Washington State Department of Health (DOH)   
Your local county health department/district.  
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration   

What's the time period when the state's Vibrio Control Plan for oysters must be followed?

March 1 - August 31   
May 15 - September 15   
April 1 - October 31  
May 1 - September 30   

What's one way you can keep your shellstock safe during vessel transportation?

Allow cats and dogs on your vessel.  
Store shellstock near fuel on your vessel.   
Have an approved marine sanitation device on your vessel.   
Allow shellstock to sit in bilge water on your vessel.   

What piece of information DOESN'T need to be on harvest tags?

Harvest Location   
Harvest Date  
Harvest Time   
Operation Certification Number   
Type of Shellfish and Quantity