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Volunteering as a Health Professional in Washington State on a limited basis

In 2014, the Washington State Legislature passed Engrossed House Bill 2351, which authorizes health care providers licensed in another United States (U.S.) jurisdiction to practice in Washington State on a limited, volunteer basis even if they do not hold a Washington State credential. The law has very strict limitations on who can practice in Washington State under this law. The provider must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The volunteer health care professional's license must be for a profession substantially equivalent to a profession regulated by a disciplining authority listed in RCW 18.130.040.
  • The volunteer health care professional must submit an attestation to the department at least 10 working days (does not include Saturday, Sunday and Washington State holidays) in advance of volunteering in Washington State, including anticipated practice dates.
  • If the person is volunteering as part of a sponsoring group, the group's name and contactinformation must be included.
  • The health care professional must hold a current, active license from the U.S. jurisdiction. The license must currently not be subject to any disciplinary action or investigation for criminal or professional misconduct in any jurisdiction.
  • The health care professional may perform only within the relevant professional scope of practice permitted under Washington State law, or U.S. jurisdiction of licensure, whichever is more restrictive.
  • The health care professional may not have volunteered in Washington State for more than 30 days in the current calendar year.
  • The volunteer health care professional may not charge for any time or services performed in Washington State, but a sponsoring organization may pay for travel expenses.

NOTE: We recommend printing a copy of your attestation and the confirmation page at the end of the survey for your records. Confirmation will not be sent separately. You must meet all the requirements to volunteer. If you do not meet all the above requirements, or if you do not file the attestation at least 10 working days before beginning volunteer practice with the department, you may be charged with unlicensed practice under RCW 18.130.190. In addition to possible injunctions and civil fines, engaging in unlicensed practice in Washington State constitutes a gross misdemeanor for a first offense, and a Class C Felony for repeat offenses RCW 18.130.190(7).

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