Dental Care Provider Survey

Thank you for participating in the Dental Care Provider Survey. The Department of Health works in partnership with the federal government to make determinations about areas and populations in Washington State that may have a shortage of healthcare providers. A Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) designation is a prerequisite for participation in a number of Federal programs. The information obtained in this survey will help us assess the healthcare needs in your area, and be used in the HPSA designation process.

For those surveying on behalf of several providers you will need to complete a survey for each individual.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. To return to a prior page select the "Back" button at the bottom of each survey page; do not use your browser's back button. To complete the survey you must select the "Submit" button at the end for your entries to be recorded. If you require assistance with any part of this survey, email or call (360) 236-2865.

The results are published in aggregate; and contain no personally identifiable information. Information collected via this survey may be subject to release in accordance with RCW 42.56 (Public Records Act).

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