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Preliminary Data SetsYears AvailableYear(s) Requested
CHARS: Quarterly InpatientN/A
CHARS: Quarterly ObservationN/A
WA Death: Annual Statistical2022 Q4
WA Death: Cause of Death Literals2022 Q4
WA Death: Names2022 Q4
Annual Data SetsYears AvailableYear(s) Requested
Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System (CHARS): Inpatient1987-2021
CHARS: Observation2009-2021
CHARS: Revisit (2016-2020)N/A
WA Death: Annual Statistical1968-2021
WA Death: Cause of Death Literals1968-2021
WA Death: Names1968-2021
WA Death: Geocode1980-2021
WA Death: Opioid Files1995-2015
WA Birth: Annual Statistical1980-2021
WA Fetal Death: Annual Statistical1992-2021
WA Linked Birth-CHARS1987-2014
WA Linked Birth-Infant Death1981-2021