Behavioral Health Agencies Licensing and Certification Rules Survey

The Department of Health is excited to work with you, our stakeholders and partners, to thoroughly overhaul the licensing and certification rules for Behavioral Health Agencies in chapter 246-341 WAC. As we begin this work, we would like to gather some information from you that will help us identify priority areas to be addressed and inform how we organize and time our rules work.

The intent of this survey is to give you the opportunity to identify which WAC sections work really well, which are okay, and which are barriers for you or your agency that you’d like to see addressed. You can provide this feedback by simply rating the WAC sections that are applicable to your agency. After DOH analyzes this high-level, preliminary data you will be invited to stakeholder workshops so that you can provide further information and feedback regarding the barriers you’ve identified so we can get to work on exploring improvements to our rules.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Stephanie Vaughn by email or call 360-236-4617 or Julie Tomaro by email or call 360-236-2937.

Information you provide here will be used only by the Washington State Department of Health for correspondence for this survey. However, this information may be subject to public disclosure in accordance with Revised Code of Washington RCW 42.45, the Public Records Act.

Please rate each WAC section.

There is limited space on each rule section to briefly state your concern or make a comment on your choice. There is also a limited comment space at the end for you to briefly describe any additional thoughts or ideas for behavioral health rulemaking.