Health Status Only

All areas are closed for the recreational (sport) harvest of scallops due to biotoxins.

Public Shellfish Beaches
  Conditionally Open
  Closed (click beaches for species)
  Closed (click beaches for species)

Marine Biotoxin Closure Zones

Closed for all species including clams, geoduck, scallops, mussels, oysters, snails and other invertebrates (not crab or shrimp).

Open for Razor Clams. Closed for all other species.

Closed for Butter Clams, Geoduck and Varnish Clams only

Closed for Butter and Varnish Clams only

Closed for Varnish Clams only

Closed for Butter and Geoduck Clams only

Closed for Butter Clams only

Closed for Geoducks only

Closed for All Crab Species

Closed for Other Species Combinations.

Shellfish Harvest Area Classification

  Conditionally Approved
  Closed Due to Pollution

WDFW Seasons & Regulations

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  • Call the 24-hour Shellfish Safety Hotline, 1-800-562-5632, for recorded information on health closures.
  • Call our Office, 360-236-3330, for more information about shellfish safety.
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