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Title Number Published or
2011 Water System Capacity Report to the Governor 331-460 09/01/2011
2015 Preconstruction Guidelines: DWSRF Preconstruction Loan Program 331-537 05/01/2015
3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools: Revised Technical Guidance 816-B-05-008 10/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA.

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A small systems guide to the Total Coliform Rule: Monitoring drinking water to protect public health 816-R-01-017A 06/01/2001 Recommended reference EPA
Abandoned Wells: Problems and Solutions 96-BR-097 01/01/2007 Recommended reference from Ecology
Abbreviated Coordinated Water System Plan Guidance 331-152 08/01/2001
Advertencia a los clientes de agua potable 331-259-6 05/01/2010
Advertencia de Salud Pública: Coliforme 331-179s 10/01/2008 Available in English
Agua de Pozos Privados: Información sobre las bacterias coliformes y el nitrato para usuarios de pozos privados 333-171s 05/01/2010 Available in English
Alternate Disinfectants 331-252 05/01/2004
Appropriate planning for a nonexpanding water system 331-479 10/01/2013
Appropriate planning for expanding community water systems 331-478 10/01/2013
Arreglos simples para las aperturas de la cabeza del pozo 331-232s 11/01/2010 Available in English
Arsenic and Clarifications to Compliance and New Source Monitoring Rule: A Quick Reference Guide 816-F-01-004 01/01/2001 Recommended reference EPA
Arsenic and Your Private Well 334-156 06/01/2008
Arsenic in Drinking Water 331-167 05/01/2011
Arsenic treatment technology: Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems 816-R-03-014 07/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Asset Management for Small Water Systems 331-445 11/01/2009
Asset management: A handbook for small water systems 816-R-03-016 09/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.

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Backflow prevention assemblies approved for installation in Washington State (2013) 331-137 06/01/2013 Recommended reference
Bats and rabies prevention 333-022 08/01/1999 Disponible en Español
Boil Water Door Hanger - English and Spanish None 10/01/2008 Note: Some publications recommend boiling the water for 3 to 5 minutes. We recommend customers bring their drinking water to a rolling boil for one minute.
Bottled Water Basics 816-K-05-003 09/01/2005 Recommended reference EPA
Buy American iron and steel products 331-491 03/01/2014

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Calibrating turbidity meters 331-404 10/01/2009
Career Opportunities For Veterans in the Water Sector 331-471 02/01/2013
CCRiWriter 816-F-02-027 12/01/2002 Recommended reference EPA
Check Up Program for Small Systems 816-K-08-002 04/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Chlorination Controls 331-398 06/01/2011
Chlorination of Drinking Water 331-253 05/01/2004
Chlorine contact time for small water systems 331-343 09/01/2011
Coliform Bacteria and Drinking Water 331-181 08/01/2011
Coliform Distribution System Sampling Procedure 331-225 09/01/2011
Coliform Information Packet 331-258 11/01/2007
Coliform Information Packet: Instructions for use by water systems 331-258-1 06/01/2011
Coliform Public Health Advisory Packet 331-260 03/01/2011
Coliform Public Health Advisory Packet: Instructions for use by water systems 331-260-1 03/01/2011
Color, taste and odor problems in drinking water 331-286 01/01/2011
Completing Your Annual WUE Report: Answers to commonly asked questions 331-459 06/01/2011
Complying with the Stage 2 Disinfectant and Disinfection Byproducts Rule: Small Entity Compliance Guide 815-R-07-014 02/01/2007 Recommended reference EPA
Computer-based testing for waterworks certification 331-424 03/01/2013
Conservar Agua - ¡Es más fácil de lo que usted piensa! 331-450s 04/01/2010 Available in English
Consumer Confidence Report Rule: A Quick Reference Guide 816-F-09-009 08/01/2009 Recommended reference EPA
Consumer Confidence Reports 331-209 01/01/2010
Consumer Confidence Reports - Electronic Delivery Options and Considerations 331-470 01/01/2013
Copper in Drinking Water 331-178 12/01/2009
Covenants for public water supply protection 331-048 03/01/2007
Cross Connection Control for Small Water Systems 331-234 03/01/2004
Cross connections can create health hazards Brochure #2 06/01/2003 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Cross-connection control manual 816-R-03-002 02/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Cross-connection control rules and definitions 331-355 03/01/2011

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Department of Health's role during a drought emergency 331-297 02/01/2011
Directrices del suministro de agua de emergencia para los servicios de alimentación 331-182s 04/01/2014 Available in English
Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproduct Stage 1 Rule 331-254 05/01/2004
Disinfection Byproducts 331-251 05/01/2004
Distribution of Elevated Nitrate Concentrations in Ground Water in Washington State 2008–3063 08/01/2008 Recommended reference from USGS
Do not drink: Contaminated water 331-265 06/01/2004
Do not drink: Water contaminated with Nitrate 331-266 06/01/2004
Drinking Water After-Hours Emergency Hotline 331-133 11/01/2015
Drinking Water and Health: What you need to know 816-K-99-001 10/01/1999 Recommended reference EPA.
Drinking Water From Household Wells 816-K-02-003 01/01/2002 Recommended reference EPA
Drinking Water Security for Small Systems Serving 3,300 or Fewer Persons 817-R-05-001 09/01/2005 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 331-233 06/01/2014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program - 2015 Guidelines 331-196 05/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program: Chapter 246-296 WAC 331-236 12/01/2011
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan: Small system preconstruction activities grant 331-499 02/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Emergency Loan Program 331-533 06/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Intended Use Plan for 18th Year Federal Capitalization Grant 331-498 05/01/2014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Intended Use Plan for 19th year Federal Capitalization Grant 331-534 05/01/2015
DWSRF Loan Program - 2015 Preconstruction Loan Program 331-529 03/01/2015
DWSRF Profile City of Mabton 331-563 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile City of Pasco 331-561 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile City of Port Townsend 331-562 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Kitsap PUD 331-564 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Lake Wenatchee 331-565 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Skookumchuck PUD 331-566 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile: City of Lynden Water Treatment Plant Replacement 331-532 04/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: City of Mabton - A rural community in Eastern Washington 331-504 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Pateros Water Quality and Supply Improvements 331-535 06/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: City of Prosser Water System Improvements 331-506 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Shelton New Upper Mountain View Pressure Zone Project 331-508 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Vader Lewis County takeover brings improvements 331-510 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Walla Walla - Slow Sand Filtration Project 331-546 07/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Clark Public Utilities - Paradise Point Water Supply System 331-548 07/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Jefferson County Public Utility District #1 - Water system consolidation and water treatment projects 331-509 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Roosevelt Water Association - Building water system capacity 331-536 06/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Seattle Public Utilities Maple Leaf Reservoir project 331-507 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Snohomish County PUD Dubuque and Cascades Acres consolidation 331-505 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Tacoma Water Green River Filtration Project 331-490 03/01/2014
DWSRF: Preconstruction and Consolidation Loans and Grants 331-503 09/01/2014

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Effective Utility Management: A primer for water and wastewater utilities None 06/01/2008
Electronic reporting of drinking water quality monitoring results 331-289 08/01/2005
Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water 816-F-06-027 08/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA.
Emergency Disinfection of Small Systems 331-242 03/01/2015
Emergency drinking water sources 331-317 05/01/2011
Emergency Funding for Water Systems 331-420 12/01/2012
Emergency Loan Guidelines - Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Program 331-545 07/01/2015
Emergency Response Planning Guide for Public Drinking Water Systems 331-211 01/01/2016
Emergency Water Supply Guidelines for Food Service Establishments 331-182 04/01/2014 This document is also available online in Spanish.
Estimated domestic, irrigation and industrial water use in Washington, 2000 2004-5015 06/01/2000 Recommended reference by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Estimated Freshwater Withdrawals in Washington, 2010 2015-5037 03/01/2015
Exempt Ground Water Withdrawals: 2009 AG Opinion AGO 2009 No. 6 09/01/2009 Recommended reference from Office of the Attorney General

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Features of an Active and Effective Protective Program 817-F-08-005 10/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Field Guide 331-486 02/01/2015
Financial viability for small water systems 331-405 08/01/2013
Flood advice for drinking water systems 331-300 11/01/2010
Flood Resilience: A basic guide for water and wastewater utilities 817-B-14-006 09/01/2014
Fluoride: Is my drinking water fluoridated? 331-409 02/01/2013
Follow-up to an Unsatisfactory Coliform Sample 331-187 07/01/2013

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General Sampling Procedure 331-219 07/01/2003
Getting Drinking Water Information 331-185 11/01/2012
Groundwater Rule 331-447 02/01/2013
Groundwater Rule Factsheet: Public Notification, Consumer Confidence Report, and Special Notice Requirements for Community Water Systems 816-F-08-026 06/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Groundwater Rule: Source Water Sample Taps 331-436 07/01/2010
Groundwater Sources Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWI) 331-216 04/01/2006
Group A Public Water Supplies: Chapter 246-290 WAC 331-010 03/01/2012 You can also download Code of Federal Regulations.
Group B Design Workbook 331-468 12/01/2012
Group B Public Water Systems: Chapter 246-291 WAC 331-071 12/01/2012
Group B Water System Design Guidelines 331-467 12/01/2012
Guideline 1: Indoor Water Conservation 331-120-1 04/01/2001
Guideline 2: Outdoor Water Conservation 331-120-2 04/01/2001
Guideline 3: Lawn Watering Guide 331-120-3 04/01/2001
Guideline 4: Indoor Water Audit 331-120-4 04/01/2001
Guideline 5: Meter Reading and Leak Repair 331-120-5 04/01/2001
Guideline 6: Soil Preparation and Planning 331-120-6 04/01/2001
Guideline 7: Irrigation and Landscaping 331-120-7 04/01/2001

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H2Ops 331-500 09/01/2014
Haloacetic Acid (HAA5) Sampling Procedure 331-223 07/01/2003
Hantavirus None 06/01/2010
Harmful Algal Blooms: Water system guidance 331-531 03/01/2015
Help protect your drinking water from contamination Brochure #4 06/01/2003 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Historical and Cultural Review - Section 106 331-446 01/01/2013
How enforcement affects operating permits 331-339 06/01/2014
How to complete a Coliform Lab Slip 331-247 06/01/2011
How to Handle Chlorine Gas Safely 331-364 05/01/2010
How to Hire an Engineer 331-044 09/01/2013
How-to manual: Update and enhance your local source water protection assessments 816-K-06-004 09/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA
Hydropneumatic Tanks 331-380 05/01/2011 Disponible en Español

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Inorganic Chemical (IOC) Sampling Procedure 331-221 07/01/2003
Inventory of Potential Contamination Sources in Washington's Wellhead Protection Areas 331-076 12/01/1993
It's YOUR Drinking Water: Get to Know It and Protect It! 810-K-99-002 05/01/1999 Recommended reference EPA.

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K-12 Education Material None 03/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Keeping your drinking water safe 331-275 09/01/2004 VHS Video

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Lawn irrigation systems and backflow prevention Brochure #3 06/01/2003 Recommended reference from American Water Works Association.
Lead and Copper Monitoring 331-111 12/01/2009
Lead and Copper Monitoring and Reporting Guidance for Public Water Systems 816-R-02-009 02/01/2002 Recommended reference EPA
Lead and Copper Sampling Procedure 331-227 12/01/2009
Lead in Drinking Water 331-177 12/01/2009
Lead in drinking water in schools and non-residential buildings 812-B-94-002 04/01/1994 Recommended reference EPA
Lead in School Drinking Water 331-255 05/01/2011
Leak Detection Card: Unrepaired Leaks Can Be Costly None 07/01/2006 Print this PDF at 100 percent for accurate sizing.
Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule 331-369 06/01/2011

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Manual of Cross-Connection Control, Tenth Edition None 01/01/2011 You can order this publication from the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.
Measuring Free Chlorine 331-442 10/01/2010
Measuring Water Levels in Wells 331-428 06/01/2009
Multiple Wells, One Aquifer: How to show many wells draw from the same aquifer 331-235 06/01/2006
Municipal Water Law: Approval Requirement for Water System Plans 331-368 09/01/2013
Municipal Water Law: Duty to Provide Service Requirement 331-366 11/01/2010
Municipal Water Law: Expanding a water right place of use 331-367 11/01/2010
Municipal Water Suppliers: Service areas in planning documents 331-432 11/01/2010

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News Release Template - Announcing Nitrate Advisory 331-259-3 05/01/2010
News Release Template - Cancel Nitrate Advisory 331-259-4 05/01/2010
News Release Template: Boil Water Advisory 331-260-2 03/01/2011
News Release Template: Rescinding Boil Water Advisory 331-260-3 03/01/2011
Nitrate Door Hanger Public Notice 331-259-2 05/01/2010
Nitrate in Drinking Water 331-214 06/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Nitrate Public Health Advisory Packet 331-259 05/01/2010
Nitrate Public Health Advisory Packet: Instructions for use by water systems 331-259-1 05/01/2010
Nitrate Sampling Procedure 331-222 12/01/2009
Nitrate Treatment Alternatives for Small Water Systems 331-309 06/01/2005
Nitratos en el agua potable 331-214s 05/01/2012 Available in English
Noncommunity Small Water System Management Program Guide 331-474 07/01/2013

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Office of Drinking Water authority over operators and water systems 331-449 10/01/2015
Office of Drinking Water Fee Schedule 331-228 01/01/2014
Online pre-adequacy water system information 331-090 06/01/2010
Operating Permit Program Plan Adequacy Table 331-257 08/01/2010 Supplements Operating Permits Fact Sheet, 331-168.
Operating Permits for Drinking Water Systems 331-168 12/01/2010
Owning and Managing a Drinking Water System 331-084 12/01/2013

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Pest Control 331-363 09/01/2007
Pesticides in Public Supply Wells of Washington State FS-122-96 05/01/1996 Recommended reference from USGS.
Pipeline Separation Design and Installation Reference Guide 06-10-029 05/01/2006 Recommended reference from the Department of Ecology.
Planning requirements for public water systems 331-202 12/01/2010
Point-of-use or point-of-entry treatment strategy 331-358 03/01/2007
Potential GWI Sources-Determining Hydraulic Connection Through Water Quality Monitoring 331-230 08/01/2003
Potential GWI Sources--Microscopic Particulate Analysis 331-231 08/01/2003
Pozos Privados: Información para los dueños 331-349s 06/01/2010 Available in English
Preparing a Coliform Monitoring Plan: For large or multiple-source systems 331-036 04/01/2013
Preparing a Coliform Monitoring Plan: For systems with one supply source 331-240 08/01/2013
Preparing a Coliform Monitoring Plan: For wholesale or consecutive systems 331-475 07/01/2013
Preparing user-friendly consumer confidence reports 331-296 06/01/2012
Preparing Water Shortage Response Plans 331-301 07/01/2011
Preparing Your Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report 816-R-09-011 04/01/2010 Recommended reference EPA
Pressure Relief Valves on Pressure Tanks 331-429 05/01/2011 Disponible en Español
Preventive maintenance card file for small public water systems using ground water - Guide Booklet 816-B-04-002 12/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Preventive maintenance program: Guide for small public water systems using groundwater 331-351 11/01/2011
Private Well Water: Coliform Bacteria and Nitrate Information for Private Well Users 333-171 05/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Private wells: Information for owners 331-349 06/01/2010 Disponible en Español Produced with Department of Ecology.
Procedimiento de Muestreo de Bacterias Coliformes en el Sistema de Distribución de Agua 331-225-S 07/01/2012
Procedimiento de Muestreo del Nitrato 331-222-S 07/01/2012
Progress Report to the Legislature: Small Public Drinking Water Systems 331-417 12/01/2008
Protección sanitaria de depósitos de agua y conductos de ventilación 331-250s 02/01/2011 Available in English.
Protección sanitaria de depósitos de agua: La escotilla 331-249s 02/01/2011 Available in English.
Protect your water heater from thermal expansion Brochure #5 11/01/2009 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Protecting Public Health: Requirements for Waterworks Operators 331-466 08/01/2012
Public disclosure of water system plans 331-410 06/01/2008
Public Health Advisory: Coliform 331-179 10/01/2008 Disponible en Español
Public Notification Handbook (Revised) 816-R-09-013 03/01/2010 Recommended reference EPA
Public Notification Handbook for Transient Noncommunity Water Systems 816-R-09-009 03/01/2010 Recommended reference EPA.
Public Notification Helps Protect Public Health 331-239 01/01/2011
Public Water System Coordination Act Handbook 331-027 06/01/1984
Pump Controls 331-401 03/01/2008
Pump House Piping 331-406 08/01/2008

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Radionuclides in drinking water 331-056 06/01/2011
Receivership 331-299 05/01/2005
Recommendations Regarding Affordability and Sustainability of the State’s Drinking Water Systems 331-241 10/01/2003
Recommended Standards for Water Works 331-NonDOH 11/01/2012 Prepared by the Water Supply Committe of the Great Lakes-Upper Mississippi River Board of State and Provincial Public Health and Enironmental Managers.
Records Retention Reminder 331-431 11/01/2015
Reduce Leaks: Using water audits and leak detection surveys 331-388 02/01/2008
Relevancy of Training for Certified Waterworks Operators 331-186 06/01/2011
Requirement of Adequate Water Supply Before a Building Permit is Issued: AG Opinion AGO 1992 No. 17 07/01/1992 Recommended reference from Office of the Attorney General.
Residential fire sprinkler systems and backflow prevention Brochure #1 06/01/2005 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Responding to a Backflow Incident 331-494 05/01/2014
Responding to a pressure-loss event 331-338 06/01/2014
Responding to a threat against a water system 331-183 12/01/2012
Revised Guidance Manual for Selecting Lead and Copper Control Strategies 816-R-03-001 03/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Routine Coliform Monitoring Requirements 331-205 10/01/2010

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Sanitary Control Area Protection 331-453 10/01/2010
Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs - Vents 331-250 12/01/2010 Disponible en Español.
Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs: Hatches 331-249 12/01/2010 Disponible en Español.
Sanitary Survey Fee Change - Q&A 331-477 10/01/2013
Sanitary Surveys 331-362 06/01/2007 DVD Video
Sanitary Surveys of Drinking Water Systems 331-197 01/01/2015
Satellite Management Planning Handbook 331-103 10/01/1995 Not available online.
Satellite System Management Agencies: Chapter 246-295 WAC 331-237 09/01/1994
School Lead Testing Results from 2005 Grant Program 331-326 11/01/2005
Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Water Systems None 12/01/2005 Recommended reference Rural Community Assistance Partnership
Service area policies 331-438 02/01/2013
Setting Goals to Use Water Efficiently 331-402 06/01/2008
Setting small drinking water system rates for a sustainable future 816-R-05-006 01/01/2006 Recommended Reference EPA
Shut-down Procedures for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-311 08/01/2011
Simple Fixes for Wellhead Openings 331-232 11/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Sistemas de control de tanque hidroneumaticos 331-380s 05/01/2011 Available in English
Slow Sand Filtration and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration for Small Water Systems 331-204 04/01/2003 Note: Large document, may be slow to download.
Small Public Drinking Water Systems 331-437 07/01/2009
Small Water System Management Program Guide 331-134 06/01/2014 You can order this document on CD or download it using the link below.
Small Water System Start-up Shut-down Self-Inspection Checklist 331-312 10/01/2010
Solución de Problemas de los Tanques de Presión de Vejiga 331-342s 06/01/2013 Available in English
Source Water Protection Local Assistance Grant Program Guidelines 331-552 08/01/2015
Source Water Protection Requirements 331-106 05/01/2012
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 21st Edition ISBN 978-0-87553-047-5 01/01/2005 Recommended reference from AWWA. Cost: nonmember $250, member $185. Hardback; 2005; Catalog No. 10084
Start-up and Shut-down Assistance for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-314 06/01/2005
Start-up and Shut-down Assistance for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems Instructions 331-314-1 08/01/2011
Start-up Procedures for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-310 08/01/2011
Stop Water Waste - It's easier than you think! 331-450 04/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Strategic Planning: A handbook for small water systems 816-R-03-015 09/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Surface Water as a Source of Public Drinking Water 331-207 01/01/2011
Surface Water Treatment Rule 331-085 09/01/1995 We created this electronic copy from the original 1995 version. Although it looks different, the content is the same.
Surface Water Treatment Rules: Conventional or Direct Filtration 816-F-04-003 08/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Surface Water Treatment Rules: Slow Sand, Diatomaceous Earth or Alternative Filtration 816-F-04-002 08/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Synthetic Organic Chemical (SOC) Sampling Procedure 331-224 07/01/2003

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Tabletop exercise planning guide for public water systems 331-279 01/01/2005
Taking stock of your water system: A simple asset inventory for very small drinking water systems 816-K-03-002 10/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Talking to your customers about chronic contaminants in drinking water 816-F-07-022 10/01/2007 Recommended reference EPA.
Tap into Goodness 331-374 09/01/2007
Tech Briefs None 11/01/2005 Recommended reference from National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
Testing critical alarms 331-472 03/01/2013
Testing for lead in school drinking water systems 331-261 10/01/2006
The Multiple Barrier Approach to Public Health Protection 816-K-06-005 09/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA
The Office of Drinking Water 331-287 03/01/2013
The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act 331-473 05/01/2013
The Revised Total Coliform Rule 331-556 12/01/2015
The Source Monitoring Waiver Process 331-359 08/01/2011
Timely and Reasonable Water Service 331-444 12/01/2012
Total Trihalomethane (TTHM) Sampling Procedure 331-226 07/01/2003
Training for water system boards and commissions 331-290 07/01/2004 DVD Video
Transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule Monitoring 331-377 08/01/2011
Transitioning the Financial Management of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 331-502 09/01/2014
Translated Drinking Water Warnings 331-246 03/01/2004
Treating Drinking Water for Emergency Use 331-115 10/01/2014 Note: Some publications recommend boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. We recommend bringing drinking water to a roiling boil for one minute.
Treatment Optimization Program None 02/01/2011
Troubleshooting Bladder Pressure Tanks 331-342 08/01/2015 Disponible en Español
Troubleshooting Checklist for Coliform Contamination 331-180 08/01/2010
Truck Transportation: Emergency water supply for public use 331-063 10/01/2012
Turbidity Monitoring & Meter Setup - For rapid-rate filtration plants 331-538 06/01/2015
Types of Coliform Violations for Group A Public Water Systems 331-206 01/01/2011

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Válvulas de Alivio de Presión en los Tanques de Presión 331-429s 05/01/2011 Available in English
Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) Sampling Procedure 331-220 07/01/2003
Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation's Ground Water and Drinking-Water Supply Wells Circular 1292 04/01/2006 Recommended reference U.S. Geological Service

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Warning to Drinking Water Customers 331-259-5 05/01/2010
Washington State's Group B drinking water program 331-555 11/01/2015
Washington State's Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) 331-148 06/01/2005
Washington WARN - Washington’s Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network None 09/01/2009
Water Fluoridation in Washington 331-NonDOH 02/01/2010
Water on Tap: What you need to know 816-K-03-007 10/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
WATER Power Tools None 06/01/2008 Recommended reference from GeoAnalytica
Water Rates: Paying for drinking water 331-327 01/01/2011
Water Shortage 331-463 06/01/2010
Water shortage response plans for small public drinking water systems 331-316 10/01/2008
Water System Capacity 331-283 08/01/2013
Water system capacity development strategy for existing water systems 331-277 11/01/2004
Water System Coordination Act: Chapter 246-293 331-333 09/01/1997
Water System Design Manual 331-123 12/01/2009
Water System Liability 331-322 07/01/2005 VHS Video
Water System Planning Handbook 331-068 04/01/1997 Before developing your planning document, please contact your Office of Drinking Water regional planner for current information on what to include in your water system plan or small water system management program or to schedule a pre-plan conference
Water System Security and Emergency Response Planning 331-199 05/01/2011
Water System Service Capacity in Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) 331-441 08/01/2009
Water Tap 331-200 03/01/2011 Published quarterly.