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2015 Preconstruction Guidelines: DWSRF Preconstruction Loan Program 331-537 05/01/2015
3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools: Revised Technical Guidance 816-B-05-008 10/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA.
A small systems guide to the Total Coliform Rule: Monitoring drinking water to protect public health 816-R-01-017A 06/01/2001 Recommended reference EPA
Abbreviated Coordinated Water System Plan Guidance 331-152 08/01/2001
Arsenic and Clarifications to Compliance and New Source Monitoring Rule: A Quick Reference Guide 816-F-01-004 01/01/2001 Recommended reference EPA
Arsenic treatment technology: Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems 816-R-03-014 07/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Asset management: A handbook for small water systems 816-R-03-016 09/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Complying with the Stage 2 Disinfectant and Disinfection Byproducts Rule: Small Entity Compliance Guide 815-R-07-014 02/01/2007 Recommended reference EPA
Covenants for public water supply protection 331-048 03/01/2007
Cross Connection Control for Small Water Systems 331-234 03/01/2004
Cross-connection control manual 816-R-03-002 02/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Cross-connection control rules and definitions 331-355 03/01/2011
Drinking Water Security for Small Systems Serving 3,300 or Fewer Persons 817-R-05-001 09/01/2005 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program - 2015 Guidelines 331-196 05/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program: Chapter 246-296 WAC 331-236 12/01/2011
Effective Utility Management: A primer for water and wastewater utilities None 06/01/2008
Electronic reporting of drinking water quality monitoring results 331-289 08/01/2005
Emergency drinking water sources 331-317 05/01/2011
Emergency Loan Guidelines - Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Program 331-545 07/01/2015
Emergency Response Planning Guide for Public Drinking Water Systems 331-211 01/01/2016
Field Guide 331-486 02/01/2015
Flood Resilience: A basic guide for water and wastewater utilities 817-B-14-006 09/01/2014
Group A Public Water Supplies: Chapter 246-290 WAC 331-010 03/01/2012 You can also download Code of Federal Regulations.
Group B Design Workbook 331-468 12/01/2012
Group B Public Water Systems: Chapter 246-291 WAC 331-071 12/01/2012
Group B Water System Design Guidelines 331-467 12/01/2012
How-to manual: Update and enhance your local source water protection assessments 816-K-06-004 09/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA
Lead and Copper Monitoring 331-111 12/01/2009
Lead and Copper Monitoring and Reporting Guidance for Public Water Systems 816-R-02-009 02/01/2002 Recommended reference EPA
Lead in drinking water in schools and non-residential buildings 812-B-94-002 04/01/1994 Recommended reference EPA
Manual of Cross-Connection Control, Tenth Edition None 01/01/2011 You can order this publication from the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.
Nitrate Treatment Alternatives for Small Water Systems 331-309 06/01/2005
Noncommunity Small Water System Management Program Guide 331-474 07/01/2013
Office of Drinking Water Fee Schedule 331-228 01/01/2014
Operating Permit Program Plan Adequacy Table 331-257 08/01/2010 Supplements Operating Permits Fact Sheet, 331-168.
Pipeline Separation Design and Installation Reference Guide 06-10-029 05/01/2006 Recommended reference from the Department of Ecology.
Potential GWI Sources-Determining Hydraulic Connection Through Water Quality Monitoring 331-230 08/01/2003
Potential GWI Sources--Microscopic Particulate Analysis 331-231 08/01/2003
Preparing a Coliform Monitoring Plan: For large or multiple-source systems 331-036 04/01/2013
Preparing a Coliform Monitoring Plan: For systems with one supply source 331-240 08/01/2013
Preparing Water Shortage Response Plans 331-301 07/01/2011
Preparing Your Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report 816-R-09-011 04/01/2010 Recommended reference EPA
Preventive maintenance card file for small public water systems using ground water - Guide Booklet 816-B-04-002 12/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Preventive maintenance program: Guide for small public water systems using groundwater 331-351 11/01/2011
Protecting Public Health: Requirements for Waterworks Operators 331-466 08/01/2012
Public Notification Handbook (Revised) 816-R-09-013 03/01/2010 Recommended reference EPA
Public Notification Handbook for Transient Noncommunity Water Systems 816-R-09-009 03/01/2010 Recommended reference EPA.
Public Water System Coordination Act Handbook 331-027 06/01/1984
Recommended Standards for Water Works 331-NonDOH 11/01/2012 Prepared by the Water Supply Committe of the Great Lakes-Upper Mississippi River Board of State and Provincial Public Health and Enironmental Managers.
Revised Guidance Manual for Selecting Lead and Copper Control Strategies 816-R-03-001 03/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Satellite Management Planning Handbook 331-103 10/01/1995 Not available online.
Satellite System Management Agencies: Chapter 246-295 WAC 331-237 09/01/1994
Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Water Systems None 12/01/2005 Recommended reference Rural Community Assistance Partnership
Setting Goals to Use Water Efficiently 331-402 06/01/2008
Setting small drinking water system rates for a sustainable future 816-R-05-006 01/01/2006 Recommended Reference EPA
Slow Sand Filtration and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration for Small Water Systems 331-204 04/01/2003 Note: Large document, may be slow to download.
Small Water System Start-up Shut-down Self-Inspection Checklist 331-312 10/01/2010
Source Water Protection Local Assistance Grant Program Guidelines 331-552 08/01/2015
Strategic Planning: A handbook for small water systems 816-R-03-015 09/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Surface Water Treatment Rule 331-085 09/01/1995 We created this electronic copy from the original 1995 version. Although it looks different, the content is the same.
Surface Water Treatment Rules: Conventional or Direct Filtration 816-F-04-003 08/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Surface Water Treatment Rules: Slow Sand, Diatomaceous Earth or Alternative Filtration 816-F-04-002 08/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Tabletop exercise planning guide for public water systems 331-279 01/01/2005
Taking stock of your water system: A simple asset inventory for very small drinking water systems 816-K-03-002 10/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Water shortage response plans for small public drinking water systems 331-316 10/01/2008
Water system capacity development strategy for existing water systems 331-277 11/01/2004
Water System Coordination Act: Chapter 246-293 331-333 09/01/1997
Water System Design Manual 331-123 12/01/2009
Water System Planning Handbook 331-068 04/01/1997 Before developing your planning document, please contact your Office of Drinking Water regional planner for current information on what to include in your water system plan or small water system management program or to schedule a pre-plan conference
Water System Service Capacity in Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) 331-441 08/01/2009
Water Use Efficiency Guidebook 331-375 01/01/2011 Third Edition
Waterworks Operator Certification Program Guideline 331-109 06/01/2013
Waterworks Operator Certification, Chapter WAC 246-292 331-108 11/01/2005
Wellhead Protection Program Guidance Document 331-018 06/01/2010
When every drop counts: Protecting public health during drought conditions 09/01/2010 Recommended reference CDC
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