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2015 Preconstruction Guidelines: DWSRF Preconstruction Loan Program 331-537 05/01/2015
3Ts for Reducing Lead in Drinking Water in Schools: Revised Technical Guidance 816-B-05-008 10/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA.
Arsenic and Clarifications to Compliance and New Source Monitoring Rule: A Quick Reference Guide 816-F-01-004 01/01/2001 Recommended reference EPA
Arsenic and Your Private Well 334-156 06/01/2008
Asset Management for Small Water Systems 331-445 11/01/2009
Bats and rabies prevention 333-022 08/01/1999 Disponible en Español
Calibrating turbidity meters 331-404 10/01/2009
Check Up Program for Small Systems 816-K-08-002 04/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Chlorination Controls 331-398 06/01/2011
Chlorine contact time for small water systems 331-343 09/01/2011
Consumer Confidence Reports 331-209 01/01/2010
Drinking Water Security for Small Systems Serving 3,300 or Fewer Persons 817-R-05-001 09/01/2005 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Emergency Loan Program 331-533 06/01/2015
Field Guide 331-486 02/01/2015
Groundwater Rule Factsheet: Public Notification, Consumer Confidence Report, and Special Notice Requirements for Community Water Systems 816-F-08-026 06/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Guideline 5: Meter Reading and Leak Repair 331-120-5 04/01/2001
Harmful Algal Blooms: Water system guidance 331-531 03/01/2015
How enforcement affects operating permits 331-339 06/01/2014
How to Handle Chlorine Gas Safely 331-364 05/01/2010
How to Hire an Engineer 331-044 09/01/2013
Hydropneumatic Tanks 331-380 05/01/2011 Disponible en Español
Keeping your drinking water safe 331-275 09/01/2004 VHS Video
Lead in drinking water in schools and non-residential buildings 812-B-94-002 04/01/1994 Recommended reference EPA
Leak Detection Card: Unrepaired Leaks Can Be Costly None 07/01/2006 Print this PDF at 100 percent for accurate sizing.
Measuring Free Chlorine 331-442 10/01/2010
Measuring Water Levels in Wells 331-428 06/01/2009
Operating Permits for Drinking Water Systems 331-168 12/01/2010
Pest Control 331-363 09/01/2007
Preparing user-friendly consumer confidence reports 331-296 06/01/2012
Preventive maintenance card file for small public water systems using ground water - Guide Booklet 816-B-04-002 12/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Preventive maintenance program: Guide for small public water systems using groundwater 331-351 11/01/2011
Protección sanitaria de depósitos de agua y conductos de ventilación 331-250s 02/01/2011 Available in English.
Protección sanitaria de depósitos de agua: La escotilla 331-249s 02/01/2011 Available in English.
Pump Controls 331-401 03/01/2008
Pump House Piping 331-406 08/01/2008
Records Retention Reminder 331-431 11/01/2015
Reduce Leaks: Using water audits and leak detection surveys 331-388 02/01/2008
Responding to a pressure-loss event 331-338 06/01/2014
Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs - Vents 331-250 12/01/2010 Disponible en Español.
Sanitary Protection of Reservoirs: Hatches 331-249 12/01/2010 Disponible en Español.
Sanitary Survey Fee Change - Q&A 331-477 10/01/2013
Sanitary Surveys 331-362 06/01/2007 DVD Video
Sanitary Surveys of Drinking Water Systems 331-197 01/01/2015
Shut-down Procedures for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-311 08/01/2011
Simple Fixes for Wellhead Openings 331-232 11/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Sistemas de control de tanque hidroneumaticos 331-380s 05/01/2011 Available in English
Small Water System Start-up Shut-down Self-Inspection Checklist 331-312 10/01/2010
Solución de Problemas de los Tanques de Presión de Vejiga 331-342s 06/01/2013 Available in English
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 21st Edition ISBN 978-0-87553-047-5 01/01/2005 Recommended reference from AWWA. Cost: nonmember $250, member $185. Hardback; 2005; Catalog No. 10084
Start-up and Shut-down Assistance for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-314 06/01/2005
Start-up and Shut-down Assistance for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems Instructions 331-314-1 08/01/2011
Start-up Procedures for Seasonal Noncommunity Water Systems 331-310 08/01/2011
Taking stock of your water system: A simple asset inventory for very small drinking water systems 816-K-03-002 10/01/2004 Recommended reference EPA
Tech Briefs None 11/01/2005 Recommended reference from National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
Testing critical alarms 331-472 03/01/2013
The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act 331-473 05/01/2013
The Revised Total Coliform Rule 331-556 12/01/2015
Training for water system boards and commissions 331-290 07/01/2004 DVD Video
Troubleshooting Bladder Pressure Tanks 331-342 08/01/2015 Disponible en Español
Turbidity Monitoring & Meter Setup - For rapid-rate filtration plants 331-538 06/01/2015
Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation's Ground Water and Drinking-Water Supply Wells Circular 1292 04/01/2006 Recommended reference U.S. Geological Service
WATER Power Tools None 06/01/2008 Recommended reference from GeoAnalytica
Water System Capacity 331-283 08/01/2013
Water system capacity development strategy for existing water systems 331-277 11/01/2004
Water System Design Manual 331-123 12/01/2009
Water System Liability 331-322 07/01/2005 VHS Video
When an institutional building becomes a water system 331-488 01/01/2014
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