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Abandoned Wells: Problems and Solutions 96-BR-097 01/01/2007 Recommended reference from Ecology
Agua de Pozos Privados: Información sobre las bacterias coliformes y el nitrato para usuarios de pozos privados 333-171s 05/01/2010 Available in English
Arsenic and Your Private Well 334-156 06/01/2008
Bats and rabies prevention 333-022 08/01/1999 Disponible en Español
Bottled Water Basics 816-K-05-003 09/01/2005 Recommended reference EPA
Career Opportunities For Veterans in the Water Sector 331-471 02/01/2013
Coliform Distribution System Sampling Procedure 331-225 09/01/2011
Computer-based testing for waterworks certification 331-424 03/01/2013
Consumer Confidence Reports - Electronic Delivery Options and Considerations 331-470 01/01/2013
Cross connections can create health hazards Brochure #2 06/01/2003 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Distribution of Elevated Nitrate Concentrations in Ground Water in Washington State 2008–3063 08/01/2008 Recommended reference from USGS
Drinking Water After-Hours Emergency Hotline 331-133 11/01/2015
Drinking Water and Health: What you need to know 816-K-99-001 10/01/1999 Recommended reference EPA.
Drinking Water From Household Wells 816-K-02-003 01/01/2002 Recommended reference EPA
Emergency Disinfection of Small Systems 331-242 03/01/2015
Emergency Funding for Water Systems 331-420 12/01/2012
Estimated Freshwater Withdrawals in Washington, 2010 2015-5037 03/01/2015
Features of an Active and Effective Protective Program 817-F-08-005 10/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Financial viability for small water systems 331-405 08/01/2013
General Sampling Procedure 331-219 07/01/2003
Guideline 1: Indoor Water Conservation 331-120-1 04/01/2001
Guideline 2: Outdoor Water Conservation 331-120-2 04/01/2001
Guideline 3: Lawn Watering Guide 331-120-3 04/01/2001
Guideline 4: Indoor Water Audit 331-120-4 04/01/2001
Guideline 5: Meter Reading and Leak Repair 331-120-5 04/01/2001
Guideline 6: Soil Preparation and Planning 331-120-6 04/01/2001
Guideline 7: Irrigation and Landscaping 331-120-7 04/01/2001
Haloacetic Acid (HAA5) Sampling Procedure 331-223 07/01/2003
Help protect your drinking water from contamination Brochure #4 06/01/2003 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
How to complete a Coliform Lab Slip 331-247 06/01/2011
How to Handle Chlorine Gas Safely 331-364 05/01/2010
How to Hire an Engineer 331-044 09/01/2013
Inorganic Chemical (IOC) Sampling Procedure 331-221 07/01/2003
Lawn irrigation systems and backflow prevention Brochure #3 06/01/2003 Recommended reference from American Water Works Association.
Lead and Copper Sampling Procedure 331-227 12/01/2009
Measuring Free Chlorine 331-442 10/01/2010
Measuring Water Levels in Wells 331-428 06/01/2009
Nitrate Sampling Procedure 331-222 12/01/2009
Owning and Managing a Drinking Water System 331-084 12/01/2013
Pest Control 331-363 09/01/2007
Pozos Privados: Información para los dueños 331-349s 06/01/2010 Available in English
Preparing user-friendly consumer confidence reports 331-296 06/01/2012
Private Well Water: Coliform Bacteria and Nitrate Information for Private Well Users 333-171 05/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Private wells: Information for owners 331-349 06/01/2010 Disponible en Español Produced with Department of Ecology.
Procedimiento de Muestreo de Bacterias Coliformes en el Sistema de Distribución de Agua 331-225-S 07/01/2012
Procedimiento de Muestreo del Nitrato 331-222-S 07/01/2012
Protect your water heater from thermal expansion Brochure #5 11/01/2009 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Reduce Leaks: Using water audits and leak detection surveys 331-388 02/01/2008
Residential fire sprinkler systems and backflow prevention Brochure #1 06/01/2005 Recommended reference from the American Water Works Association.
Sanitary Control Area Protection 331-453 10/01/2010
Source Water Protection Requirements 331-106 05/01/2012
Stop Water Waste - It's easier than you think! 331-450 04/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Synthetic Organic Chemical (SOC) Sampling Procedure 331-224 07/01/2003
Testing for lead in school drinking water systems 331-261 10/01/2006
The Multiple Barrier Approach to Public Health Protection 816-K-06-005 09/01/2006 Recommended reference EPA
The Revised Total Coliform Rule 331-556 12/01/2015
Total Trihalomethane (TTHM) Sampling Procedure 331-226 07/01/2003
Translated Drinking Water Warnings 331-246 03/01/2004
Treating Drinking Water for Emergency Use 331-115 10/01/2014 Note: Some publications recommend boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. We recommend bringing drinking water to a roiling boil for one minute.
Truck Transportation: Emergency water supply for public use 331-063 10/01/2012
Types of Coliform Violations for Group A Public Water Systems 331-206 01/01/2011
Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) Sampling Procedure 331-220 07/01/2003
Washington WARN - Washington’s Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network None 09/01/2009
Water on Tap: What you need to know 816-K-03-007 10/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Water Shortage 331-463 06/01/2010
Water System Security and Emergency Response Planning 331-199 05/01/2011
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