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Financial Assistance & State Revolving Fund (SRF)

Title Number Published or
2015 Preconstruction Guidelines: DWSRF Preconstruction Loan Program 331-537 05/01/2015
Buy American iron and steel products 331-491 03/01/2014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 331-233 06/01/2014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program - 2015 Guidelines 331-196 05/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program: Chapter 246-296 WAC 331-236 12/01/2011
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan: Small system preconstruction activities grant 331-499 02/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Emergency Loan Program 331-533 06/01/2015
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Intended Use Plan for 18th Year Federal Capitalization Grant 331-498 05/01/2014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Intended Use Plan for 19th year Federal Capitalization Grant 331-534 05/01/2015
DWSRF Loan Program - 2015 Preconstruction Loan Program 331-529 03/01/2015
DWSRF Profile City of Pasco 331-561 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile City of Port Townsend 331-562 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Kitsap PUD 331-564 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Lake Wenatchee 331-565 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile: City of Lynden Water Treatment Plant Replacement 331-532 04/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: City of Mabton - A rural community in Eastern Washington 331-504 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Prosser Water System Improvements 331-506 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Shelton New Upper Mountain View Pressure Zone Project 331-508 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Vader Lewis County takeover brings improvements 331-510 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Walla Walla - Slow Sand Filtration Project 331-546 07/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Clark Public Utilities - Paradise Point Water Supply System 331-548 07/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Roosevelt Water Association - Building water system capacity 331-536 06/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Seattle Public Utilities Maple Leaf Reservoir project 331-507 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Snohomish County PUD Dubuque and Cascades Acres consolidation 331-505 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Tacoma Water Green River Filtration Project 331-490 03/01/2014
DWSRF: Preconstruction and Consolidation Loans and Grants 331-503 09/01/2014
Emergency Funding for Water Systems 331-420 12/01/2012
Financial viability for small water systems 331-405 08/01/2013
Historical and Cultural Review - Section 106 331-446 01/01/2013
Receivership 331-299 05/01/2005
Satellite System Management Agencies: Chapter 246-295 WAC 331-237 09/01/1994
Setting small drinking water system rates for a sustainable future 816-R-05-006 01/01/2006 Recommended Reference EPA
Transitioning the Financial Management of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund 331-502 09/01/2014
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