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Title Number Published or
2011 Water System Capacity Report to the Governor 331-460 09/01/2011
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Intended Use Plan for 18th Year Federal Capitalization Grant 331-498 05/01/2014
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: Intended Use Plan for 19th year Federal Capitalization Grant 331-534 05/01/2015
Estimated domestic, irrigation and industrial water use in Washington, 2000 2004-5015 06/01/2000 Recommended reference by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Inventory of Potential Contamination Sources in Washington's Wellhead Protection Areas 331-076 12/01/1993
Progress Report to the Legislature: Small Public Drinking Water Systems 331-417 12/01/2008
Recommendations Regarding Affordability and Sustainability of the State’s Drinking Water Systems 331-241 10/01/2003
Small Public Drinking Water Systems 331-437 07/01/2009
Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation's Ground Water and Drinking-Water Supply Wells Circular 1292 04/01/2006 Recommended reference U.S. Geological Service
Washington State's Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) 331-148 06/01/2005
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