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Engineering Design & Water Treatment

Title Number Published or
Alternate Disinfectants 331-252 05/01/2004
Arreglos simples para las aperturas de la cabeza del pozo 331-232s 11/01/2010 Available in English
Arsenic and Your Private Well 334-156 06/01/2008
Arsenic treatment technology: Evaluation Handbook for Small Systems 816-R-03-014 07/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Backflow prevention assemblies approved for installation in Washington State (2013) 331-137 06/01/2013 Recommended reference
Buy American iron and steel products 331-491 03/01/2014
Calibrating turbidity meters 331-404 10/01/2009
Chlorination Controls 331-398 06/01/2011
Chlorination of Drinking Water 331-253 05/01/2004
Complying with the Stage 2 Disinfectant and Disinfection Byproducts Rule: Small Entity Compliance Guide 815-R-07-014 02/01/2007 Recommended reference EPA
Cross Connection Control for Small Water Systems 331-234 03/01/2004
Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproduct Stage 1 Rule 331-254 05/01/2004
Disinfection Byproducts 331-251 05/01/2004
Emergency Disinfection of Small Systems 331-242 03/01/2015
Groundwater Rule: Source Water Sample Taps 331-436 07/01/2010
Group B Design Workbook 331-468 12/01/2012
How to Handle Chlorine Gas Safely 331-364 05/01/2010
How to Hire an Engineer 331-044 09/01/2013
Hydropneumatic Tanks 331-380 05/01/2011 Disponible en Español
Lead and Copper Monitoring and Reporting Guidance for Public Water Systems 816-R-02-009 02/01/2002 Recommended reference EPA
Manual of Cross-Connection Control, Tenth Edition None 01/01/2011 You can order this publication from the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.
Multiple Wells, One Aquifer: How to show many wells draw from the same aquifer 331-235 06/01/2006
Nitrate Treatment Alternatives for Small Water Systems 331-309 06/01/2005
Pipeline Separation Design and Installation Reference Guide 06-10-029 05/01/2006 Recommended reference from the Department of Ecology.
Point-of-use or point-of-entry treatment strategy 331-358 03/01/2007
Pressure Relief Valves on Pressure Tanks 331-429 05/01/2011 Disponible en Español
Pump House Piping 331-406 08/01/2008
Recommended Standards for Water Works 331-NonDOH 11/01/2012 Prepared by the Water Supply Committe of the Great Lakes-Upper Mississippi River Board of State and Provincial Public Health and Enironmental Managers.
Revised Guidance Manual for Selecting Lead and Copper Control Strategies 816-R-03-001 03/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA
Simple Fixes for Wellhead Openings 331-232 11/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Sistemas de control de tanque hidroneumaticos 331-380s 05/01/2011 Available in English
Slow Sand Filtration and Diatomaceous Earth Filtration for Small Water Systems 331-204 04/01/2003 Note: Large document, may be slow to download.
Surface Water as a Source of Public Drinking Water 331-207 01/01/2011
Surface Water Treatment Rule 331-085 09/01/1995 We created this electronic copy from the original 1995 version. Although it looks different, the content is the same.
Tech Briefs None 11/01/2005 Recommended reference from National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act 331-473 05/01/2013
The Revised Total Coliform Rule 331-556 12/01/2015
Treatment Optimization Program None 02/01/2011
Válvulas de Alivio de Presión en los Tanques de Presión 331-429s 05/01/2011 Available in English
Volatile Organic Compounds in the Nation's Ground Water and Drinking-Water Supply Wells Circular 1292 04/01/2006 Recommended reference U.S. Geological Service
WATER Power Tools None 06/01/2008 Recommended reference from GeoAnalytica
Water System Design Manual 331-123 12/01/2009
Water System Service Capacity in Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) 331-441 08/01/2009
When an institutional building becomes a water system 331-488 01/01/2014
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