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Planning & Financial Viability

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2015 Preconstruction Guidelines: DWSRF Preconstruction Loan Program 331-537 05/01/2015
Abbreviated Coordinated Water System Plan Guidance 331-152 08/01/2001
Appropriate planning for a nonexpanding water system 331-479 10/01/2013
Appropriate planning for expanding community water systems 331-478 10/01/2013
Asset management: A handbook for small water systems 816-R-03-016 09/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Backflow prevention assemblies approved for installation in Washington State (2013) 331-137 06/01/2013 Recommended reference
Buy American iron and steel products 331-491 03/01/2014
Check Up Program for Small Systems 816-K-08-002 04/01/2008 Recommended reference EPA
Cross Connection Control for Small Water Systems 331-234 03/01/2004
Drinking Water Security for Small Systems Serving 3,300 or Fewer Persons 817-R-05-001 09/01/2005 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
DWSRF Profile City of Mabton 331-563 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile City of Port Townsend 331-562 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Kitsap PUD 331-564 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Lake Wenatchee 331-565 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile Skookumchuck PUD 331-566 01/01/2016
DWSRF Profile: City of Lynden Water Treatment Plant Replacement 331-532 04/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: City of Mabton - A rural community in Eastern Washington 331-504 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Pateros Water Quality and Supply Improvements 331-535 06/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: City of Prosser Water System Improvements 331-506 11/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Shelton New Upper Mountain View Pressure Zone Project 331-508 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Vader Lewis County takeover brings improvements 331-510 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: City of Walla Walla - Slow Sand Filtration Project 331-546 07/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Clark Public Utilities - Paradise Point Water Supply System 331-548 07/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Jefferson County Public Utility District #1 - Water system consolidation and water treatment projects 331-509 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Roosevelt Water Association - Building water system capacity 331-536 06/01/2015
DWSRF Profile: Seattle Public Utilities Maple Leaf Reservoir project 331-507 12/01/2014
DWSRF Profile: Snohomish County PUD Dubuque and Cascades Acres consolidation 331-505 11/01/2014
Effective Utility Management: A primer for water and wastewater utilities None 06/01/2008
Exempt Ground Water Withdrawals: 2009 AG Opinion AGO 2009 No. 6 09/01/2009 Recommended reference from Office of the Attorney General
Field Guide 331-486 02/01/2015
Flood Resilience: A basic guide for water and wastewater utilities 817-B-14-006 09/01/2014
Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule 331-369 06/01/2011
Municipal Water Law: Approval Requirement for Water System Plans 331-368 09/01/2013
Municipal Water Law: Duty to Provide Service Requirement 331-366 11/01/2010
Municipal Water Law: Expanding a water right place of use 331-367 11/01/2010
Municipal Water Suppliers: Service areas in planning documents 331-432 11/01/2010
Noncommunity Small Water System Management Program Guide 331-474 07/01/2013
Operating Permit Program Plan Adequacy Table 331-257 08/01/2010 Supplements Operating Permits Fact Sheet, 331-168.
Planning requirements for public water systems 331-202 12/01/2010
Preparing a Coliform Monitoring Plan: For wholesale or consecutive systems 331-475 07/01/2013
Preventive maintenance program: Guide for small public water systems using groundwater 331-351 11/01/2011
Public disclosure of water system plans 331-410 06/01/2008
Recommendations Regarding Affordability and Sustainability of the State’s Drinking Water Systems 331-241 10/01/2003
Requirement of Adequate Water Supply Before a Building Permit is Issued: AG Opinion AGO 1992 No. 17 07/01/1992 Recommended reference from Office of the Attorney General.
Sanitary Survey Fee Change - Q&A 331-477 10/01/2013
Sanitary Surveys of Drinking Water Systems 331-197 01/01/2015
Satellite Management Planning Handbook 331-103 10/01/1995 Not available online.
Service area policies 331-438 02/01/2013
Setting small drinking water system rates for a sustainable future 816-R-05-006 01/01/2006 Recommended Reference EPA
Small Public Drinking Water Systems 331-437 07/01/2009
Small Water System Management Program Guide 331-134 06/01/2014 You can order this document on CD or download it using the link below.
Strategic Planning: A handbook for small water systems 816-R-03-015 09/01/2003 Recommended reference EPA. Part of the STEP Guide series.
Timely and Reasonable Water Service 331-444 12/01/2012
WATER Power Tools None 06/01/2008 Recommended reference from GeoAnalytica
Water Rates: Paying for drinking water 331-327 01/01/2011
Water System Planning Handbook 331-068 04/01/1997 Before developing your planning document, please contact your Office of Drinking Water regional planner for current information on what to include in your water system plan or small water system management program or to schedule a pre-plan conference
Water System Service Capacity in Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) 331-441 08/01/2009
When every drop counts: Protecting public health during drought conditions 09/01/2010 Recommended reference CDC
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