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Water Use Efficiency, Conservation & Water Re-Use

Title Number Published or
Completing Your Annual WUE Report: Answers to commonly asked questions 331-459 06/01/2011
Conservar Agua - ¡Es más fácil de lo que usted piensa! 331-450s 04/01/2010 Available in English
Estimated domestic, irrigation and industrial water use in Washington, 2000 2004-5015 06/01/2000 Recommended reference by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Estimated Freshwater Withdrawals in Washington, 2010 2015-5037 03/01/2015
Guideline 1: Indoor Water Conservation 331-120-1 04/01/2001
Guideline 2: Outdoor Water Conservation 331-120-2 04/01/2001
Guideline 3: Lawn Watering Guide 331-120-3 04/01/2001
Guideline 4: Indoor Water Audit 331-120-4 04/01/2001
Guideline 5: Meter Reading and Leak Repair 331-120-5 04/01/2001
Guideline 6: Soil Preparation and Planning 331-120-6 04/01/2001
Guideline 7: Irrigation and Landscaping 331-120-7 04/01/2001
Leak Detection Card: Unrepaired Leaks Can Be Costly None 07/01/2006 Print this PDF at 100 percent for accurate sizing.
Reduce Leaks: Using water audits and leak detection surveys 331-388 02/01/2008
Setting Goals to Use Water Efficiently 331-402 06/01/2008
Stop Water Waste - It's easier than you think! 331-450 04/01/2010 Disponible en Español
Water Shortage 331-463 06/01/2010
Water Use Efficiency Guidebook 331-375 01/01/2011 Third Edition
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