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Date:  February 22, 2017  

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Vaccine Inventory & Accountability Training Materials

Welcome to the vaccine inventory & accountability training materials page. Here you can download and print updated copies of our training materials that explain how to use the vaccine inventory system and run your monthly State reports using CHILD Profile. Click on the document name to view and print the training information.

Online Inventory Reporting

    Quick reference guides for various type of user showing how to reporting inventory online using the IIS. The guides show steps for those providers managing their inventory in the IIS because they are sending lot level data either through HL7 messaging or direct data entry and those not managing their inventory in the IIS.

Online Inventory Monitoring for LHJs

    Quick reference guides on two reports for LHLs to monitor their providers submitting inventory online using the IIS.

Changes to Inventory Reconciliation

Changes to Reconciliation-Report guide

    These quick reference guides describe recent changes to the inventory reconciliation feature within the IIS as of May 17, 2013. The guides explain how to make adjustments to your inventory and how to run the Lot Number Summary report under these new changes.

Vaccine Inventory & Lot Numbers- Quick Reference Guide

    Add and edit lot number information to match your current vaccine inventory
  • Inactivate lot numbers that are no longer in use
  • Run and print the monthly state vaccine administered report
  • Run and print the monthly vaccine inventory report
  • Run the lot recall report in case of a manufacture recall

"Best" Vaccine Choices for vaccine names and CPT codes

The following links help you determine which name to select in CHILD Profile when entering vaccine information on a patient’s record. This resource can also assist the staff person who assigns billing and CPT codes for your organization. Please use the following links to access these documents.


CHILD Profile Training Basics

Inventory & Accountability

Data Quality & CoCASA

System Administration

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