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Date:  June 18, 2018  

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Data Quality & CoCASA Training Materials

Welcome to the data quality & CoCASA training materials page. Here you can download and print updated copies of our training materials that explain how to download CHILD Profile into the CDC’s CoCASA Program and how to access CHILD Profile’s data quality reports. Click on the document name to view and print the training information.

“Best” Vaccine Choices for vaccine names and CPT codes

The following links help you determine which name to select in CHILD Profile when entering vaccine information on a patient’s record. This resource can also assist the staff person who assigns billing and CPT codes for your organization. Please use the following links to access these documents.

Data Quality Reports in CHILD Profile

  • The immunization registry offers two immunization reports that allow you to monitor the quality of your immunization practice. The reports are located in the Report module under the Quality Section. You can locate the Report Module under the Reports header on the main CHILD Profile navigation menu.
  • CHILD Profile recommends that you run these reports on a monthly or quarterly basis.

CoCASA Assessment Instructions


CHILD Profile Training Basics

Inventory & Accountability

Data Quality & CoCASA

System Administration

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