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Date:  February 9, 2016  

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 Need Help?

If you are experiencing ANY problems with Washington state immunization information system, including being unable to log-in, slowness of the system, data entry problems, etc., please call 1-800-325-5599 to talk to our Help Desk. All calls are welcome and we encourage you to call us as frequently as you need to.

 Helpful Hints

For optimal functioning of the Washington state immunization information system, please make sure you are using Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher. With lower versions, you may encounter some problems.

Do you have a helpful hint you'd like to see us cover?
Please let us know by calling or emailing the Help Desk!

Need out of state records? Maybe you've had a patient come in from another state and they have no immunization records. Maybe that state has a registry!
Check out CDC Immunization Registry Clearinghouse. for a listing of other state registries and how to contact them, or call the Help Desk (1-800-325-5599) for assistance.

  Valuable Links

    Check out the Washington state immunization information system homepage.
    View all Child Profile Health Promotion materials.

Visit the American Immunization Registry Association homepage.

Get the latest VIS statements from the Immunization Action Coalition homepage.

For the lastest immunization information, clinical resources, patient education and
  more, visit the CDC health care professional web page.

For immunization training with free CE credit, including online self-study and webcast
   information,visit the CDC Education and Training web page.

For Washington State's minimum vaccine requirements for school,
  childcare & preschool visit the WA Department of Health website.

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