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Date:  November 20, 2017  

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   06-01-2015  Forecast fixes V5.15.04 to V5.15.04.3
   02-20-2015  Release Notes V5.14.8.2 thru
   01-02-2015  Release Notes V5.14.5.4 thru
   10-24-2014  Release Notes V5.14.5 through V5.14.5.3
   08-20-2014   Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Spring issue
   06-04-2014  Release Notes V5.14.2 through V5.14.2.3
   05-09-2014  Release notes version and
   05-05-2014   Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Winter issue
   01-17-2014  Release notes version
   12-21-2013  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - SUMMER ISSUE
   11-07-2013  Release notes version
   10-25-2013  Release notes version
   09-16-2013  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - SPRING ISSUE
   08-23-2013  Release notes for Version
   08-22-2013  Release notes for V5.13.2.3
   05-21-2013  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - WINTER ISSUE
   01-15-2013  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - FALL ISSUE
   11-16-2012  Release notes for Version
   10-12-2012  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - SUMMER ISSUE
   07-27-2012  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - SPRING ISSUE
   04-14-2012  Welcome to our fabulous new look with full screen view!
   04-10-2012  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - WINTER ISSUE
   03-30-2012  NEW forecast fixes
   01-17-2012  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - FALL ISSUE
   12-23-2011  New password rules apply starting January 2, 2012.
   11-30-2011  Flu forecast for 2011-12 season:
   11-29-2011  Reminder-recall change
   09-20-2011  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update- SUMMER ISSUE
   08-01-2011  Major change to Reminder-Recall addresses and phone numbers.
   07-23-2011  Release notes for Version 4.11.5
   07-07-2011  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update- SPRING ISSUE
   06-23-2011  Register Now!
   05-23-2011  Problems with forecast for DTaP/Td/Tdap series:
   04-24-2011  Please read about changes to the demographic page.
   04-23-2011  Release notes for Version 4.11.2
   04-12-2011  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Winter Edition
   04-04-2011  NOTICE: CHILD Profile Sharing Agreement update.
   12-28-2010  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Fall Edition
   12-21-2010  WashYourHandsingTon flu prevention campaign
   10-19-2010  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - SUMMER Edition
   10-18-2010  Release notes for Version
   08-18-2010  School Certificate of Immunization Status(CIS form) Revision
   08-12-2010  Changes made to the sort order of vaccines:
   07-09-2010  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - SPRING Edition
   04-26-2010  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Winter Edition
   04-21-2010  Release notes for Version 4.7.9
   01-25-2010  Release notes for Version
   01-05-2010  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Fall Edition
   10-19-2009  Low-income parent survey results.
   10-13-2009  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Summer Edition
   10-08-2009  Attention SCHOOL Users: Having trouble logging in?
   10-07-2009  Attention Mac Users:
   10-02-2009  Release notes for version 4.7.1
   07-16-2009  Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine - New info from ACIP
   06-18-2009  Important information on Japanese encephalitis vaccine.
   04-20-2009  Release Notes for version 4.6.2.
   04-15-2009  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Winter Edition.
   09-20-2008  Release Notes for version
   07-07-2008  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update - Spring Edition.
   03-07-2008  Changes in varicella (chickenpox) requirement
   02-26-2008  Release Notes for Version 4.2.3
   12-21-2007  Hib Vaccine Shortage and Interim Recommendations
   12-11-2007  Release Notes for Version 4.1.3
   09-27-2007  Vaccine Administered Report Fixed:
   08-24-2007  Release Notes for Version 4.0.5
   07-11-2007  2007 CHILD Profile Immunization brochure
   07-10-2007  Immunization Program CHILD Profile Update
   06-28-2007  Development Charts available to providers!
   06-27-2007  CHILD Profile 2005 Parent Survey Results Available.
   05-30-2007  NEW - Connection with Arizona Immunization Registry!
   04-18-2007  New Immunization brochure to be available in 4 languages.
   04-02-2007  Explanation of Database Problems.
   03-01-2007  New Version - Fixes
   02-16-2007  New Version 3.3.5 - Fixes
   02-15-2007  Winter issue of Immunization Update now available
   12-04-2006  Change in Anatomical Site/Route Display
   11-17-2006  New Version 3.3.1 - Fixes & New Features
   08-18-2006  New Version 3.2.3 - Fixes & New Features
   07-06-2006  New chickenpox vaccine school and childcare requirements.
   05-27-2006  New Version 3.1.1 - Fixes and New Features:
   04-27-2006  Inform your patients about CHILD Profile mailings
   03-18-2006  New Version 3.0.7 - Fixes and New Features:
   02-22-2006  New Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form
   12-06-2005  Release Notes for Version 3.0
   11-30-2005  NEW - Connection with Idaho Immunization Registry!
   10-13-2005  Flu vaccine codes
   09-20-2005  Getting Immunization Records for Hurricane KatrinaEvacuees:
   07-19-2005  Meningococcal added to forecast/reminder-recall.
   06-01-2005  New Materials Parents Will Receive from CHILD Profile:
   05-10-2005  Meningococcal Vaccine Update.
   02-15-2005  Recording history of chickenpox disease:
   08-20-2004  CHILD Profile receives award.
   04-20-2004  CHILD Profile Health Promotion Materials sent to WA parents
   03-25-2004  New CHILD Profile materials to be distributed in April
   11-10-2003  Change in minimum age for 3rd dose of Hepatitis B

  Valuable Links

    Check out the CHILD Profile homepage.
    View all CHILD Profile Health Promotion materials.

Visit the American Immunization Registry Association homepage.

Get the latest VIS statements from the Immunization Action Coalition homepage.

For the lastest immunization information, clinical resources, patient education and more,
   visit the CDC health care professional web page.

For immunization training with free CE credit, including online self-study and webcast
   information,visit the CDC Education and Training web page.

For Washington State's minimum vaccine requirements for school,
  childcare & preschool visit the WA Department of Health website.

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