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Date:  July 26, 2017  

<strong><font color="darkblue"><font size="3"> Read July's <a href="http://conta.cc/2sPSIWI">IIS News</a> </strong><br/> <font size="1.5"><a href="http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001Xcqa_XcAvxjDblfgkslIJWLlONprpdEFw6ocz2_LIvYdDZ03rO1crrJxGRYLcWMt7SdGjSvxSKf9-CdJOWxv6pqwollrKkFS-dyDbSPx0LA%3D">Subscribe to the IIS e-Newsletter</a> <br/><br> <strong><font size="3">Access IIS Training Materials <a href="http://www.doh.wa.gov/ForPublicHealthandHealthcareProviders/HealthcareProfessionsandFacilities/DataReportingandRetrieval/ImmunizationInformationSystem/IISTrainingPortal/ChildhoodVaccineProgramandVaccineforChildrenVFCProviders#inven">here.</a><strong><br/><br>

<font color="darkblue"><font size="2"> In the future, logging into the IIS will move to a single sign on (SSO) process. This will allow access to all of the new modules coming soon including VOMS, AFIX, iQ, and iWeb.<br><br> To ensure success with SSO users should: <br><br> -Have an individual IIS account<br> -If you are a system administrator for your organization, please inactivate users that no longer need an IIS account.<br> <br> To update your account information, please contact the IIS Help Desk.<br>

<br> <strong><font color="darkblue"><font size="3">Please complete a one question <a href="http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07eecobt2zj4spx1bb/start" target="_blank">survey</a> regarding whether you have a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account. SAW provides access to multiple online state agency services through one user ID and password. When SAW is implemented for WAIIS, users will log into the system using their SAW account. We encourage users to <a href="https://secureaccess.wa.gov/myAccess/saw/select.doned" target="_blank">setup a SAW account</a> and recommend using a personal email address because you can renew drivers license and healthcare licenses through SAW too. <br><br>
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