The change in sort order primarily affects influenza vaccines.

On the Vaccination View/Add Screen:

         Influenza vaccines now appear at the bottom of the vaccine list. The four most commonly administered in Washington this flu season can be found on the "shortcut" list: Influ split 36+ mos, Influ split 6-35 mos pres free, Influenza Nasal Spray, Influ Inact 48+ mos pres-free. Other types of influenza vaccine can be found in the drop-down "select" box.

         MMRV (ProQuad) now appears on the shortcut list.

         PCV (Prevnar7) has been removed from the short-cut list, as PCV13 is most commonly given now.

         Novel H1N1 vaccine types have been removed from the shortcut list.

         If you don't find the vaccine you want to add on the "shortcut" list (on the screen), you can usually find it in the vaccine "select" box at the bottom of the vaccine column. And remember that even though the sort order of vaccines has changed, once a vaccine has been administered it moves to the upper part of the screen.

Finding vaccines on the Lot Number search/add screen:

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