CHILD Profile Development Charts are available to child care and health care providers!

This fall, the CHILD Profile age-specific development charts created for parents are for the first time being made available to over 25,000 child care and health care providers across Washington State, thanks to support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Kirlin Foundation. The series of three charts, based on state and national early learning research and guidelines, describes the 5 domains of child development and offer tips for caregivers to encourage healthy development. The series of development charts cover three age ranges:

Members of the target groups, which include health and child care providers as outlined below, will be given one set of the three charts, along with a survey about the usefulness of the charts to their work with families. In addition, these providers will be given instructions about how to order additional quantities of the charts at no charge.

  • Public health nurses via local health jurisdictions – week of 9/18
  • Community agency and clinic staff with Kids Get Care – week of 9/25
  • Head Start sites in WA – week of 10/2
  • Medicaid subscribing health care providers serving young children – week of 10/10
  • American Academy of Pediatrics, WA Chapter members – week of 10/17
  • ECEAP sites – week of 10/24
  • Licensed child care providers in Washington – week of 10/30
  • Family, friend and neighbor caregivers in King County – week of 11/6
  • WA Academy of Family Physicians members – mid-November

Given health care and child care providers' important roles and regular interactions with young families, reaching these groups with CHILD Profile's highly acclaimed materials will promote discussion, and increase knowledge and awareness among some of the most important people in the lives of young children. The charts will also be a tremendous resource, providing valuable information reflecting the latest research on early learning and development. It will also help non-parental caregivers reinforce and deepen the messages parents receive at home via CHILD Profile mailings.