Interstate Data Exchange


Instructions for Connection to Idaho Immunization Registry




1)      Log on to CHILD Profile as you normally do.


2)      Use the search/add function as you normally do.  Individuals from other states, such as Idaho and Louisiana, may not have an existing record in CHILD Profile.  In that case, you will need to “add” a new record just as you normally do: 

a.      On the Patient Search screen, click in the box next to: “check here if adding a new patient.”  

b.      Enter data for most of the highlighted fields in order to add the patient.  (Minimum required fields = patient’s first name, last name, current address, and guardian name).  

c.      Click “Search”. 

d.      Click “Add Patient”.


3)      You will now be on the Edit Demographic page.  Check the information you have entered to make sure it is correct, and click on “Add Patient” at bottom of screen.


4)      Go to the navigation menu on the left.  Under “Patient”, click on “Remote Registry”.  Now you will see “Remote Connection”, with “Louisiana” and “Idaho” in the drop down list.  Select the state you want to query. Click on the “Query” button.


5)      The first time you query the Idaho’s registry, a confidentiality agreement will appear.  Click that you agree to the terms of the agreement, and proceed.


6)      A list of patients that may match your patient will appear, along with their providers.  If there is an exact match (based on name and date of birth), that patient will appear at the top of the list.  To confirm the match, verify the information with the parent or patient.  As an additional step in confirming the match, you may also review the listed providers with the patient/parent to make sure they match the patient’s health care providers.  Additional near matches will appear below the best match. 


7)      If no matches appear, the patient may not have a record in the other registry.  Or the demographic information you have entered may not be a close enough match to that in the other registry.  If you’re fairly certain the other registry should have a record, please call the CHILD Profile Help Desk at 1-800-325-5599.   


8)      After you have identified the appropriate patient, click on the button labeled “Get Vaccination Record”. Below the patient information, you will then see a list of immunizations received and the facility that entered them.  Also, above the vaccination list, you will see contact information for the facilities that entered the data.


9)      At the bottom of the list of vaccines, click on “Merge Vaccinations.”  That will import the immunizations into CHILD Profile where you will be able to print out a patient immunization record or Certificate of Immunization Status for the schools.


10)  All immunizations imported from another registry will automatically have a comment entered on the Vaccination Detail Screen.  The comment will indicate the facility that administere