Setting Contraindications in the Registry


The CHILD Profile Immunization Registry allows you to set a contraindication on a patient vaccination record.  In the registry, a contraindication is an umbrella term that includes precautions, exemptions, immune status, as well as true contraindications. Examples of contraindication reasons you can select are:  history of disease (for chickenpox), laboratory evidence of immunity, or parent refusal.  At this time, the only contraindication that helps to improve your immunization rates, if measured with registry data, is a history of chickenpox. 


To set a Contraindication for chickenpox, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the patient’s Vaccination View/Add screen
  2. Scroll down below the “Add Administered” button to find the “Contraindication” button
  3. Click on the “Contraindication” button
  4. Follow the prompts to select Varicella: select the vaccine, select the reason – parent or patient report of disease, check the permanent box, add an approximate date of disease if known
  5. Click the “Add Contraindication” button


Once completed, the screen will refresh immediately and display the added information. To remove the Contraindication, click the “Delete” button.


There are several signs that show you have successfully set the Contraindication.  Back on the Vaccination View/Add screen, you will see:

­      “The patient was reported to have had chickenpox disease” printed at the top of the screen in red.

­      Opposite the vaccine name, Varicella, you will see the word, History, printed in red.

­      The Contraindication button is now red.


Note:  There is also a shortcut button under the Contraindication button marked, “Add Chickenpox History.”  This does quickly add a history of chickenpox, but limits the information detail you may wish to include.  It will not let you add an approximate date of disease, which is required for some reporting.  If you use the shortcut button, but want to add more detail, you will see the button has changed to read, “Remove Chickenpox History.”  Click on this button to remove the “chickenpox history”  and add it again using the Contraindication button.


Questions about Contraindications?  The CHILD Profile Help Desk is always ready to help – (800) 325-5599.